Jellas Electric Hand Planer 16000RPM EP710



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  • 【Mirror-grade aluminum shoe & Three V-NOTCH】The Mirror-grade aluminum front shoe brings high flatness and high precision. The base plate shoe includes a chamfer groove for easily flattening sharp post corners and allows you to create angled chamfer along the edges of your wood-working projects in different sizes.
  • 【Two Carbide Blades】The Jellas electric planes are equipped with two 65Mn carbide blades which could provide clean planning results on all wooden materials, like hardwood, softwood, and wood composite materials.
  • 【Powerful Electric Motor】JELLAS power hand planer for woodworking equipped with a 710W motor, providing up to 32000 cuts per minute, it can remove irregularities from your workpiece until the surface is even and smooth.
  • 【Modern Ergonomic and Lightweight】The Jellas electric wood planer is designed for optimal handling with Soft-grip on all grip areas. The lightweight design allows the machine weighs 2.3kg and make any carpenter job done easily and fast.
  • 【2-Year Warranty】JELLAS provides 2-year warranty, we will spare no effort to provide the satisfied service to every customer, feel free to contact us when you meet any problem, we will reply you within 24 hours to help you.

Technical Details

Product Description

Planer planer belt sander Orbital Sander belt sander belt sander wood electric belt sander belt sanders for wood with dust collector planer electric planer planers for wood electric wood plane wood plane electric planer wood
Planer Planer Belt Sander Orbital Sander Detail Mouse Sander Jig Saw
Power 710W 850W 750W 280W 220W 800W
Variable Speed 16000RPM 16500RPM 120-280RPM 8000-13000RPM 13000RPM 800-3000SPM
Life of Carbon Brush 50H 2*50H 50H 50H 50H 50H
Main Feature Planing Wood Planing Wood Flat Grinding Flat Grinding Flat Grinding, Corner Grinding Metal/Plastic/Wood Cutting
Cord Length 3 Meters 3 Meters 3 Meters 3 Meters 3 Meters 3 Meters
Weight 2.6KG 3KG 3.2KG 1.42KG 1.1kg 2.4KG
Include Two Blades Belt, Carbon Brush, Two Blades 10PCS Sanding belts 12PCS Sandpapers 16Pcs Sandpapers 10PCS T-Shank Blades
Connect the Vacuum Cleaner ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️

JELLAS-Designed Tools Seed New Stories.

The JELLAS electric planer is suitable for the basic wood job required. For example, planning wooden beams or door frames.

As mentioned by other users, the planer is lightweight, simple to use, quick, clean, and smooth. It planes things to a consistent thickness, as its name suggests. It’s definitely not a tool you wanna buy before a compound miter saw, or even a table saw. But once you’ve learned what it can do, or get one into your garage and basement, you’ll wonder, “How did I ever do without this?”

electric planer
planer electric planer

Warm Tips

  1. Please wear earmuffs, and an eye mask to protect your eyes and hearing.
  2. When the cutting depth exceeds 1.5mm, the pushing forward speed of the electric hand planer should be reduced and pushed at a constant speed to avoid damage to internal components.
  3. Before the operation, please replace the dull blade to prevent damage to the engine.
  4. Please remember to disconnect the power before replacing the blades or making any repairs and adjustments to the planer.
  5. Before using the electric wood planer, please check whether the mounting bolts are tightened.
  6. Avoid accidental starting. Ensure the switch is in the off position before plugging in.


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