Ikuby Pushdrive Cordless Screwdriver 2000mah



  • 🌏THE IDEAL FOR HOME SOLUTIONS:Ikuby Electric Screwdriver is slim and powerful, carry the electric screwdriver around in a tool belt or pocket. and when you are done, store it in a junk drawer or tool box. The 6 precision settings allows you to tackle small to larger projects such as electrical, cabinetry, and furniture assembly. The included bit extender extends your reach to get into small, hard to reach places, and 10 bits cover the most common screw types. 
  • 🌏RECHARGEABLE INTEGRATED BATTERY – USB charging system ,Removable 1000 screws on a singlecharge, it comes with removable batteries. Convenient charging: compactsize for portability and fitting into tight spaces.Three front LED lights to illuminate dark spaces, a magnetic chuck helps removescrews easily, and the 2000mAh Lithium-Ion battery provides big power for every day use.
  • 🌏EASY TO USE—Change to forward or reverse with a turn of the collar. Two way activation activate by pushing the power button or by simply pushing the tool into your work-piece.Engineering nylon with soft adhesive, anti – slip, feel comfortable,3 Leds—10 seconds lighting delay,makes It easy to operate in dimly lit areas
  • 🌏BIG TORQUE: 3N.m,suitable for more complex installation requirements. 6 torque settings,twist your torque selector to controlthe power and drive small to large screws. Please note: This screwdriver adopts the latest electronic torque technology,automatic torque adjustment by current level.No damping sensation, constant speed. Please contact us if any torque questions.
  • 🌏MAGNETIC HOLDER-FOR EASY BIT CHANGE:Includes the 10 most common 1/4in HEX screwdriver bits and a bit extender kit for those hard to reach applications. PH1, PH2, PZ1, PZ2,SL3,SL4,H3,H4,T10,T15.

Technical Details

Product Description

Why Ikuby cordless screwdriver?

electric screwdriver for home DIY use

Why Ikuby cordless screwdriver?

Do you need a powerful and portable utility tool as a must-have at home? This fantastic tool can make your DIY simple and easy! Powered by a 4V MAX Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, this screwdriver comes with a USB charging cable and screw driving bits. It is always ready to go and the quick charge design makes charging fast and convenient. The 320 RPM of electric torque makes the Ikuby drive screws 2X faster than the previous generation. The overdrive protection feature also prevents screw stripping. Intuitive in design, the screwdriver starts with a simple push for both driving and reversing screw applications.

The Ikuby electric screwdriver is a perfect replacement for manual screwdrivers inside the house.

Why We Like It?

For metal, plastic, and wood

Three working modes

A quick, easy bit change

Powerful speed:320 rpm

Motion-activated and reverse ability

Compact, lightweight cordless screwdriver

Ikuby Cordless Screwdriver FAQ:

Q: Does the cordless screwdriver have a removable battery pack that you charge?

A: Yes. The battery is removable which means you can easily replace the used-up battery.

Q: Is the battery 18650 model?

A: Yes. The battery is a 3.6V INR18650-2000 Li-ion Cell battery.

Q: Do you still need a push-drive function when you unscrew a screw or use the tool in reverse?

A: Yes. You can depress the tool lightly for both screwing and unscrewing a screw.

Q: Are the screwdriver bits magnetic?

A: Yes, The bit tube can magnetize the bit. When the bit is put inside the tube, it will be magnetically attracted to prevent it from falling during work.

Q: I found that the speed does not change after the torque adjustment, is this a quality problem?

A:No,it is not a quality problem.This screwdriver adopts the latest electronic torque technology,automatic torque adjustment by current level.No damping sensation, constant speed.


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