Mesqool Portable DAB/FM Radio with Rechargeable Battery


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  • 📻DAB+ Radio & Auto Scan: Mesqool portable DAB radio can be set with 30 favorite radio stations for easy access and listening. This is a noise-free digital radio with amazing stable reception. It ensures a good listening experience as it automatically selects the best signal. This DAB+ radio support automatic scan to catch all channels and the DRC function allows you to set the compression rate.
  • 📻5 Charging Methods & Emergency Radio: This Mesqool DAB+ radio can be powered via USB cable, solar panel, 3 pcs AAA battery(not included), built-in lithium battery or hand crank. It has a rechargeable 5000 capacity battery, you can also charge your mobile phone or other devices via a USB cable. In emergencies or outdoor activities, this solar crank radio can be used as a power source, which is very convenient. Hand strap and the carabiner make it easier to attach to the backpack.
  • 📻Ultra Bright Flashlight & Foldable Reading Light: This CR1009ProDAB Solar radio has a flashlight and a reading light, there are two brightness options, high brightness or normal brightness. A bright flashlight can bring you better visibility in the dark, the foldable reading light can adjust the angle for easy night reading. Meet your different needs in the night.
  • 📻105dB SOS Alarm & Waterproof IPX4: Solar outdoor radio is very suitable for outdoor activities such as camping and mountaineering. If you are in danger, please press the SOS button, the crank radio flashes red and makes a loud enough noise to catch the attention of rescuers. With the IPX4 waterproof, small raindrops splashing on the machine do not damage the machine. Note: Do not soak in water.
  • 📻RDS & Dual Alarm Clock: FM RDS function allows you to clearly see the channel information of the program you are listening to on the screen. Portable dual alarm clock radio also has a headphone jack. You can connect the headphones to listen to your favorite shows one by one, allows you to immerse in the wonderful show. With dual alarm clock settings, you can set one alarm clock for weekdays and another alarm clock for rest days, convenient for everyday life.

Product Description

portable dab radio

The advantages of the multi-function portable DAB/FM radio

  • 5 Power Modes – Hand crank, Solar panel , Plug in Micro USB cable, 5000mAh built-in lithium-ion battery, 3 AAA batteries (not included).
  • Battery Indicator – Green Light: works/fully charged, The red light: Charging
  • SOS Alarm – In an emergency, you can turn on the flashing red SOS light and alert sound.
  • 5 Optional Languages – English, Portugal, French, Italian and German.
  • 2 Lamp Types – one table lamp for reading and one flashlight in case of power failure or at night.
  • Telescopic antenna – Extendable antenna allows the reception of programs in the valley floor, bathroom or forests.
  • 12/24 H Time Format – Auto update time via DAB/FM and set the time in 12h/24H format per your preference.
  • 5000mAh Battery & USB Port – Large capacity can charge your phone, tablet and other devices at any time. Don’t worry about power outages when you go out.
  • 3 levels Backlight – 3 levels of screen brightness, High, Medium and Low. You can choose from the backligh time off 10 s, 20 s, 30 s, 45 s, 60 s, 90 s, 120 s or 180 s.
  • DRC Compression Rate (DAB mode) – The DRC menu item is used to set the compression rate, which compensates for dynamic fluctuations and the associated volume variations.
  • Sleep Timer – The sleep timer automatically turns to Standby mode and stop playing DAB or FM when the set time end. You can set 15, 30, 45, 60 and 90 minutes in sleep mode.
  • 2 Alarm Clock – CR1009Pro DAB Features dual alarms, you can set the alarm duration of 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes ,90 minutes and 120 minutes. Also the alarm volume can be adjustable.


portable dab radio

Power switch

There is an automatic power switch function on this radio.

(1) When Li-ion Rechargeable Battery is low, it will switch to AAA batteries power mode automatically.

(2) When AAA Battery is low, it will switch to Li-ion rechargeable battery power mode.

(3) If both Li-icon and AAA batteries are low, then the radio will automatically turn off.


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