Hyundai Quiet Electric Garden Shredder 2800w 2.8 kw 230v 44mm Chipping Capacity Portable Branch Shredder 10m Power Cable 60L

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  • Extra-powerful 2800W Hyundai motor: Makes wood chipping fast and easy
  • Low-noise 60rpm shredder speed: Crushes wood with a max of 4.4cm diameter quickly, effectively and ultra-quietly to save annoying your neighbours
  • Detachable 60L collection bag: For a no-mess solution to collect chippings as you go
  • Portable, wheeled design: Easy to move around your garden, weighing just 20.8kg
  • Designed with your safety in mind: The included flat push stick will keep you safe whilst guiding in overhanging branches
  • Generous 10m power cable: Saves you having to reach for an extension lead
  • Peace of mind: With our 3 year Hyundai domestic warranty


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2800W powerful Hyundai motor

Powered by a 2.8kW motor, the HYCH2800ES’ shredder speed of 60rpm crushes and grinds the wood rather than chopping it, which means it doesn’t have to work as hard as other shredders and thus will require less maintenance.

Detachable collection bag

It also has a large, 60L detachable collection bag that keeps all your wood chippings in one place and allows you to dispose of them easily – no need to spend time sweeping up wood chips.

Flat push stick included

The flat push stick allows you to keep safe whilst guiding in overhanging branches.

Portable, wheeled design

Thanks to its highly portable wheeled design, as well as its impressive cord length of 10m, you can easily move the shredder to wherever it is needed in your garden, with its collector bag catching wood chippings as you go.






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Hyundai Electric Garden Shredder

The HYCH2800ESE is a powerful, quiet, low-maintenance and easy-to-use electric wood chipper from Hyundai.

Powered by a 2.8kW motor, the HYCH2800ES’ shredder speed of 60rpm crushes and grinds the wood rather than chopping it, which means it doesn’t have to work as hard as other shredders and thus will require less maintenance.

  • Electric shredder – no need to worry about topping up fuel or oil
  • 2800W / 2.8kW motor
  • Quiet 60rpm shredder speed
  • Portable wheeled design
  • Detachable 60L collection bag
  • Suitable for wood up to 4.4cm in diameter
  • Get going straight out of the box

Additional information

Weight 20.8 kg
Dimensions 46 × 92 cm
Product Dimensions

‎62 x 46 x 92 cm; 20.8 Kilograms

Part Number


Material Type

‎Plastic Metal

Power source type

‎Electric Corded

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Date First Available

3 Mar. 2021



10 reviews for Hyundai Quiet Electric Garden Shredder 2800w 2.8 kw 230v 44mm Chipping Capacity Portable Branch Shredder 10m Power Cable 60L

  1. fizzywhippet

    Looks like a great bit of kitBought this to replace an ancient shredder which tragically died. All plant material that is long and stringy or woody, that might be slow to break down is shredded to add to add to our compost heap. So far it has made short work of the prunings from a small shrub which still had some soft leaves and from a cape gooseberry which had taken over the Polytunnel. It’s quick and efficient but not as quiet as its predecessor but is possibly more powerful. It was simple to put the frame together and it appears really solid and well built and only time will tell how well it stands up to use.

  2. Andy Armitage

    Solid & robust, eats trees & branches for breakfastIt was easy to set up. It feels quite robust.It’s very good for classic tree/branch shape so long as you keep within the 4cm diameter, anything which has a clear 10 or so inches of straight branch before it fans out. It’s quite gratifying to watch a tree sapling being swallowed up.Where I found it less good was trying to shred odd-shaped debris like rose cuttings and ivy branches whose shape isn’t straight enough to go in via the top and be grabbed by the blade beneath.After I had used it very heavily for a few days in searing hot weather, I had a problem, but the UK phone support was good, certainly extremely polite and helpful.

  3. Caron Straw

    Dream MachineThis little, reasonably priced, machine did everything we asked of it.We used it to clear a massive garden that had grown to over 18ft high with trees and brambles. This machine kept going non stop for 7 days roughly 8hrs a day, and did a fantastic job.The machine was quick and easy to set up, very easy to use and held a good amount of clippings before it had to be emptied. ( Roughly a 50L Waste bag)The only thing we found slightly annoying was the way the clippings piled up at one end, but we soon got in the habbit of stopping and giving the collection box a quick shake, no biggy.I would recommend this little beauty over some of the more expensive ones we have had.

  4. Neil Bobcat

    Good ShreaderIt took about 5 minutes to unpack & assemble. We plugged it in and switched on but nothing, tried pressing all the buttons, nothing. Phoned the importer who are in Milford Haven about an hour from me, very helpfull person exlpained that the bin lock catch needs to be pushed RIGHT up as far as it will go ( this bit of info was not exlpained in the users manual ) and off we went.. It took about 15 minutes work to fill a barrow with chips so quite effective bit of kit.. It will munch through twigs up to 40mm dia, leaves and all. Very pleased.

  5. J. Wearne

    Efficient shredderThe media could not be loaded.

     This seems to be a heavy duty shredder. You do need to adjust the wheel to ensure everything gets chopped through fully. Once that’s done it eats through the garden trimmings.Very pleased to date and 3 year warranty

  6. IS

    Don’t try too much shred to much green material at a timeIn general the shredder works very well but Don’t feed in too much at a time and make sure the shredded material does not clog the output shut

  7. Richard Jarvis

    Heavier than you might thinkThis is easily put together out of the box although is a great deal heavier than you might expect. You need to get it balanced right in order to move it about, but once you’ve got the hang of that, it’s easy enough to move.Straight from the box it was not cutting through branches and left them ‘attached. I removed the cover and adjusted the cutting blade such that it now works fine.The instruction manual is fine on ‘how to use’, but nothing on how to maintain/adjust. They really don’t want you to do any diy on it at all – pushing you back to dealers.If it’s as reliable as their cars I should have no worries about durability.

  8. Robert of Maidenhead

    Powerful and works very well indeed!Bought this as it’s powerful and can deal with quite large twigs and small branches up to about two inches that constantly fall from our trees. It just munches them down length ways. Once it grabs the branch it drags it down its throat. The output is into a hopper that can be slid out and emptied into the compost bin. The output is not mulch but similar to bark chippings. Haven’t tried it on leaves but think it would cope well. The only downside is it’s big and heavy so you need to be able to wheel it from a shed or garage. It doesn’t have a hopper feed you have to offer the twigs to the throat one or two at a time so it a bit time consuming. Yes it’s noisy but not overly so, about as noisy as my 1.5kw mower!

  9. Les O

    It does a good jobI have lots of hedges (and lots of compost heaps) and this is my third (or fourth?) garden shredder – i’ve worn out the others over the years..This one works well, its not too noisy. It is heavy (which indicates a powerful motor) and I intentionally chose a “big motor” model, from experience. This one chops fresh cuttings up to about 1″ thick without too much effort.I would prefer it to have a transparent hopper so that I could more easily see when it is full or needs a shake up. Other than that I’m pretty pleased with it so far.

  10. Kindle Customer

    Clogs up too easilyCan’t really cope with what it says it can do. Fine for twigs and small branches

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