Hyundai 5 Gifts in 1, 52cc Long Reach Petrol Garden Multi Tool with 430mm Grass Trimmer, 425mm Hedge Trimmer, 10″ Chainsaw,

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Brand Hyundai
Power Source Engine driven
Colour Blue
Weight 5.6 Kilograms
Cutting width 430 Millimetres
Product dimensions 180L x 50W centimetres
Assembly required Yes

  • The perfect Five-in-one Gift! The garden tool includes a hedge trimmer, pole saw, brushcutter, grass trimmer and long reach extension shaft
  • Hyundai 52cc 2-stroke petrol engine: Powerful performance regardless of the attachment used
  • Soft-pull recoil system: Easy and reliable start each and every time
  • Space saving and budget friendly: Save money compared to buying several individual tools
  • Easy to use: Multiple safety features in place to protect the machine for added longevity
  • Full double shoulder adjustable harness: Comfortable and well-balanced for minimal strain
  • Peace of mind: 3 year Hyundai domestic warranty* / 1 year commercial* (terms apply)


From the manufacturer


powerful hyundai engine

shed space

grass trimmers and brushcutter

pole saw

Powerful Engine

Powered by the Hyundai IC52-J 52cc 2-stroke EURO 5 petrol engine, with a soft pull easy recoil start system, low emissions and long lifespan

Save Shed & Garage Space

A compact, modular, heavy duty 5-in-1 multi-tool. This all-in-one gardening tool saves you money and space by eliminating the need to buy 5 individual machines

Grass Trimmer & Brushcutter

Supplied with a 2 string nylon cutting head and a 3-tooth metal blade, you can cut through tough weeds, brambles, dense scrub and overgrown grass with ease. The nylon cord is simple to replace, and the bump feed system allows you to effortlessly dispense more cord without interrupting your gardening. For thicker and tougher foliage, the metal cutting blades should be used, which are more durable and capable of cutting through the densest of areas


The chainsaw has automatic chain lubrication for long life. When used on the ground it’s capable of making quick work of logs and fallen branches, and when combined with the extension shaft it can reach branches up to 4m from the ground. The 295mm cutting bar is built for medium-duty cutting requirements, suitable for all but the biggest of logs and branches

hedge trimmer

extension shaft



Hedge Trimmer

With a blade length of 425mm, the hedge trimmer is built to prune large hedges with ease. It can be adjusted 180 degrees, with 12 positions to choose from with a double safety lock to keep the cutting head securely in place. When attached to the extension shaft, it can be used to prune even the tallest of hedgerows – or even hedgerows which are obstructed and hard to reach

Extension Shaft

Providing approximately 800mm of reach, the quick release extension shaft is a convenient addition for gardeners who have tall trees or hedgerows on their property, and eliminates the danger of working from a ladder. Attaching the extension shaft is easily done thanks to the large, easy to release adjusters.

Essential Piece Of Gardening Equipment

This 5-in-1 multi-tool has everything a gardener needs to make short work of even the toughest gardening tasks

Hedgehog Aware

Hyundai Power Products Supports HEDGEHOGAWARE.ORG.UK

  • Check long grassy areas for hedgehogs (and other wildlife) before strimming or mowing.
  • Stop using pesticides and slug pellets in the garden. This can be fatal for hedgehogs.


hyundai power products

At Hyundai Power Products we pride ourselves on providing a quality product at a very competitive fee, delivered promptly to your door. All repair work which is under guarant is undertaken in-house and we keep a huge stock of spare parts for all Hyundai machines.

As a company, we set ourselves the highest standards possible and our business practices come solely from the notion that we treat others as we would expect to be treated ourselves; with respect, courtesy and in an ethical way

Hyundai HYMT5200X 52cc Petrol Garden Multi Function Tool

Value – Innovation – Performance – Durability

The HYMT5200X multi-tool is a heavy-duty and powerful machine, which enables you to maintain your garden with one versatile and complete gardening system. Save money compared to buying individual machines and save on storage space whilst enjoying the same impressive power and versatility as several equivalent dedicated garden tools.

This is a powerful, heavy-duty garden tool. For a lighter weight option please try the HYTR2600X grass trimmer.

  • Powered by the Hyundai IC52-J 52cc 2-stroke EURO 5 petrol engine
  • A compact, modular heavy duty 5-in-1 multi-tool, the all-in-one gardening tool
  • Full double shoulder adjustable harness and adjustable position quick release attachment for ideal balance
  • Grass Trimmer: Supplied with a 2-string nylon cutting head with a cutting width of 430mm, you can quickly and efficiently cut through overgrown grass and trim the edges of your lawn
  • Brushcutter: For thicker and tougher foliage, the brushcutter attachment allows you to cut through tougher brambles, dense scrub and other harsh overgrowth with ease.
  • Pole Saw: The pole chainsaw attachment has automatic chain lubrication for longer life and reduced wear and tear. The 295mm cutting bar is suitable for all but the biggest of logs and branches
  • Hedge Trimmer: Blade length of 425mm built to prune large hedges with ease. It can be adjusted 180 degrees, with 12 positions to choose from with a double safety lock to keep the cutting head securely
  • Extension Shaft: Providing approximately 800mm of extra reach (allowing you to reach up to 4m in total)

Additional information

Weight 5.6 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 cm
Part Number


Product Dimensions

‎180 x 50 x 50 cm; 5.6 Kilograms

Item model number







‎Plastic, Aluminium

Power Source

‎Engine driven

Item Package Quantity



‎Domestic Garden Use

Included Components

‎Chainsaw, Strimmer, Hedge cutter, Brushcutter

Batteries included?


Batteries Required?


Item Weight

‎5.6 kg



Delivery information:
Date First Available

29 April 2020



10 reviews for Hyundai 5 Gifts in 1, 52cc Long Reach Petrol Garden Multi Tool with 430mm Grass Trimmer, 425mm Hedge Trimmer, 10″ Chainsaw,

  1. Mr David A

    Pain to startI opted for Hyundai because I wanted reliability and ease of use. The delivery was ahead of schedule which was great. A large heavy box, all components included. Simple instructions to follow but please note it does come in about 10 parts so will need to be assembled which took a short while.The real problem I encountered was starting the machine which frankly took me an hour plus a you tube video and I still couldn’t manage to crank it. My arm is strained as a result!!!! Eventually it started….Tbh once you fuel it, pump the squeezy fuel bulb, then really like other two strokes I have (strimmer, chain saw, and vac/blower)it’s a case of luck.., this is difficult to prime; it’s really a combo of using the choke, pumping the power trigger and pulling the starter cord….Whilst the instructions are decent, it just isn’t as easy as that….So I am sharing my experience to help others….think the knack however is pulling it directly away from the rear at a low angle rather than up toward yourself (as if using a saw) and that seemed to have more joy and started to fire up. Tbh, the McCullough vac I own started second ask when I used it today with no effort….go figure…and that wasn’t used for months!Once it powered though it was a nice device to use although the harness supplied didn’t last long as that’s already torn with the weight…cuts well. Hopefully it will start better next time as my arm won’t cope again!!

  2. Mark T.

    Disappointing. So far not a great experienceFor what it is this product seems like REALLY good value. A higher range alternative is considerably more expensive and so I wasn’t expecting perfection. However Hyundai’s name is reassuring and, on balance, I expected better.My experience is that three out of four bolts holding the pull cord starter to the machine loosed and fell off off after several hours active use (Some hedge cutting but mostly strimming). These things happen, and for next time I’ll be sure check all the bolts for tightness before using the machine.The bolts were lost somewhere in a field, but it was a reasonably easy problem to fix. And so, rather than sending the machine back for repair, I asked Hyundai for replacement bolts and suggested that I repair the machine myself. (I calculated that this would be quicker and less troublesome for all parties).But this decision was FOLLY. HUGE FOLLY because Hyundai’s service department (GenPower) sent me the wrong bolts! Not once but again, and again, and again! Only on the fourth occasion did they get it right (Thank you).And so, for weeks my machine was unusable. Yes, the people that I corresponded with were communicative and seemed more than willing to help but, to get it wrong so many times, is ridiculous! There was NO excuse for this. I had very carefully gone through the required protocols. I had given the correct details, invoice number, model name – I had even sent detailed photographs of the problem.At one point I had the impression that I was dealing with a third world country (I have lived and worked in several) – although the willingness to fix the problem was there, there was a basic lack of understanding and instead, creative sidestepping – e.g. they sent me the correct bolts without the flat washers and spring washers (the factory specification) and I was told: “our parts team that the bolts have been tried out without these washers in the workshop and it works fine. Thus, if you install it without the washers, it will work as it should.”Seriously?I pointed out that actively working with a machine in a field was very different to running a machine on a bench in a workshop. And that the machine was built with these washers for a reason. And, that, had I sent it to them for repair, and it had arrived back without the factory specified washers then I’d have sent it back. Fortunately they resolved to attend to this.Next, they sent me bolts that were way to big and with some washers but not all.To their credit – on the fourth attempt they managed to send the all the correct parts. Thank you.Genpower must have wasted a fortune in postage. But, they only cost me was my time and frustration. Frankly I’d preferred to have payed postage than experiencing the inconvenience.But, this was not the end. Within an hour of getting the machine restarted and in use the the fuel filter fell off inside the tank! And then, after that, the fuel tank started leaking because a fuel line slipped off!!The machine no longer starts although I have reattached the fuel line. It’s been this way for weeks.For now I do not have the willpower to do battle with Hyundai’s service department again. So they don’t even know about the new issues. I do not have the time to waste. And so now this machine sits unused.I will do something about this sometime in the future. I have almost all of the three year warranty left. So I have plenty of time before that expires.Would I recommend this machine to others. Or, for that matter ANY Hyundai product sold in the UK.ABSOLUTELY NOT!

  3. richard

    I’ve now owned this item for a yearIt was reasonably priced, easy enough to assemble and relatively simple to use.The downsides are as follows,the clamp bolts used to fasten the different sections of the tool together have all chewed thier threads up, I have replaced them with normal m5 bolts.Occasionally the spindle for the nylon cutter wire gets bound up with weeds, and it is quite difficult to clear,It sometimes takes a lot more priming than suggested in the instructions to get the thing to start,Other times it starts first time.

  4. B J Hunt

    Its just not what I expectedI have bad shoulders so I brought this to help do my massive hedge which is quite high and very long, having the extra length of the extra pole it meant I didn’t need to go up ladders and struggle. Also some of the weight is taken from my shoulders onto the harness.Putting it together and swapping attachments is dead easy and straight forward.The Brush cutter can be a bit awkward to sit so its balanced right and seems to cut ok.The strimmer is good, but once the nylon cord breaks down only one side bumps out as it should. It cuts well.The chainsaw I havent used yetThe hedge trimmer isn’t very good at all. It is awkward to do at the shortest length even with the different angles of the head. But this is probably down to technique over design and the fact I have used hand heads for 15 years.It lacks the power of the McCullock machines i usually use and struggled to cut through anything much thicker than a pencil. My silver burch is in full swing looking thick and lovely, the trimmer struggled to cut through the leaves, I believe they’re too light to drop between the blades.I have always used 2 stroke machines and this one is hands down the hardest one I’ve ever had to start. Fuel mixed as the bottle says but still its a nightmare to get it to kick over.Today I have used it for the second time since buying and I used it for just over an hour, my shoulder is still killing after using it and to add to it thr stop button pissed me right off, at certain angles I kept knocking it causing the machine to stop. Ita just not well placed at all.The harness isn’t made for people of mysize really. Im 6″3 with a 50″ chest, it made me feel like I was wearing a bra, even with everything as tight as I could get it with out the straps dropping out it was to low.Its a shame because I was expecting so much and thought by buying this tool with everything built in was going to save me money by not buying individual tools and help my shoulders.Granted my pain isn’t as bad as what it would have been but at the moment I couldn’t use it longer than an hour or two.Would I buy it again knowing what I know now? No.Itll probably now just serve as a strimmer and maybe use the chain saw every now and then.Im going to go back to using my hand clippers for the hedge..Oh yeah the engine is so close to me I now stink of fumes and need a shower. Never had that before.Its will be ok for small jobs but definitely not for what I need.Juat for refrence, I live in an ex council house which is a corner plot. So just a normal house.

  5. UKInfamous

    Great value bit of kitGreat value, bought whilst on sale. Used this during the summer to strim long grass, cut back hedges and branches, all worked fine. I only use Aspen premixed 2 stroke which is an ethanol free fuel pre mixed with high quality fully synthetic oil, not had any starting issues and used for long periods over 2 weeks.

  6. Delboy 1949

    ‘all that glitters is not gold’I bought this due to the keen price & versatility. Assembling it was a joy & I thought that this suggested that it was well-engineered. After using it for 3 months (purely as a strimmer) I have to say that I’m disappointed. I knew it was a relatively heavy machine, but underestimated how difficult and tiring this would make it to manoeuvre. My muscles should adapt to that concern, but more significantly I had real trouble starting it, which was then often followed by stalling. Immediate re-starting was impossible- I had to wait a few hours until the engine dried out (or whatever). I should say that I’ve never had such difficulty before, and know fine well how to start a small 2-stroke engine. After 3 months of weekly use (1 hr/week) I couldn’t start it at all, & also couldn’t see why not (spark plug working; fuel flowing; starting instructions followed; etc.). I contacted the Hyundai chatline, which turned out to be a slow email link to Powergen, who nonetheless treated me kindly, including sending me a new/replacement carburettor. The machine is now working normally again. My main reason for writing is to relay a message from an experienced motor engineer. When I told him about this starting problem he said that some small 2-strokes are vulnerable to the negative effects of the ethanol in petrol, which can clog up the carburettor, etc. He recommended using E5 petrol (super unleaded) plus an additive to further counter the ethanol (such as ‘Frost’s Ethomix’). I’m now following his advice, & wondering if the problem all along was the ethanol? Lastly, The strimmer head is poorly designed, making tangled line inevitable (& also rendering the bump-release mechanism useless) . It is also a real fiddle to refill the head, given the narrow access (I have now replaced the Hyundai head with the Oregon ‘lightning load’, model 550059, which is working great). So, I now have an operational strimmer/multi-tool, which works well when it’s working, but it’s been a struggle. I’m reminded that ‘all that glitters is not gold’.

  7. Yasin Patel

    Value for moneyIt was very frustrating as it wouldn’t start , did what it said on the tin but wouldn’t start , should have sent it back but unfortunately I dropped it and broke it’s casing

  8. Adrian Cherry

    Not impressedI thought getting one of these would be a good idea. None of the tools are really up to anything more than a little light garden tidying. The hedge cutter is especially underwhelming. The chainsaw is ok but went blunt quickly. I wouldn’t get another. The motor seems willing enough.

  9. Chris walker

    Very good quality and very well madeGood price and well manufactured, made to last . A little bit on the heavy side when using the hedge trimmers at full extension but great quality.

  10. Happy Gardener

    Quality let down by small components, keep the packaging.Assembled the brush cutter/strimmer shield and one of the bolts sheared off, found one to replace it. Used the product twice, once for a tall hedge, cutting length of hedge trimmer attachment is a bit short but did the job. The other time was to clear my mum’s overgrown garden where the pole chainsaw worked well, the brush cutter has a terrible vibration but was mainly effective, no one wanted to use the machine for long as it is a bit heavy. Sadly the little red plastic pull out that you need to start it sheared off on that day rendering the machine useless, but the box says 3 year warranty. Amazon were understanding via online assistant and arranged for pickup by Hermes, two days later and I’m still waiting, they say they called yesterday but our front drive cameras show no one but the Postman coming to the door. Moral of the story don’t book a pickup as Hermes don’t offer any time slot or update or any way to talk to anyone, they seem to think it’s fine to make people wait on their inefficiency and poor organization, not to mention untruths.

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