Mini Chainsaw, Electric Chainsaw, Goldsea 6-Inch Cordless Chainsaw with 2 Rechargeable Batteries and Charger Portable Battery

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Brand Goldsea
Power Source Battery Powered
Horsepower 550 Watts
Weight 1.2 Kilograms
Product dimensions 38L x 6W x 11.5H centimetres

  • Efficient Cutting: Our mini chainsaw adopts an integrated guide plate, which can quickly dissipate heat. And it also uses ultra-high hardness chains with a powerful pure copper motor to ensure smooth cutting.
  • Safety Design: In order to avoid accidents, only when the unlock button and start button are pressed at the same time, the electric chainsaw will start to work. The anti-splash baffle prevents wood chips from hurting you during work. It is also equipped with an LED light to ensure that you can use it in dark places.
  • Easy to Use: Our cordless chainsaw has a non-slip handle, and the ergonomic design makes it easy to hold. Weighs only 1.2 kg, so we can use it easily. The battery can be quickly charged, providing up to 1 hour of use time.
  • Garden Helper: The chain of the battery chainsaw has been installed before shipment, Only need you to install the battery to use it. In addition, it is equipped with an extra battery and storage bag, which is convenient for outdoor use. Very suitable for garden pruning, shrub pruning, etc.
  • Mini Chainsaw Set: 1 x cordless chainsaw, 2 x battery pack, 2 x chain (there is one on the chain saw), 1 x charger, 1 x screwdriver, 1 x wrench, 1 x cleaning brush, 1 x sharpening rod, 1 x goggles, 1 x instruction manual, 1 x storage bag.
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Product Description

mini chainsaw

Features of This Mini Chainsaw:

  • This chainsaw uses ultra-high hardness chains to ensure smooth cutting.
  • The chainsaw adopts an integrated guide plate, which can quickly dissipate heat.
  • The powerful motor made of pure copper makes cutting more efficient.
  • The newly designed safety lock can prevent sudden start and avoid accidents.
  • The safety cover can prevent wood from splashing.
  • This LED light allows you to finish cutting even in places with insufficient light.
  • The ergonomic non-slip handle can be held well.
  • The body + battery weighs only 1.2 kg, so both men and women can easily use it.
  • You only need to install the battery to work.
  • Very suitable for gardening pruning and shrub pruning.
  • The chainsaw has overload and temperature control protection settings. When the motor temperature exceeds 120°C, it will automatically stop working to protect the motor from damage due to high temperature. It can be turned on again when the temperature drops below 70°C.

mini chainsaw

Installation Steps:

  • Check the cutting direction of the chain and install it with the guide plate.
  • Fit the side rail cover. Insert the nut without tightening it.
  • Adjust the tightness of the chain.
  • Tighten the nut with a wrench.
  • Install the battery.
  • Finally, you get a complete chainsaw.
  • Note: The chain must fit the track, not too tight or too loose to avoid damaging the chainsaw.

electric chainsaw

Mini chainsaw Set:

1 x cordless chainsaw,

2 x battery pack, 2 x chain (there is one on the chain saw),

1 x charger,

1 x screwdriver,

1 x wrench,

1 x cleaning brush,

1 x sharpening rod,

1 x goggles,

1 x instruction manual,

1 x storage bag.

cordless chainsaw

mini chainsaw

electric chainsaw

battery chainsaw

Safety Design

Only when you press the unlock button and the start button at the same time, the chainsaw will start to work, which can avoid accidents.

Useful Handle

You can hold the chainsaw in one hand and the handle in the other to ensure a stable cut; in addition, by holding the handle, you can easily lift the chainsaw.

Chain Cover

After using the chainsaw, please clean up the chain, apply lubricating oil to it, and cover it to ensure normal use next time.

Large Capacity

A full charge can provide up to 60 minutes of use time, suitable for outdoor use.

Note: Please fully charge it before first use.

mini chainsaw


Before checking or repairing the chainsaw, please remove the battery.

The chain is sharp and should not be touched to avoid injury.

The battery displays red when charging, and green when fully charged.

It is normal for the electric saw to produce sparks during use.

For safety reasons, please unplug the chainsaw battery when not in use.

After using the chainsaw, please clean the chain with a brush and apply lubricating oil (edible oil is also OK) to prevent rust.

cordless chainsaw

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 41.91 × 14.48 cm
Product Dimensions

‎20.07 x 41.91 x 14.48 cm; 1.2 Kilograms


‎2 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Item model number




Power Source



‎330 watt_hours


‎550 Watts

Switch style

‎Push Button

Batteries included?


Batteries Required?


Battery Cell Type

‎Lithium Ion

Item Weight

‎1.2 kg



Delivery information:
Date First Available

23 Nov. 2021



10 reviews for Mini Chainsaw, Electric Chainsaw, Goldsea 6-Inch Cordless Chainsaw with 2 Rechargeable Batteries and Charger Portable Battery

  1. James Perry

    Good handhels chainsaw, shame about the bagReally useful little chain saw that cuts through decents size branches. Battery life so far seems pretty good too.Shame the the useful bag it comes with has the cheapest zip fitted which broke on my first attempt to zip it up and is now useless.

  2. Scotland

    Nearly 5 StarsThis is a great little tool that packs a very heavy punch! Please read the instructions carefully and ensure that you follow them and apply common sense when using the saw. It is a powerful little beast and has all the characteristics of its big brother chainsaws. I have used it predominately to clear out three Laurel trees that were over 30 feet tall and approximately 20 feet wide. The average branch was about 5 inches in diameter and extended to approximately 20 feet. The end product filled 30 x tonne bags and required 10 runs to my local refuse centre to dispose of the waste. The saw was more than up to the job. It is easy to handle, light and powerful enough to ensure safe operating. The instructions advise on checking the tension in the chain regularly. This is an absolute must because the tension reduces after about 15 minutes of use. This also applies to the guard. The little tensioning screw is, in my opinion, not up to the job required. After about one hour of using the saw, and about 4-5 re-tensioning sessions, the tensioning screw began to slip its thread; this resulted in it being impossible to retention the chain properly. Therefore, rather than returning the item, I replaced the original screw and found that this remedied the problem. I would also recommend regularly removing the chain retaining guard to clean out any debris that may accumulate under it. I oiled the chain and its housing very lightly a couple of times via the chains channel when I exposed the 3 chain links as instructed when tensioning the chain. Talking of which, there is one chain fitted to the saw and another spare in the pack. As a part of the bundle, there is a lightweight, quite flimsy carrying bag which I do not expect to last long at all! The saw comes with two batteries. Both required charging for about two hours to bring them up to full charge. Having described the job that I used the saw for, the batteries lasted about 30 minutes on near constant use. They then took a little less time to recharge. The batteries are somewhat challenging to remove easily albeit the process is identical to similar cordless electrical tools; they are a bit tight in their housing. Now for a bit on safety: The chain does not immediately stop rotating when you take your hand off the trigger. It continues for about a second or two. The saw will ‘kick back’ similar to its older, much larger chainsaw brothers. Ensure that the chain guard is always applied correctly; I always tightened the guard whenever I re-tensioned the chain. If removing the chain for any reason, ensure that it is placed on correctly when re-fitting it; the chain operates counter clockwise, therefore the chain main cutting/sawing hooks should face in that direction. Finally, I would strongly suggest wearing the supplied gloves and safety goggles when operation the saw.So, overall, I am extremely impressed with the product. I cannot compare it to others that are on the market because I do not know anyone with something similar. I have given this a 4-star rating because of the issues that I have identified above.Hopefully, this review has provided some food for thought for readers who may be contemplating buying this chain saw. Please feel free to ask any questions and I’ll endeavour to provide you with a descriptive reply.

  3. Sandra Neillis

    Great productAs a 5ft tall almost 60 yrs old woman, this is lightweight and easy for me to use. Full sized chainsaw would have been more difficult to use.

  4. Ged

    A marvel of a toolOver the years I have used every cutting tool known to man to try and keep leyandii under control. This is the best tool I have come across, by a country mile. It has all the cutting bite of a chainsaw but as light and controllable as a small reciprocating saw. It deals with anything whose diameter is less than the blade length (as long as you have patience and you don’t end up trapping the blade by misunderstanding where the weight is going to settle when you cut – but that’s on you and me, not the saw :-).It comes with safety gloves, glasses, and all the tools you need to service it. It is not self oiling so I oil the blade a couples of times per session with the handy paintbrush they include. Not a big overhead and gives you a chance to get a breather while admiring your handwork.I have been using it in anger, so to speak, all week, and I have just ordered another I am so impressed with it. It pains me to think all the bother it would have saved me over the years lugging and tugging chainsaws and chainsaw starter chords, or waiting for reciprocating handhelds to grind their way through.Excellent product and a marvel of a tool that makes short work of a tedious task.

  5. Smallholder

    Very effective light weight toolThis saw had no problem cutting a long Hornbeam hedge with stems 3.5″ 85mm thick. I did have a problem with the wingnut type tool-free-adjuster, but they now seem to have gone back to an earlier model which is better but needs a spanner. They resolved my problem despite a slight language/ communication difficulty.WARNING- this is a very effective saw and only needs to be held in one hand unlike a normal chainsaw, so may I say, don’t forget to keep your free hand well out of the way and wear cut resistant gloves/ gauntlets that cover your wrist artery too! I am used to normal two-handed chainsaws and found having my other hand free something I had to watch, like not being tempted to hold the branch I was cutting anywhere near the blade.

  6. 78710 UK

    Goldsea 6-Inch Cordless ChainsawBought to cut up old pallets and scrap wood for firewood… Only used once so can’t yet vouch for the reliability but the saw is beastly powerful and coped well with old window frames and cills up to 4″ no problem. Only used for about 20 minutes, which is long enough to cut up a big pile of wood, but the first battery was still going strong. Not fast re-charging but that’s not really a problem – with two charged ¾ hour of sawing would see me knocking off for a cuppa anyway! One niggle from a lefty – as with every power tool known to man, the safety button is a pain to keep held in…

  7. Amazon Customer

    Doesn’t cut through wood as thick as I expected it toI use this mainly for cutting the garden back, and for cutting branches. It doesn’t cut small logs of 8cm wide like I thought it would, and that is disappointing. It will get used, but I wish I had bought a different one with more power to cut thicker wood

  8. Amazon Customer

    Great product. Thoroughly recommendGreat product. Thoroughly recommend

  9. CFive

    IMPRESSIVEVery impressed with this having used it a couple of times. I also have a four inch version of this type of saw and the couple of extra inches make all the difference :-)It come comeplete with everything you need including gloves, a screwdriver, cleaning brush, spare chain, spanner and safety glasses. Two battries and a charger so you should always have power.It’s light in the hand and I find it easy to use, the safety button and pressing the trigger together is lightweight, I say that becasue I have a couple of other power tools with this safety feature and it’s a struggle to get them to work as your thumb needs to be precisely positioned on the button or nothing. The button on this seems much more friendly.They do an excellent job cutting, I’ve been triming an old apple tree in preperation for taking in down and so far this has managed every branch quickly and trouble free, all on one battery as well. Highly recommended.

  10. Amazon Customer

    Missing contentsNot a great start. Opened packaging and checked contents. No spanner to remove or tighten the nut

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