NAX POWER PRODUCTS Briggs & Stratton 5000S Engine 875Exi Series 190 cm3 ReadyStart Cutting Width 56 cm Basket 75L Front Swivel

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Power source Fuel Powered
Material Steel mechanism
Colour NAX5000S
Style NAX 5000S
Item weight 38 Kilograms
Cutting width 56 Centimetres
Number of positions 6
Operation mode Manual
Product dimensions 165D x 72W x 103H centimetres

  • Reliable, efficient and easy to start — Briggs & Stratton 875Exi series engine, 190 cm³, ReadyStart combustion engine
  • Rugged 22-inch/56cm steel construction with extended protection against damage and corrosion
  • Easy adjustment of the cutting height from 25 to 75 mm in 6 positions
  • 4 in 1 grass basket function for mowing, side discharge, rear discharge or mulching
  • This lawnmower requires 0.6 liters of oil for the SAE30 four-stroke engine
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From the manufacturer

Petrol lawn mower NAX 5000S

Main features NAX 5000S

Petrol lawn mower NAX 5000S

Petrol lawn mower NAX 5000S

Petrol lawn mower NAX 5000S

Petrol lawn mower NAX 5000S

Briggs and Stratton engine

The NAX lawn mower is equipped with a Briggs & Stratton 675Ei Series engine with a displacement of 163 cm3 and a maximum torque of 8.83 Nm


ReadyStart – You can easily start the engine without a previous pump of fuel.

An innovative solution

An innovative solution consisting of the installation of two swivel front wheels makes it easier to drive the mower between different obstacles. Reinforced housing. The edge of the housing has been turned inwards, which significantly improves the strength.

Side combs

The construction of the mower allows for accurate mowing on the kerbs – the housing has been designed to work as close as possible to the edge of the housing. In addition, there are special side combs on the edges of the housing on both sides, which place the grass under the housing and guide it.

Petrol lawn mower NAX 5000S

Petrol lawn mower NAX 5000S

Petrol lawn mower NAX 5000S

Petrol lawn mower NAX 5000S

75 litre collection basket

A large 75 litre collection basket with a plastic dust cover and a level indicator

Wheels with ball bearings

Wheels with ball bearings – large rear wheels with a diameter of 28 cm make it easier to drive the mower in difficult terrain. Size of front wheels – 18 cm

Cutting height adjustment

6-stage central cutting height adjustment in the range from 25 mm to 75 mm with a practical lever

Casing washing system

Casing washing system that allows the interior of the mower housing to be easily washed

Petrol lawn mower NAX 5000S

Additional information

Weight 38 kg
Dimensions 72 × 103 cm
Product Dimensions

‎165 x 72 x 103 cm; 38 Kilograms

Part Number


Material Type

‎Steel mechanism

Power source type

‎Fuel Powered

Item model number




Date First Available

13 May 2020



10 reviews for NAX POWER PRODUCTS Briggs & Stratton 5000S Engine 875Exi Series 190 cm3 ReadyStart Cutting Width 56 cm Basket 75L Front Swivel

  1. American in Germany

    It has some good features, it also has some design issues, please read whole reviewI ordered the NAX3001S, it was delivered in the box with some very minor bumps but the packaging protected the mower as it should. The oil was already IN the engine. I didn’t need to purchase some, so I saved that money.Some assembly is required, it’s not hard but you will need to do some basic stuff to follow their directions, its pictures so you don’t need to worry much about language stuff.The best is the wonderful front swivel wheels. It makes mowing around things and next to irregular borders so easy. It takes some getting used to, because the front wheels stick far out in front of the blade. if you are used to pushing straight into tight spaces to get that last bit of grass, you may struggle with this mower.The plastic pieces are very light plastic. I don’t expect them to last very long, but I don’t need them so its not a major concern for me.The “cup holder” is laughably flimsy, and they didn’t even include the screws needed to mount it. Rather than look for 4 sheet metal screws of the correct size and type, I just left the cup holder off (it doesn’t actually do anything structural on this model mower).The worst point are the rear tires! They are basically an injection molded plastic cover no more durable than a plastic hubcap you see on low end cars. They have very little profile, so if you depend on the mower to push itself up hills or through higher grass you may well be disappointed with its traction.I had to modify the mower deck to get the motor to mount properly. I expected this based on another review I read, but I failed to take pictures so you will have to deal with words for that explanation below.My end review after 3 weeks of mowing with itThe Good+ the Zero turn capability – my yard has a lot of trees and flower beds, this makes mowing easier+ the B&S motor is more than powerful enough for the job+ the cutting width is wide enough that I can get the job done quickly+ the front swivels tires are a nice heavy rubber on nice beefy swivels+ the grass catcher is a good size and works very well, mounts securely and goes on and off easy enough for my 15yr old daughter to also use it+ mulching works well, and even using the grass catcher the cuttings are fairly fine (maybe because I sharpened the blade)+ the height adjustments are all I need for normal grass cuttingThe ‘Not Sure Yet’ I like the feature that allows me to fold the handle easily. I don’t really trust that the plastic levers are going to last very long, like most of the plastic bits they seem to be made as cheaply as possible with no thought to durability. If the plastic parts break, I can replace them with a bolt and wingnut which will continue working but not be as nice a solution as a properly designed and installed lever would.The Bad- The motor was not properly mounted to the deck (purely lazy design, or production)- the blade needed to be sharpened (they sprayed the blade with paint so I have no idea what edge it was delivered with, maybe the paint would have just come off while cutting I don’t know. I sharpened it before using it.)- The parts to redirect the grass cuttings away from the grass catcher or side discharge are cheap light plastic, I’m not sure how long they will last- The rear tires are CHEAP light plastic (this was almost enough for me to return it, but I think I see a way to fix it better when it breaks so *I* will let this slide)- The swivel “locks” should sit a little more securely when in the unlocked position, not a deal breaker, just lazy design- There is no good way to adjust the ‘walking speed’ and it’s honestly too fast for a yard with lots of turns. If you’re mowing in mostly straight lines this speed is perfect.Would I buy this again… honestly, I don’t know. We paid 430Euros (sale price plus an amazon discount) so my comparison is with other mowers in that 400-450Euro price class. This mower has some really good features, but also some very poor implementation. I would absolutely NOT pay 500Euros or more for this model, the terrible rear tires make me put this at more likely 300-350 price range. I know why they did it, I understand the design, but those rear tires are cheap really really cheap. Read the rest of the review for details.NOW the details———————————————————-I recommend you check and tighten EVERY bolt attached to the deck, I found two that were not properly installed, and 3-4 others that I just felt better tightening a little more. Have a basic socket set and a set of wrenches or an adjustable wrench at hand when you start. This is a 10-20min job if you have some basic mechanical ability (I had my kids do it under my guidance)*My* biggest complaint by far, are the rear tires. They are far too cheap and I don’t look forward to the day I have to fix/replace those. Those were by far the biggest disappointment to me.THIS is the part I expect will put most people off, but for me was just mild irritation. I was expecting it thanks to another reviewer and I made the correction myself. The B&S motor has 4 bolts that mount it to the mower deck. This mower deck was not built for this motor, so only 3 of the 4 bolts actually match the holes. This allows one corner of the motor to vibrate unsupported. Rather than fix this, they just ship it with only three bolts installed. They didn’t even thrown in the 4th bolt, I had to supply my own. THIS WILL PROBABLY VOID ANY WARRANTY!! DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!! (if you are doing things like this you should know how the world works already) What I did, because I have the tools and the ability, was modify the one hole in the deck by expanding it about 6mm in the proper direction. Just enough to allow me to thread my bolt through. It is a fairly simple job and took about 15min all total and 5 minutes of that was trying to figure out how to hold the washers in place while threading the bolt through (the trick there is use a magnet to hold them from the side). You will need an M10 stainless steel bolt (I dont remember the length ?40-50mm?), a locking nut, and one or two stainless steel washers to fill the gap under the motor and keep the motor ‘level’ and tight on the deck. First loosen the three bolts that hold the motor on as far as you can without removing them (leave the nuts attached). Turn the motor to get it as far as you can over the “bad hole” and use a marker on the underside of the deck to mark about where you need to move the material. I ended up removing one bolt completely, but I don’t remember if its because I had to or just because I wasn’t being careful. I put some wedges under the motor to keep it away from where I would be grinding. Then had someone hold it on its side so I could work from the underside of the deck. To shape the hole in the thick steel of the deck I used a large Dremel tool with a round grinding drum bit that was just big enough to fit in the existing hole. Slowly expand the hole (about 6mm) in the required direction. Once the hole lines up with the hole on the motor mount you’re done.It seems like a big thing, but if you already have the tool to shape the hole its a really easy job.Other stuff:The front wheels and the way they attach and the materials of the mounts and swivels, I am 100% satisfied with them.The deck is a good strong reasonable gauge steel and the paint/powder coat seem very well done and durable.The motor is exactly what you would expect from B&S, if you use only the highest grade of fuel you will have no issues. If you use cheap gas, the bio-additives (ethanol) will clog the carburetor and you will be rebuilding it or taking it to someone to have them do it every few years.The drive is powerful and fast, relative to the traction the rear tires have. If there was a slower setting for smaller or slower people, or when you’re negotiating a series of turns it would be perfect.

  2. P.M.

    Molto sopra le aspettativeDi solito non scrivo recensioni ma devo fare una eccezione. Ho preso la Nax 2000 dopo aver letto tutte le recensioni e valutato bene sia il modello sia la concorrenza. Ebbene devo dire che la macchina è davvero eccellente in tutto. Innanzitutto non è vero che ci sono plastiche economiche o delicate, anzi sembra tutto sovradimensionato. Robustissima e ben rifinita. Non è vero che va troppo veloce. L’acceleratore si dosa benissimo, basta farci la mano. Certo se si tiene la barra al massimo corre, ma basta giocarci per fare lo slalom tra le aiuole con un dito.Motore regolarissimo, partito al primo tiro senza sforzo, silenzioso e corposo. Su erba altissima non fa la minima fatica e lascia tutto pulito senza bisogno di riempire sacchi. Il mulching è strepitoso!!!! Una lode al produttore!

  3. Famiglia Rossi

    Molto accessoriatoArriva un tagliaerba assolutamente accessoriato:trazione sulle ruote posteriori (già questo è un pro rispetto alla più comune trazione anteriore),ruote anteriori piroettanti,modalità taglio mulching/scarico laterale/raccoglitore,regolazione altezza di taglio con comando centralizzato (unica maniglia per tutte e 4 le ruote),buon motore B&S.Arriva da montare in parte:dovranno essere avvitate le prolunghe tubolari del maniglione, il carter plastico porta bottiglia e regolato il registro sul filo bowden del comando di trazione.ATTENZIONE: prima di mettere in moto dovrà essere inserito l’olio motore, del quale è fornito un flacone.Il fabbisogno per il motore 125cc è di 0,44l (quindi quasi l’intero flacone).Purtroppo le istruzioni sono solo in polacco, inglese e tedesco. Tra queste, le ultime due sono fotocopie b/n.Un aspetto che non è piaciuto molto è il rapporto di trasmissione della trazione delle ruote, che sono molto veloci!Io riesco a starci dietro, magari “sfrizionando” quando serve, ma mio padre no.Non sarebbe una buona scelta agire sul registro del gas motore per rallentarle, in quanto questa operazione diminuirebbe la capacità e qualità di taglio.PS: il vero punto debole é il volume del cesto raccoglitore che è piccolo! Il tagliaerba mi sembra più adatto a chi è abituato ad usare il mulching tagliando spesso il prato, oppure con scarico laterale.Il cesto medesimo è anche equipaggiato con un indicatore di cesto pieno! Se solo fosse stato più grande, sarebbe stato assolutamente perfetto sotto ogni punto di vista.

  4. Sergio D.

    Sin aceiteEs la segunda cortacésped que compro, es para un familiar que le gusto como iba y es una maravilla, pero cual es mi sorpresa por segunda vez que viene de nuevo sin aceite. En la descripción indica que trae un bote de 500ml de aceite. Pues no, no trae, ni en el primer pedido que realice ni en este. Si no lo va a traer, que lo pongan y se hace pedido de aceite aparte, pero no esto que genera confusión y mal estar. Espero que Amazon subsana esto

  5. Cest Pairoul

    Bon produit en attente d’un retour sav, note définitive à suivreProduit reçu en bon état, avec le bidon d’huile, moteur au top, bonne maniabilité, lame de 42 cm donc si vous avez 2500m2 de terrain ce n’est pas adapté, pour ma part il doit rester 600m2 à tondre et il ne fallait pas moins.Néanmoins, attention à ne pas casser la lame !Celle ci est introuvable dans les magasins de jardinage spécialisés et ceux de bricolage.Jai donc envoyé un message directement au fabricant afin de m’en fournir une.J’attends un retour de leur part et modifierai ma note en fonction.Donc très bon produit, faut juste pas péter la lame quoi (a date je vous dis ça en fonction des retours)

  6. Robin G.

    Kleines Multitalent, das sauber und ruhig läuftThe media could not be loaded.

     Fazit:*******Super Rasenmäher, mit vielen nützlichen Funktionen, aktuellerer Technik, gutem, starken Markenmotor und sauberem Schnittergebnis. Einfach super!Aussehen-Qualität:**********************Die Verarbeitung ist tadellos, wie ich es bei dem Preis erwartet habe. Durch den Transport sind auch keine Beschädigungen entstanden.Funktion:***********Die Montage des Rasenmähers ist mit wenigen Schritten verbunden und benötigt daher auch nur einige Minuten. Nach dem Zusammenbau müssen dann nur noch die Betriebsstoffe, wie das mitgelieferte Motorenöl eingefüllt werden, sodass man gleich mit dem Rasenschnitt beginnen kann.Beim ersten Starten benötigt der Motor etwas mehr Züge bzw. Pumpstöße, bis das Benzin in der Brennkammer ankommt und die Leitungen befüllt sind, ist aber ganz normal.Danach startet der Rasenmäher immer direkt, mit einem Seilzug.Auf den ersten Blick scheint Mäher nicht wirklich günstig, allerdings muss man sich die Details ansehen. Dieses Gerät bietet viele zusätzliche Eigenschaften, die günstigere Modelle nicht besitzen.Ich beginne mal mit dem B&S Markenmotor, der die Abgasnormen der EU erfüllt und leiser ist, als unser alter Mäher.Außerdem ist der OHV Motor leistungsstärker, als die alten. Der Filter kann ohne Werkzeug entfernt werden und ist bereits eingeölt, um den Vergaser zu schützen.Das Außergewöhnlichste sind meiner Meinung nach die Lenkrollen, durch die die Front des Gehäuses bei Kurven nicht angehoben werden muss.Auf diese Lenkung gibt es 5 Jahre Garantie und sie lässt ich auch fixieren, sodass die Rollen, wie bei einem gewöhnlichen Mäher, nur gerade laufen.Der kleine Mäher hat einen Radantrieb, der bei den billigen meist Modellen meist fehlt. Die Mulchfunktion mit seitlichem Auswurf findet man immer öfter. Gefällt mir gut und wurde von mir als erstes eingesetzt, da ich das Gras verrotten lassen will, um die Nährstoffe nicht zu verlieren.Der Auffangkorb hat eine Füllstandsanzeige, die den Motor entlasten, da das Gras sich nicht bis zum Mähwerk staut.Das die Klinge extrem scharf ist und saubere Schnitte ermöglicht, versteht sich von selbst. Das Reinigungssystem funktioniert ebenfalls ganz ordentlich und auch nicht bei jedem Rasenmäher enthalten. Jedoch sollte man den Mäher nicht zu lange verschmutzt stehen lassen, da sonst viel Wasser benötigt wird, um das Gehäuse zu säubern. Für die Reinigung muss der Motor laufen, damit die Klinge das Wasser verteilt.Die Dosenhalterung und die Schnellspanngriffe sind natürlich auch äußerst nützlich 😉

  7. Rosnau Alfred

    Es gibt keine ErsatzteileDer Rasenmäher funktioniert gut und ich wollte ein Ersatzmesserbestellen, eine unvorstellbare Aktion.Amazon liefert die Teile nicht. Der Hersteller NAX Power Produkts ist in Polen und man versteht kein Deutsch.Der Kd.-Service Amazon war sehr behilflich konnte auch nicht helfen. Nach langer Recherche bekam ich die Antwort von NAX und die sendeten mir einen Link von Amazon. Mit diesem Link konnte ich nun das gewünschte Ersatzteil bestellen, aber als Prime Kunde muss ich trotzdem 10.00 € Lieferung und Verpackung zahlen.

  8. Isabel C.

    PotenciaYo tenía una eléctrica y el cambio ha sido bastante considerable. Las instrucciones podrían estar en español hay que bajarlas por internet. Si la hierba está alta pues no la corta bien y se atasca. A mí tampoco me han mandado el aceite gratuito de medio litro que dicen que mandan.

  9. RG

    Pull start rope snapped after 6 uses.Purchased in April this year. Over all the mower does a fine job, cuts nicely, and swivel wheels are a big help in certain area. My main complaint is that after a few uses (6) this year, the pull start rope snapped last Saturday. It looks to be easily fixed but the fact this rope snapped after such few uses really has me fuming.

  10. Cliente de Kindle

    Manual funcionamientoHola. Recientemente he adquirido este producto,y encuentro ha faltar el manual de instrucciones en Español,por lo que necesitaría tenerlopara poder poner la máquina en funcionamiento correctamente,los manuales que biene con la maquina esta en Polaco y creo que en Inglés.Espero que me puedan enviar el manual en Español lo antes posible.SaludosJosep

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