Laptronix Electric Demolition Hammer Drill Concrete Breaker



  • Suitable for heavy demolition, masonry and chiselling work – Professional HEX-GAN breaking machine
  • Efficient Powerful 1700 watt motor – High demolition capacity 40.5J – Effective impact frequency of 1900/min
  • Robust metal casing – GAN-HEX (hexagonal) tool mount enables quick tool change – Accessory kit included
  • Input power: 1700W – Chuck: 30mm HEX – Max impact rates: 1550bpm – Impact Joules: 40.5J
  • Accessories : Metal Case 410mm point chisel bit 410mm flat chisel bit 410mm U chisel bit pair gloves goggles mask

Technical Details

Product description

The Laptronix HEX–GAN demolition breaker hammer is specially developed for professional use in building trade. It is ideal for breaking up and scooping out various materials, including for example tiles, stone or concrete. With maximum impact energy of 40.5J, the breaker is both highly effective and excellent value for money. The machine has a powerful motor with an engine power of 1700 watts. This all-rounder breaker with both a flat and pointed chisel included as standard can also be used for all kinds of indoor and outdoor demolition work, whether it involves breaking up floors, pulling down or tearing open walls, or chipping off tiles. The Demolition Hammer is capable of up to 1900 strokes per minute. The fan-cooled motor reduces wear and tear on the item, extending its lifespan and thanks to its robust metal casing, the machine is guaranteed a long service life. The hexagonal tool mount feature (GAN-HEX) enables flexible application with the combination of various accessories supplied. The specially mounted handgrip assures ease of use. The demolition hammer stands out with its extreme robustness and high quality workmanship.


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