LSRL Garden Shredder 2500W, Silent Crushing Shredder, Adjustable Cutting Size, Max.45mm Cutting Capacity, 55L Collection Box,

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Brand LSRL
Capacity 55 litres
Colour Black, Orange
Item weight 28 Kilograms

  • Turbo cutting system instead of rotating blades – high hardness steel eight blade speed 40rpm, can easily cut tough wood materials
  • Adjustable blade – maximum cutting diameter of 45mm
  • Safety – with multiple protections (waterproof body, overload protection, safety switch, interlock design)
  • Quiet and convenient – 55L large capacity collection box and less than 92dB low noise
  • EASY ASSEMBLY TO USE – The pusher plate helps you push the branches into the shredder and comes with 2 wheels for easy movement


NOTE Don’t put in large quantities of leaves at once, it may get the machine blocked, if it does, use the blade adjustment knob to change the roller’s direction of rotation to unblock it. When using for the first time, tighten the blade adjustment knob and turn it back half a turn to prevent damage to the blade Technical Specifications Size: 87 x 55 x 43cm Weight: 29.5kg Voltage/Frequency:230-240/50HZ Power:2500W Blade speed:40r/min Maximum cutting diameter:45mm Volume: 55L Noise: 92 dB(A) Distribution Includes 2500W Garden Shredder 55L Collection box Instruction booklet Pusher bar Installation tool

Additional information

Item Weight

‎28 Kilograms


‎55 litres



Date First Available

16 July 2021



10 reviews for LSRL Garden Shredder 2500W, Silent Crushing Shredder, Adjustable Cutting Size, Max.45mm Cutting Capacity, 55L Collection Box,

  1. Mr P.

    Heavy but solidThe media could not be loaded.

     My wife wanted to mince up loads of twigs and small branches so that she could use them in her new composter that I had made.I saw this “Shredder” on Amazon and thought I’d give it a try.My first impressions when I lifted the box was “wow” this is heavy! It took me around 50 mins to an hour to assemble. The instructions are more of photographs of “what goes where”. Good job as the written instructions are in broken English.After assembly, I put it to the test. I was sort of pleased with it when it grabbed the sticks and dully munched them up, but when i looked in the bottom of the box it hadn’t minced them up enough. So I tightened up the adjusting knob and the next batch came out better. I got stuck once with a thick branch (about 35mm dia) but I put the motor in revers and then forward again and it chewed it up no problems.I read that people were having problems sliding the box in underneath the shredder, so a little tip….I lightly oiled the runners and the top rim of the box and it slides in a lot better.In the end I was pleased with the machine and for the money I think is good value.It’s heavy to pull around so for someone that is less able bodied I am just giving you warning.

  2. Vaaim

    Seems very good for the price, but no warranty any more?I’m very impressed with this shredder for the price, it seems very solid. It works almost as well as the far more expensive Bosch.One key thing, is the warranty card included with the product (TackLife) directs to a website that doesn’t exist any more, so future support for this product if needed might be complicated. I will probably keep this product regardless, as I’m very impressed by it, but this is still something worth considering before buying.

  3. Stephen

    What a monsterAfter my second Bosch shredder in 4 years packed in (both just outside of warranty period) and the replacement over speed magnet fix didn’t work I thought I would try another make.This Machine only took 15 minutes to put together and they must have improved the instructions because they were simple and clear to understand. Make sure you follow the guidance for setting the clearance.I’d had 2 trees uprooted with heavy snow and this shredder just powered through the branches. It is very powerful and easily coped with the branches up to 45mm diameter.The built in collection system makes is simple to use and empty.Great to buy a bit of kit that actually does what it claims in the advert

  4. Michael A. Brooke

    Garden crusher rather than shredder.Slight difficulty interpreting assembly but managed by trial and error. Quite heavy to manoeuvre. In use the loading aperture is quite small but then again you shouldn’t put much in at one time anyway, it just slows the process a bit. One you get going I found it quite powerful and dealt with everything I fed it, albeit very light stuff, and it did not reduce to as small as my previous Bosch shredder did. However for my purposes, composting, it should be fine. Overall this is a solid piece of kit and I look forward to testing it with my more woody waste. I get a good feeling about that.

  5. Jacqueline Brett

    Good Product and Excellent Customer ServiceWe purchased this shredder and there was a fault with it when shredding. Contacted the seller who were extremely helpful from the outset. Explained the problem and sent a photo at their request. We were then contacted again and asked it we would like a replacement sent and not to worry about sending the faulty one back. Said that would be great and imagine our surprise when it arrived the next day. The replacement shredder has been assembled and wood shredded. All works OK. It’s extremely quiet in operation but make sure your wood has dried a bit as it doesn’t like green wood unlike our old Qualcast. The collection box is a bit tight and you need to get it fully engaged to allow the shredder to work however, these are minor niggles as it really is a good shredder at a reasonable price. Looking forward to getting our shredding back under way.

  6. Professor Plum

    Great for the priceI’ve used a few shredders, and most recently had a Bosch rotary impact shredder.Firstly, there are many complaints here about the complexity of “building” this shredder. I found the instructions to be perfectly clear and had it assembled within 10 mins – it’s really simple. There are two wheels that bolt into the stand, then the stand is fixed to the main body of the shredder by 6 screws. 4 more screws attach two pieces of decorative trim to the legs and that’s it.Similarly, there are complaints about the shredder not starting. To start the shredder you need to slide the collecting box into place, then slide a lever to lock it in place. The box doesn’t exactly glide into place – it typically takes a little jiggling to get it just so, whereupon the lever can be locked properly in place. The way the box slides in could definitely be improved, but ultimately you just need to make sure the lever is fully engaged.Overall, it’s a decent shredder – with a couple of caveats.NEGATIVES- It’s really heavy – surprisingly so. What’s more, it’s top-heavy with quite a narrow frame so it’s unstable when rolled over uneven surfaces and will readily topple over if care isn’t taken. For someone in reasonable shape this isn’t a big problem, but for somoene elderly I’d be hesitant to recommend it.- The build quality is adequate. However, compared to my Bosch shredder it definitely feels a lot cheaper, and in particular the way the box is held in place feels a little flimsy. That being said, Bosch’s equivalent shredder is nearly twice the price so you need to have reasonable expectations.- Whilst the shredder didn’t jam, I found that leaves and smaller pieces of wood tend to sit on top of the cutting wheel, and they can be difficult to push through the mechanism. You definitely need to be passing longer dry branches through with loose materials, to draw them into the crushing mechanism.- Fiberous matierals will be crushed but not fully cut. For example, I was surprised to find long dry sunflower stems were still partially intact, when they would easily be cut to small pieces by a rotary shredder.- The collection box whilst a decent size does fill unevenly, so it fills underneath the output whilst it’s almost empty at the opposite end. Because the box is a bit of a pain to slide in and out, it’s annoying to level out during use. The shredder can’t be used without the box in place (I used to sit my old rotary impact shredder inside a builder’s bag for unlimited shredding -that’s not an option here).POSITIVES- It’s so quiet. Compared to a rotary shredder like my old Bosh it’s heaven – it’s about as loud as a washing machine on a gentle cycle.- It does a great job of dry branches, crushing them into small pieces. What’s more, it does a pretty good job of drawing them in, once they ‘catch’ in the crushing mechanism. That’s much easier on the hands than the old rotary shredder.- The “blade” shouldn’t need replacing, but if it does then a replacement is not expensive. I was put off the new Bosch silent impact shredders because a new blade was hundreds of pounds – a replacement for this would be about £40.- This does a much better job on leaves than I’d been led to expect, at least if they’re still on the branches. I had expected them to be largely untouched, and was surprised to find the majority shredded.- I was impressed at the width of branch this can take. The advertised 45 mm diameter seems accurate and the cutting mechanism didn’t jam once at that size.- This being a crushing shredder, wood chips are not not only cut but also squashed to break them apart. If you’re planning to compost them, that’s a good thing.- It was considerably less effort to feed material through than for my old impact shredder, and much easier on the hands (little vibration). Since the blade rotates so slowly, there is essentially zero risk from material being ejected (i.e. eye injury)- This is a really, really good price. I bought the shredder for £185, which is literally half the price of Bosch’s equivalent. It feels a bit cheaper than the Bosch shredders, but it doesn’t feel half the price, and it cuts perfectly well. If there were little difference in price then I’d have bought the Bosch, but this is 90% of the tool for 50% of the price, and perfectly capable.IMPACT VS CRUSHINGI think you have to be pretty clear before buying this that you want a crushing shredder. There are advantages over impact shredders, but really this is for woody branches and not stringy materials. If you expect to shred something like ivy then you’re going to be disappointed with a crushing shredder – it will squish it a bit. For shredding branches, I’d take this any day over a rotary shredder.CONCLUSIONIf you want a crushing shredder, then this is an excellent choice. Despite the suspiciously low price tag, it’s a great shredder and it’s hard to justify spending twice as much for the Bosch ATX 25 D, which is what it is clearly copying.

  7. stephen

    Dose the jobBit of a job putting together but one done works ok for job at hand

  8. Vilius

    Really good for the priceReally good wood chipper, had no issues at all once set up. Used it all day didn’t jam or trip once. Really pleased with it, definitely recommend

  9. Emma Bone

    Very impressiveReally pleased with this product. Although I do wish it would chip smaller but over all it is great for the price.

  10. Shaun McSweeney

    This is a BEAST of a machineSetting the cutter is a bit of guess work ,,,,,,,, having said that , once you get it set , anything that get’s into it’s small mouth , it just devoursI was sceptical about it’s slow rotation , but now I love it ,,,,,,,, It has devoured a massive heap of branches in a couple of hours ,,,,,,,,,,,, and it is SO quiet

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