Jellas Orbital Sander 125MM 13000RPM



  • ▶ 【360°Rotating Base Plate & 6 Speed ​​Adjustable Levels】 Random Orbit Sander Its 360°rotating base ensures that the sanding surface is natural without leaving marks; The Adjustable speed dial helps you control the speed in 6 levels according to your needs
  • ▶【18 Sanding Discs】 Orbital Sander Includes 125mm sandpaper refills. A total of 2 refills of 6 different grain sizes (60, 80, 120, 180, 240, and 320) are included. Replace them one by the other according to your needs and the material to be sanded
  • ▶【 High-Efficiency Dust Collection】This electric sander has 8 suction holes that vacuum more and faster than the usual 6 or 7 holes; The dust collection bag offers higher efficiency than the dust box; The dust bag has air permeability, it can prevent dust from entering the motor again, extending the service life of the orbital sander. Ideal for the DIY homeowner
  • ▶【Rubberized & Ergonomic】 Random Orbital Sander The sander is small in size and light in weight; it is covered with soft rubber to reduce vibrations and improve the comfort of use; Portable design, easy to use with one hand Rubber coating helps prevent hand numbness and reduce fatigue from prolonged use
  • ▶ 【Powerful Operating System】 Orbital Sander Its copper inductive motor spins up to 13000 rpm. The maximum power can reach 280W. Its heat resistance and efficient cooling system prevent burns from overheating when used for a long time. Note: not suitable for wall sanding, the dust on the wall is too fine to block the collection system

Technical Details

wood sander

JELLAS – Designed Tools Seed New Stories, Jellas random orbital sander creates a uniform surface with minimum visible scratches because it has an 360° rotating sanding base plate. The random turning ellipses avoid creating large scratches on the surface. It gives a finer finish with a slow but uniform material removal.

Jellas oribital Sander prepares a surface before and after painting. With the vibrations in tiny circles, the random orbital sander is used for ultra-smooth sanding. It can be used on wood, plastic or for metal working, for example floor, slate, rough edges, framework, internal stairs, wood filler, old windows and more in your casual life. What’s more,the noise is low, no matter what speed you choose which is not annoying when use this machine.


Convenient: The hook and loop system allows users to make fast and easy paper changes.

Efficient:The sander features random orbital action for a high removal rate and a high-quality finish.

Compact: The sander’s compact size brings DIYers close to the work surface, which affords them premium maneuverability.

sanding work

√ Insert Dust Bag and Rotate counterclockwise 30° to Tighten.

√ The machine and sandpapers can not sand on humid environment, so please keep dry when working.

√ Please ensure you have inserted the sanding disc to the right position, the holes on both sides correspond to each other, otherwise the sand paper is easy to fly away when working.

√ Please ensure first the sanding disc fits perfectly with the sanding pad. If they don’t full match and there is an deviation,then the disc may fly off


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