NETTA Orbital Sander 6 Variable Speeds 350W 1200 OPM



  • 6 ADJUSTABLE SPEEDS: This NETTA Random Orbital Sander has an adjustable speed dial with 6 settings to choose from. This allows you to select the most-matching sanding speed for your work and tasks. The 350W/12000 OPM motor offer a strong power output.
  • EFFICIENT DUST COLLECTOR BOX: This product includes a dust collection box which removes debris away from the work area meaning you can work in a safer and cleaner environment. The compact size of this product means it can get into tight spaces easily and maximise user control – ideal for the DIY homeowner.
  • 15 SANDING DISKS: This sander comes with 15 125mm (5”) Velcro sanding disks which allows you to work directly out of the box. There is a three-position rubber over-mold for control and ease of use in many applications. A hook and loop fastening system means you can change sanding discs quick and easily.
  • SPEED LOCKING SWITCH: The switch can lock the sanding speed at a certain rate once activated, which is handy for any continuous work. The soft-coated handle provides a good grip and saves labour.
  • WARRANTY: This sander comes with a 365-day warranty to give you peace of mind whilst purchasing this product.

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