Hyundai 20″/51cm 196cc Electric-start Self-propelled Petrol Lawnmower, 6 Cutting Heights, 70l Grass Collector, Foldable Handles,

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Brand Hyundai
Power Source Petrol Powered
Material Alloy Steel
Colour Blue
Style 196cc Electric Start Petrol Lawnmower
Weight 43.8 Kilograms
Cutting width 51 Centimetres
Number of positions 6
Operation mode Manual
Product dimensions 62.2D x 21.7W x 41.3H centimetres

  • 508mm / 20″ cutting width: Ideal for medium to large lawns
  • 196cc Hyundai 4-stroke petrol engine: Provides easy starting and low fuel consumption
  • Electric-start with recoil backup: Get started at the push of a button
  • Self-propelled: No need to push – simply select from 4 walking speeds and steer
  • 6 adjustable cutting heights: Get the perfect finish on your lawn
  • 70L grass collector bag with mulching option: Minimises time spent emptying cuttings
  • Foldable handles: Compact to transport and store in your shed or garage
  • Comes with 2 cup/can holders: Keep refreshed whilst mowing the lawn
  • Minimal set-up required: Also includes 600ml SA30 oil to get going out of the box
  • Peace of mind: 3 year Hyundai home-use warranty* / 1 year commercial warranty*
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From the manufacturer



small lawns

6 cutting heights

Easy Starting

Steel Deck

Our steel deck undergoes phosphating treatment and then powder coated to protect against rust and corrosion

Large Sized Lawns

The cutting width of 51cm, it is ideal for medium to large size lawns and gardens.

6 Cutting Heights

The cutting height can easily be adjusted to six different heights between 25mm to 75mm by using the single height adjusting lever.

Easy Starting

The contactless ignition system means the engine is easy to start and the drive to the rear wheels is controlled from the rear mounted handle control. All wheels use twin sealed bearings for long life and low resistance.



Electric Start

Compact Design

70L Grass Collector

A large 70 Litre grass collector features a high airflow plastic top with a level indicator to ensure maximum grass pickup and can be easily emptied.

Mulching Option

Use the supplied mulching plug to give your lawn a nutritious feed with the cuttings – less time spent emptying the grass collector and better for the environments too.

Electric Push Button Start

The HYM510SPE lawn mower benefits from the push-button start for easy, fuss-free starting.

Pull start is available as a back-up.

Compact Design For Storage

For ease of storing, the lawnmower handles can fold down, making storage compact, ideal for the garage, garden shed or transporting within a vehicle.


Hedgehog Aware

Hyundai Power Products Supports HEDGEHOGAWARE.ORG.UK

  • Check long grassy areas for hedgehogs (and other wildlife) before strimming or mowing.
  • Stop using pesticides and slug pellets in the garden. This can be fatal for hedgehogs.
  • Check ponds in the garden has an escape route for hedgehogs such as a sloping ramp.
  • Keep netting to a minimum in the garden, make sure it’s neat and tidy with about one for clearance from the ground.

Additional information

Weight 43.8 kg
Dimensions 55 × 105 cm
Part Number


Product Dimensions

‎158 x 55 x 105 cm; 43.8 Kilograms


‎1 12V batteries required. (included)

Item model number



‎51cm Cut – Electric Start & Pull Start HYM510SPE




‎196cc Electric Start Petrol Lawnmower


‎Alloy Steel

Power Source

‎Petrol Powered

Item Package Quantity


Number Of Pieces


Handle/lever placement


Blade length

‎510 Millimetres

Measurement System




Included Components

‎HYM510SPE Petrol Lawnmower, 70L Hard top Polyester Grass Bag, Assembly Tools and User Manual.

Batteries included?


Batteries Required?


Battery Cell Type

‎Sealed Lead Acid

Item Weight

‎43.8 kg



Delivery information:
Date First Available

20 Feb. 2018



10 reviews for Hyundai 20″/51cm 196cc Electric-start Self-propelled Petrol Lawnmower, 6 Cutting Heights, 70l Grass Collector, Foldable Handles,

  1. Joseph Kelly

    A brilliant workhorse!After 10 years tackling a very large uneven lawn my high end wide bladed Hayter mower finally bit the dust last Autumn, so I’ve been on the lookout for a similar replacement. The Hayter was built like a tank but had a pull chord start that took some pulling and at 63 I was hoping to be able to afford an electric start mower. Most large blade self propelled electric start mowers cost a fortune and were well beyond my budget.This Hyundai ticked all the boxes and was an incredibly reasonable price so I hesitated for ages, thinking it was likely to be a bad purchase. I couldn’t have been more wrong!It arrived within a couple of days in a well packed carton. It says it comes without oil and you need to buy a bottle, but in fact there’s a separate bottle of mower oil supplied in the carton. I should also mention that there has been some negative review comments about the guarantee, but you no longer need to fill in a form within 30 days, their website confirms your purchase is your guarantee (see screengrab attached).The mower was incredibly easy to put together, all you need to do is attach the handle mechanism with a few bolts, add the cup holder (a piece of genius bling!) with a couple of screws, hook on the two cables, add oil and fuel, and you’re ready to go. From opening box to start up and mow was about 20 mins.The mower is actually incredibly very well built and sturdy, and it looks fantastic. It’s recommended you charge the small starter battery (mains charging lead supplied) for 6 hours but mine fired up first time straight out of the box.All the settings and controls are very light and easy to use. Unless you’re mowing Wimbledon I wouldn’t recommend the lowest setting, as it really is tight to the ground and won’t forgive any humps or dips. Level 2 is perfect, even for a first cut. On the speed side I’d also avoid the top speed (4), as this really jumps forward with a bit of a kick, but (3) is perfect for a smart pace across the lawn.As you can see from the before and after pictures I have a very large undulating lawn that actually has several crests and levels to it. The old Hayter used to stick on the slopes but this beauty just whizzed over everything without a blip. As it was the first cut of the year after a long mowerless autumn and winter, I decided to save endless grass bag emptyings and put the mulching plug in instead. The Hayter was a mulcher but it still used to dump unsightly clumps all over the place. This machine didn’t leave a trace of grass and the mulched material was very fine. I’d recommend mulching as it’s the right eco-thing to do and with this mower I’ll stick with it as empty bags is a chore.Coming back to the cup holder I thought this was just a gimmick but it also came into its own when I was at the far end of the garden!The final piece of brilliance on this machine is the little hose attachment nozzle on the topside. I didn’t think this was serious, but I followed the instructions, connected my garden hose to it, turned the water on full blast, and started up the mower. To my amazement the machine cleaned itself! One of the worst aspects of cutting the lawn with my old heavy mower was trying to turn it on its side afterwards to brush off the cack, without the oil or the petrol all spilling out. 10/10 Hyundai for this brilliant idea.Oh, yes, the start button also cleverly pops out so you can prevent curious kids from starting it up.I’ve now had the machine for a fortnight and have cut the grass four times with it. The results are amazing and it’s an absolute pleasure to use. I’d recommend this machine to anyone with a larger than average lawn who needs a very well priced, robust and easy to operate mower.

  2. Ian Callander

    Brilliant machineStarts first time

  3. Mr J.

    Great lawnmowerMy lawn took a battering over summer 2022 in the UK, due to the hot weather and kids. I decided to renovate it and realised the old Flymo wasn’t going to be suitable – mainly because you can’t accurately control the cut height. I chose this particular Hyundai model for the height control, width of cut, self propulsion, variable drive speed and electric start (it does start also start easily on a single pull of the cord too). The photos are taken 4 weeks apart – keeping the cut height around 2 inches has improved the health of the lawn and it looks great. The mower doesn’t have a rear roller but still produces faint stripes. I got stronger striping by adding a Toro striping roller, which sits behind the grass box. Time will tell if the mower remains reliable – so far it’s been perfect. On the downside, it’s very heavy! 40+ kg means it would be very difficult to use in a terraced garden or anywhere you had to lift it.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Charging the battery is a painI really wanted the pull cord start version but after ordering I was notified that it wouldn’t be delivered until late May. I duly cancelled, paid an extra £70 and ordered this electric start version. If I’d known then what I know now I may well have waited. The pull cord version was re-advertised for delivery in late March (next week) a day after my new order was dispatched……Having set up and used the lawnmower once, I can say there’s nothing particularly wrong with the machine. It is considerably heavier than my previous lawnmower, a 20 year old 51cm self propelled Lawn King. It does however feel much more powerful, more likely to be able to make it through challenging long wet grass. My major gripe with it is to do with the electric start. My shed, where I store it, is at the bottom of a staircase across the lawn and down a slope at the bottom of my garden. A considerable distance from an electrical socket. This is a problem because the battery used to start the mower cannot be removed for charging. This means I need to run an exceptionally long extension lead down to the lawnmower to charge the battery for it’s 6 hour charge after every 10th use, which won’t always be practical given the vagaries of Scottish weather. The other issue is with the charger itself or perhaps it’s just the instructions. There is nothing to say what the flashing red/green LED on the charger means. At various points it was solid red then solid green, flashing red/green back to solid red???? Logic tells me that solid green should be fully charged but who knows?Despite these gripes the electric start kicked it into life first time and it cut my grass. I hope it doesn’t succumb to problems with dampness when the weather returns to normal service.

  5. graham

    It’s heavy!Bought to replace a 15 year old petrol self-propelled Mountfield. It is 11kg heavier than the same cutting width machine. Which makes edges and curved areas much trickier.So you need a large grassy area to make up for this.The wheels tend to spin on a low cutting height when doing the edges because they don’t have deep treads.It is however a joy to have an electric starter, especially towards the end of cutting a large lawn when you are getting tired. And the grass collection box does need emptying less than my Mountfield.As can be guessed by the weight, it does feel like it will last several years as long as the engine keeps going. It feels very robust, except for the unnecessary cup holder, which has small cup sizes and feels flimsy.Unlike others, I have found that it uses the same amount of petrol as my old machine. And the decibel level is the same (98). Tends to smoke on the start setting, which goes as soon as you select the “run” setting. Comes with an oil carton and plenty left by the time it reached the H level.Nice to have a link to a video of a man setting one up.Overall I wish I could have bought my old machine again, however the reviews of the new Mountfields were poor. Sounds like by trying to protect their engines from hitting objects they have made another component too easy to break. Fingers crossed that the Hyundai keeps going (like my car!) because of concerns about servicers not being able to get parts.

  6. dave

    Throttle set at low speedThrottle set at low speed doesn’t move with stick or manual adjustment . Dose move the choke and revs if move the carburettor manually but not on the stick

  7. Edward

    Best lawnmowerThis is a very good lawnmower I know we all love our grass but mine got to long and I buy petrol lawnmower and they wouldn’t cut the grass down I buy this lawnmower it didn’t even know it was doing it it didn’t cut out didn’t brake it is the best it is grate on fuel if you are looking for a big lawnmower what can take on anything this is the mower you need. The push button start makes life so much easier the box is not heavy when full make life more better so you can spend more time cutting your grass without keep stopping because of it 70 l box from me this lawnmower gets 10 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  8. Kindle Customer

    The start of something good?Like all blokes I dream about having a sit-on mower and having moved to a new house with a decent sized garden here was my chance. But, Ilwhen comparing the highest rated self-propelled mowers vs the sit-one I just couldn’t justify the £1200 price difference. So home comes this Hyundai. It better be good! Out of the box at a little heavy at first – but this is my first petrol mower so allow me some adjustment. It comes largely pre-built so just a few bits to bolt together, pretty straight forward although the instructions are not the most unambiguous I’ve ever seen. Spark plug located, oil in, petrol in, let’s go. But wait, I need to charge the battery for 5hrs first! This will p**s on my parade. Oh well I’ll have press the start button and pretend. However the battery was charged already (despite the instructions assuring me if wouldn’t be’. So off I went – a happy cutter. The 4 speed adjustment is great, I was able to slow it right down while I operated under L-Plate conditions and then as I got all teenage and cocky I unleashed top gear. It’s quite fast, as could be seen by the shredded plants lying murdered in the flower bed where I’d gone off-road. I had a bit of left/right lever coordination to perfect. But, I’ll be whizzing around the garden by next summer. The cutting height is more than adequate – I ended up raising it to about the midpoint for an autumn cut with lots of leaves provided a challenge the machine was more than man enough for. One observation, the grass collector is big. This is great for a lasy so and so like me however it does weigh the reaper down even more and I t will leave wheel indents in your lawn that hang around for a few days. This is good but f you want to perfect you straight plough lines and quite like the effect.So a very new and pleasant experience. Time will tell if my infatuation turns into the real thing and our relationship blossoms in the spring however early signs are promising.

  9. Rosabel

    Great electric start, powered lawn mowerWe needed to replace our 20yr old 4hp Petrol lawnmower and so we decided upon this model – the Hyundai HYM510SPE, particularly being drawn to its electric start feature. (No more pulling the starter cord the usual 5x or more to get my current mower started).Having watched the five minute Hyundai assembly guidance video on the Amazon webpage (7th icon down on the LHS), I decided to order it and it was delivered just 3 days later. I also ordered some engine oil (10W40) for it too, as it is shipped without oil (the machine needs less than a litre of oil).Once unpacked, I plugged in the battery charger (similar in size to a mobile phone type charger) and charged the small battery (designed to be charged in situ). The charger simply plugs in to a basic battery housing, by means of a ‘barrel’ type connector. The instructions suggest an initial battery charge of 5-6 hours.We then:1. Assembled the mower handle (4x bolts and associated ‘wing-nuts’).2. Placed the starter cord in to its quiescent ‘ready to use’ position.3. Inserted the two plastic lugs at the rear of the mower (which are used to keep the rear flap partially open) allowing the cut grass to exit.4. Added the 0.6l of oil5. Filled with petrol.Before attempting to start the mower:1. I set the drive-speed control to its slowest setting (‘1’ position)2. Set the ‘run/choke’ control to the ‘cold-start’ position.3. Set the cutting deck-height to its highest setting, using the simple adjustment leaver.The mower was now ready to start, so placing the OPC (Operator Present Control) lever against the main handle, I then pressed the start button for a second or two.The machine burst in to life. So very much easier than messing around with a starter cord. A great feature!With the engine now running I immediately moved the ‘run/choke’ control to its ‘run’ position and proceeded to start to mow the lawn.The first mowing of the lawn was perfect and whilst the machine is quite heavy, its 5hp, 173cc engine driving the rear wheels (and the 21” cutting blade) made using the mower easy. I then inserted the ‘mulching plug’ and the resulting cut was probably the best I’ve ever had. So In summary – very good value and highly recommended.

  10. Clemcellara

    Hyundai Elec Start – Clavicle Recovery Aid 🙂Wow, absolutely amazing improvement over my tired Mountfield, effortless starting, a very powerful engine and in speed 4 so much faster.After breaking my collarbone I couldn’t have used my old mower due to the considerable effort involved in the recoil starter; with the grass growing frantically by early March due to my recovery; I feel I purchased this high quality Hyundai machine at the perfect time.Assembly was straight forward using the easy to follow YouTube video, charging the starter battery was quicker than expected as the provided charger indicator soon changed from Red to Amber then Green.It’s heavier than my previous 45cm mower, but with a 51cm blade it’s a bigger machine that appears to be well engineered and of course the battery is a very welcome addition.From first use, starting is an absolute joy; cold start using the choke position single press – instant start! Then each time the 70l collection box was full, I emptied, refitted then performed a warm restart, first press every time without fail.Four speed settings and several cutting heights are easy to select.There is a slight lag in the disengagement of the driven rear wheels when the clutch bar is released, but it’s easily anticipated after experiencing it.The garden hose connection feature is a good design idea to clean the cutter area and prevent grass residue build-up on the underside.In summary I’m extremely impressed, for anyone like me who has sustained an arm/shoulder injury, or prefers the freedom of a powerful petrol mower, but is struggling with the nausea of trying to repeatedly tug the recoil starter mechanism; then this machine is the answer.

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