Jellas 450W 13000 RPM 125mm Random Orbit Sander




  • Double Life: The life of the sander is determined by the carbon brush. The carbon brush of Jellas orbit sander adopts new crafts, making the life is twice that of ordinary sander
  • Variable Speed Control Dial: 6 Adjustable speeds (6000-13000RPM), among them 1-3 for polishing , 4-6 for rough grinding ; 450W(3.8 Amp) motor sander can easily sand wood, metal, plastic, rubber and other materials to a smooth finish
  • Dual Action: Sanding projects should be more labor-saving, and due to the eccentric vibration, the texture of the wood itself can be retained to the greatest extent after sanding
  • Ergonomic rubberized palm grip and 2 handles for improving operator comfort and controlling sanding works. The front handle can be ajusted which allows for sanding in corners and confined areas
  • No slippage, the bottom plate hook adopts the latest thorny fur paste design, and the viscosity is twice that of ordinary hooks. The bottom plate material is more wear-resistant

Technical Details

Product Description

Orbital Sander Orbital Sander Orbital Sander Orbital Sander detail sander orbital sander
80PCS Sanding discs Orbital sander Sheet sander Belt sander Detail sander Orbital sander
Power 280W 220W 1000W 220W 450W
Speed 8000-13000RPM 6000-12000RPM 450-750RPM 13000RPM 13000RPM
Power cord 3 Meters 3 Meters 3 Meters 3 Meters 3 Meters
Weight 1.42kg 2.0kg 3.5kg 1.13kg 2.1kg


The JELLAS Random Orbit Sander has 450 watt power output, ideal for both fast and fine finish sanding applications on wood, metal and plastic. It has excellent balance when close to the workpiece, the ergonomics of its palm rest and grip offers optimal tool control as well. This orbit sander is intended for basic sanding, in-between sanding, lacquer removal, and finishing surfaces. It is applicable on wood, veneer, lacquer, and filler. It also features a dust bag, speed selection, and a 125-mm sanding pad fitted with a hook-and-loop system for fastening sanding sheets.

orbit sander

This random orbit sander is intended for sanding, in-between sanding, lacquer removal, finishing surfaces, and polishing. It is applicable on wood, veneer, lacquer, and metal

orbital sander

The Sanding pad with multiple holes for effective extraction and a longer service life of the sanding media. Built in microfilter system that traps particles as small as 1/2 micron in diameter, to achieve quick and more dust collection. Also equipped with easy-to-empty dust bag which is made of fine mesh that captures even very small particles of dust, suitable for working without extraction facilities to keep the working area clean and minimise the clean up after the job is done to the minimum.

sander for wood

Warm Tips:

Always wear eye protection and a sanding mask.

Make sure that the tool is switched off or disconnected from the power supply before you attach the sandpaper.

The item you’re sanding should be properly secured before you begin.

Ensure you have a firm grip on the handle of the sander before turning it on.

The sander should be kept flat and should be constantly moving as you work.

Any ventilation slots of the sander should be kept clear of dust and debris.

Don’t press down when sanding.

When you’ve finished, life the sander off the wood, turn it off, and wait for it to stop spinning before storing it away.

Clean your sander after use.

Always unplug your sander when it’s not in use, and store it somewhere dry and frost-free.

Wear clothing that will not catch in moving parts.

Don’t have long hair free or wear jewellery that might get entangled in the machinery.

Don’t operate machinery if fatigued or otherwise unfit for the task at hand.


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