LawnMaster 24V 34cm Cordless Lawnmower Plus Spare Battery, 24V 4.0Ah Lithium Ion Battery and Fast Charger – With Rear Roller

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Brand LawnMaster
Power source Battery Powered
Material Alloy Steel
Colour Orange
Style 34cm Mower
Item weight 11.4 Kilograms
Cutting width 34 Centimetres
Number of positions 6
Operation mode Manual
Product dimensions 38D x 23W x 97H centimetres

  • COMPLETE CORDLESS FREEDOM: Cordless lawnmower supplied with two reliable 24V 4.0Ah lithium ion batteries and a 1 hour fast charger. One battery can be charged while the other is being used for almost continuous run time.
  • INTELLIGENT BATTERY MANAGEMENT: power delivery is adjusted according to the grass conditions, delivering extra power in tougher conditions and reserving battery life during lighter cutting.
  • BEAUTIFUL FINISH: fitted with a carbon steel blade for an excellent quality cut, the choice of 6 cutting heights between 20mm and 70mm which can be adjusted with a single lever, and a rear roller for a striped finish.
  • MULCHING FUNCTION: choose from two ways to dispose of grass clippings. Collect in the 32L fully assembled Redi-bag for green waste disposal, or use the supplied mulch plug to finely cut the clippings and return to the lawn to act as a nutrient
  • COMPACT STORAGE: handles fold flat over the body of the mower. The 32L Redi-bag grass collector is fully assembled out of the box and folds flat for storing neatly away on top of the mower. The mower can be stored upright in small spaces.
  • LAWNMASTER BY CLEVA – We apply the latest processes and highest standards of engineering to our motor technology, product design and build. The result is a wide range of high-quality products with exceptional performance and durability. Manufacturer of over 40 million appliances sold worldwide.
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Product Description

LawnMaster 24V LawnMower CLMF2434G

LawnMaster Lawnmower on lawn

Technical Specifications

Battery Type Lithium-Ion
Battery Voltage 24V Max
Battery Capacity 4.0Ah
Number of Batteries 2
Cutting Width 34cm
Height Adjust Single Lever
Cutting Heights 20/30/40/50/60/70mm
Run time up to 30 mins (per battery)
Charging time 60 mins
Powered wheels No
Mulch Plug Yes
Rear Roller Yes
Grass Collector Capacity 32L
Weight 11.4kg

LawnMaster 24V Max batteries charging

LawnMaster 24V Lawnmower Rear Roller

LawnMaster 24V Lawnmower Height Adjust Lever

LawnMaster 24V Lawnmower mulch plug

Unlimited Run Time

Supplied with two 4.0Ah lithium-ion batteries and a 1 hour fast charger – one battery can be charged while the other is being used, providing almost continuous run time. Battery charge indicator lights show how much charge is remaining in the battery at any given time.

Rear Roller

A medium height of cut combined with the supplied rear roller will result in the traditional striped finish and a healthy looking lawn.

Single Lever Height Adjust

Adjust the height of cut using a single lever, in 10mm increments from 20mm up to 70mm.

2-in-1 Function

Choose to collect the grass clippings for disposal or use the mulch plug to chop them finely and return to the surface of the lawn to act as a fertiliser.

LawnMaster 24V Lawnmower Upright Stroage in Shed

LawnMaster 24V Lawnmower carry handle

LawnMaster 24V LawnMower Battery Management

LawnMaster 24V LawnMower battery

Compact Storage

Folding handles and grass collector make storage in tight spaces easy. Remove the battery and safety key to store the mower upright when space is at even more of a premium.

Carry Handle

Convenient central carry handle for moving the mower in and out of tight storage spaces, transporting the mower over uneven surfaces, and up and down steps.

Intelligent Power

Power delivery is adjusted according to the grass conditions, delivering extra power in tougher conditions and reserving battery life during lighter cutting.

Safety Key/Child Lock

Ensure the mower cannot be accidentally started by removing the safety key in between use.

Additional information

Weight 11.4 kg
Dimensions 38 × 97 cm
Product Dimensions

‎23 x 38 x 97 cm; 11.4 Kilograms

Part Number


Material Type

‎Alloy Steel

Power source type

‎Battery Powered

Item model number





‎2 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

3 Mar. 2021



10 reviews for LawnMaster 24V 34cm Cordless Lawnmower Plus Spare Battery, 24V 4.0Ah Lithium Ion Battery and Fast Charger – With Rear Roller

  1. lucky by design

    Easy to use; but light buildLight and easy to manoeuvre; but also does not feel very substantial. May not last. Does a nice cut; roller pretty ineffectual. Used mulch plug and anything other than a light trim clogs underneath.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Excellent mower for a small lawnDon’t normally get enthusiastic about a lawnmower. Having had many over the last 40 plus years, this is really good. Lightweight and easy to manage, the cutting height is marked in mm, not just 3 or 4 settings. One simple lever does it all. Cut my 2 50sq metre lawns on one charge. Oh and there’s 2 batteries so if you did run out of charge just swap it for the other. It doesn’t have a battery indicator easily accessible during use however it’s got 2 batteries. Lightweight and easy to store, unlike a petrol mower, can be stored in any orientation, even light enough to hang on the wall. The only negative is that the handle could have a quick release folding mechanism. You have to undo the wingnuts to fold down the handle. Grassbox is good with an indicator when full. Really very good and excellent value.

  3. The Third Man

    Where’s the stripey lawn?I have used this lawnmower 4 times since I purchased it and I still haven’t got anywhere near the stripey lawn I was expecting. My belief is that the rear roller is nowhere near heavy enough to create a proper striping job. That’s a bit of a bummer, so I’ve taken one star off.Apart from the lack of a stripey lawn, however, this lawnmower has been excellent. The insertion of the battery and the safety key can be fiddly; I am no longer a young ruffian who can kneel down to ground level without a lot of huff and puff and not ending up getting stuck down there. And the straightening and locking of the two sections of the folding handle adds about 10 minutes onto the job of mowing each time, before I even get started.But, hey, no more dangerous extension lead to worry about running over and giving my remaining hair a frizzy look from accidentally cutting into the electric supply. This mower has got awesome power considering it’s driven by a battery at the bottom end and a pensioner at the top end. My garden is all uphill the further away from our house I go and this mower can be physically heard to ‘change gear’ to take account of extra work needed to get us both to the highest point. I only wish my wife’s wheelchair was just as forgiving when I push her anywhere that has a slope.My mowing from a fully charged battery is completed with just the red and amber lights on the battery showing at the end. I always have my second battery fully charged just in case it is needed but, so far, on each of the four times I have used the mower, one battery has proved enough.Storing this mower is ace. It takes another 10 minutes to undo the four screws on the two-fold handles, a few seconds to release the battery and remove the safety key and a couple of minutes to carry the mower inside under cover and store it upright.I’ve used the mower both with the collection box attached and then without it but with the mulcher thing attached. The collection box is easy peasy to fit but the mulcher thing is a bit fiddly. Both do their respective jobs very well. My one gripe is the lack of a stripey lawn due to an underperforming rear roller; I was expecting my lawn to resemble the Wembley Stadium pitch by now but, there’s always next time…


    120m2 lawn, mowed and edged on a single batteryHave now used twice. In summary, took a little working out for the strimmer rotating positions, mower was a doddle to set up and use, and but both worked great, very happy.Fully charged both batteries to start (same battery for both items), then mowed the back lawn, front lawn, switched the battery to the strimmer, and used front and back. Used the same battery again, front lawn, and half of the back lawn, before it ran out. Lawn area is about 120ms total, was about 8-10cms long and mostly dry, had no problems…have left the second battery in, should finish the 3rd pass. Height adjustment is super easy and quick, like changing gear in the car. I cut on number 2 and didn’t encounter any turf ripping and the rear lawn is not the flattest currently. Not power assisted, but very light when it’s on the ground anyway. Cutting width for me was fine, maybe 20 passes and I was done.Assembly was fine, but struggled a little with the strimmer until I found another dimension it rotated on. I don’t think I will be folding the handle on the mower for storage, but it would take a few minutes to do unscrewing the nuts and retightening. Also it is not the lightest to move down the side of the house, but to be fair I think this mower is standard in terms of weight so I will be raising the blade and rolling down he path from now on rather than trying to carry. If you can’t get the grass collector in…remove the mulch tool first!Haven’t used the mulch feature to not collect the grass yet, and haven’t figured out what the roller is doing yet, but the lawn loos good.Can be a bit tiresome looking for the right tool, if your garden spec meets mine, stop looking this will do you. Mower is superb, and the strimmer well, strims…and it’s cordless!


    Mr Andrew SharpeIt was easy to assemble

  6. Stich

    37cm Lawnmaster 24v mowerFirstly l must say l have been sceptical about battery mowers for years. Apart from being too expensive in the past, l doubted their capabilities. Having used a Hayter Hawk petrol mower for nearly 20 years, and reaching the age of 71, I decided to make the move to battery power. The decision was helped when the trusty petrol mower kicked back on the starting cord, almost pulling my arm off. Decision made, time to change. I detest dragging cables around, so battery was the obvious choice.Now the review. I read loads of reviews, both good and bad, including one or two mentioning wheels falling off, and one saying it was only a ‘toy’. Let me say, its deffo not a toy, and all the wheels on mine are still on. The mower arriver next day, brilliant service. I had both it, and the strimmer assembled in about 35 minutes. Brilliant. The weather has been wet, so no try out. But today, 4 days later, l have mowed both lawns. The lawns were still slightly wet, but that didn’t affect the mower. It cut both lawns no problems, and still some life in the battery. The strimmer was fine too. Bonus being able to use same batteries for both machines. So if you have a larger than average lawn, swap them over and charge one whilst mowing. I cant say it will give me the nearly 20 years service the Hayter has, but hopefully it will do between 5 and 10.Am I happy with my purchase, suffice to say I wish I had bought one years ago, so much easier to manoeuvre being a lot lighter. I might even let my wife have a go, lol.

  7. Birdman

    Great mower, happy so far.This is a great mower and strimmer.My main reservation in committing to the purchase, was whether the battery life would be sufficient enough to mow my lawn in one charge.I’m pleased to say that I can easily mow my lawn in one charge and I have a fairy large lawn. I estimate just over 30mins of mowing per battery so far. This apparently is dependant on how hard you’re working the motor e.g cutting longer grass.There are 2 batteries in the package, which are interchangeable between the mower and strimmer. This is useful if you did run out of charge, meaning you could just swap the battery for a fully charged one. The batteries seem to charge quickly, within 2 hours.The performance of the mower is very good. You can easily adjust the height of the blades and it’s easy to empty the grass cuttings. The motor changes speed/power according to the grass height, which conserves the battery. The strimmer is also great, being very easy to adjust and use. The best part being that both mower and strimmer are completely cordless, which makes things so much easier.The mower is also very quiet. They are both lightweight in feel and are easily manoeuvrable.The mower and strimmer require a fair bit of assembly, so don’t expect to use it straight out of the box. It’s nothing complicated but requires you to follow the instructions for specific steps connecting the handles etc. it was a bit of a pain, as I was keen to get mowing! The mower handles fold away nicely when not in use, which is good as it doesn’t take up much space in storage.My only criticism is that the build quality seems possibly a little on the flimsy side, but you have to consider the price point of this package accordingly to be fair. I may be wrong about this and there are certainly no signs of any durability issues so far, but both the mower and strimmer are quite plasticky.This being said they are both very ergonomic and look fairly good too.I’m hoping with normal use there won’t be any issues. I’ve used both about 6 times so far and I’m very pleased with the performance and ease of use.Overall I’d recommend this product.

  8. blah blah blah

    Good lawn mower.Not the best instructions for assembly but I got there. The mower works brilliantly and the cut is very impressive. The only negative is that because it’s so light weight the roller bar isn’t fantastic at leaving the stripes we all want. But would I buy one again if needed, yes I would. Great battery life and the strimmer was an excellent addition.

  9. colin hawes

    Well packed, quick deliveryEasy to assemble, light weight, not had chance to use yet due to weather conditions.

  10. Chivvers

    GreatI did lots of research and discovered this gem. For me this beat the Worx and Geenworks offerings in the medium budget cordless lawnmower space.Unlike a lot of other mowers at this price you get a brushless motor, 2 x 4.0ah batteries, a 30 min fast charger, compact storage and auto power adjust for thicker grass.Yes it’s a bit plasticky but it’s strong where it counts and durability doesn’t worry me. If you look after it and keep your expectations in check then flat lawn mowing should be a breeze for years.It cuts really well down to 2cm and makes nice stripes. The bag filled up quickly due to longer first cuts but it fills every inch.The batteries last about 30mins each on average. I have 350m2 to mow and the 2 batteries are more than enough. I’d guess they would manage 600m2 between them. I deliberately chose against mowers with 2.0ah batteries as after a few years their life probably won’t hold up. But these should see me through.The mower cuts fine all the time, as long as you’re not expecting it to march through thick rough on the 20mm setting quickly, but it ups the power automatically when the going gets rough. This will drain the battery faster. But this set can cope with that.The mower is pretty quiet and I don’t believe the 96db sticker. It’s no louder than a vacuum cleaner.You can pick up this mower from themselves (lawnmaster manufacture) for £225 with their 10% voucher code which is a steal. But I preferred the buy now pay later Amazon offered (£60/month no interest)I chose this combo kit at £299 to have the strimmer too which is great. And it lasts ages on these 4.0ah batteries. Probably an hour or more on each battery. It’s quite loud but average for strimmers I’d say. Use ear defenders for a long job.All in all a great mower/trimmer set for small to medium sized lawns. Grab it.

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