MDHAND 47 in 1 Electric Screwdriver Set




  • Rotation design: MDHAND 47 in 1 mini cordless electric screwdriver set, by adjusting the position of the forward and reverse rods, 90 degrees of rotation can not only tighten the screws, but also switch the direction of rotation of the drill bit by loosening the screws. It can be easily operated by simply pressing the front and rear rods, and can be widely used in furniture assembly (tables, chairs, shelves, etc.).
  • Lithium-ion Battery: It has long-lasting performance and can be fully charged for a long time, and it can be used for half an hour with a single charge. It can accept laptops and car chargers for fast charging anywhere.
  • LED Lighting and USB Charging: Even in dark places, it is equipped with safe and bright LEDs! When the electric drill is working, the bright LED front light will automatically light up, which can clearly aim at the target, making your work safer in the dark or confined working space.
  • Magnetic Design: The suction nozzle of the Cordless electric screwdriver is magnetic. You can easily and quickly change different screwdriver heads, and it will not fall off easily during use, thus saving time.
  • Electric screwdriver set: 1x tool box, 1x 275g electric screwdriver bit; 28x screwdriver bits25mm; 8x socket sleeve, 4x 50mm screwdriver bits; 2x Hexagon shank drill bit;1x 50mm magnetic post; 1 extended screwdriver adapter rod; 1x USB charging cable.

Technical Details

Product Description

Mini Electric Screwdriver
Electric Screwdriver
Material PVC + Carbon Chromium Steel
Speed 250/min
Battery Type Li-ion Input
Voltage 3.6V
Battery Capacity 1300mAh
Package Size 24*20*6.5 cm / 9.4*7.9*2.6 inch
Charger Time 2-5 hours(The red light goes out means the charging is done)
Torque 3.5N.M
Usage Wood Drilling, Metal Drilling, Steel Drilling etc.
Acoustic Pressure Level LPA< 70dB(A)


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