Lumberjack 340mm Bandsaw 14 Inch




The bigger brother of the BS305, this floorstanding woodworking bandsaw has a cutting capacity of 230mm (9″), to satisfy professional workshops. The power is delivered by a quiet induction motor with a belt drive to the bandsaw wheel. A two speed pulley allows the correct blade speed to be selected, depending on the hardness of the material being cut. The key to straight and accurate cutting on a bandsaw is to have a good set of blade guides. The Lumberjack BS340 has three bearings on the blade guard. Two sealed bearings mounted side-on to the blade, control blade twist and keep it true. The rear bearing takes the thrust of the back of the blade allowing it to run freely. The same setup is then repeated beneath the table. The cast iron table tilts from 90 degrees to 45 degrees, on a rack & pinion, and has a positive stop at both of those positions. Any angle in between can be read off the scale and locked in. For rip cuts the guide fence can be situated on either side of the blade, can be locked into position with a single press of the lever and has a clear marker to set against the metric scale. The fence itself can be fitted in two ways. When cutting thicker material the full face height of 60mm is used. When cutting thin and narrow strips the fence is fitted with the small face, against the blade to allow clearance around the guides. The bandsaw is fitted with an LED work light on a flexible stem, so that the work area will always be well lit. The two doors are fitted with safety locks which cut power to the motor when the doors are open for blade changing or cleaning.

  • Maximum cutting depth – 230mm (9”)
  • Throat width – 345mm (14”)
  • Table size – 545mm x 515mm
  • Table height – 1020mm
  • Motor (induction) 230V 1100W (1.1/2hp)

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