Hyundai 196cc Petrol Lawnmower, 20″ 51cm 4 Stroke, Self Propelled Petrol Mower, Easy Starting with Six Cutting Heights, 70L

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Brand Hyundai
Power Source Petrol Powered
Material Steel, Alloy , Plastic
Colour Blue
Style 4 Stroke Self Propelled Lawn Mower
Weight 38.7 Kilograms
Cutting width 51.00
Number of positions 6
Operation mode Manual
Product dimensions 217D x 60.6W x 43.3H centimetres

  • Powerful 196cc Hyundai 4-stroke petrol engine: Provides easy starting and low fuel consumption
  • Generous 508mm / 20″ cutting width: Ideal for medium to large lawns
  • Easy recoil pull-start & Self-propelled: No need to push the lawn mower – all you need to do is steer
  • 6 adjustable cutting heights: Get the perfect finish on your lawn
  • 70L grass collector bag with mulching option: Minimises time spent emptying cuttings
  • The Lawnmower Petrol has foldable handles: Compact to transport and store in your shed or garage
  • Our petrol lawnmowers self propelled are covered by Hyundai 3 year platinum warranty for peace of mind
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From the manufacturer


Tool Free Assembly

small lawns

6 cutting heights

Easy Starting

Durable Steel Deck

Our steel deck undergoes phosphating treatment and then powder coated to protect against rust and corrosion

Large Sized Lawns

A cutting width of 51cm it is ideal for Large size lawns and gardens.

6 Cutting Heights

The cutting height can easily be adjusted to six different heights between 25mm to 75mm by using the single height adjusting lever.

Easy Starting

The contactless ignition system means the engine is easy to start and the drive to the rear wheels is controlled from the rear mounted handle control. All wheels use twin sealed bearings for long life and low resistance.




Compact Design

70L Grass Collector

A large 70 Litre grass collector features a high airflow plastic top with a level indicator to ensure maximum grass pickup and can be easily emptied.

Mulching Option

Use the supplied mulching plug to give your lawn a nutritious feed with the cuttings – less time spent emptying the grass collector and better for the environments too.

Ultimate Safety

Built with safety in mind the HYM510SP comes with OPC (Operator Presence Control) technology, ensuring that the engine will not run if you let go of the handle.

Compact Design For Storage

For ease of storing, the lawnmower handles can fold down, making storage compact, ideal for the garage, garden shed or transporting within a vehicle.


Hedgehog Aware

Hyundai Power Products Supports HEDGEHOGAWARE.ORG.UK

  • Check long grassy areas for hedgehogs (and other wildlife) before strimming or mowing.
  • Stop using pesticides and slug pellets in the garden. This can be fatal for hedgehogs.
  • Check ponds in the garden has an escape route for hedgehogs such as a sloping ramp.
  • Keep netting to a minimum in the garden, make sure it’s neat and tidy with about one for clearance from the ground.

Additional information

Weight 38.7 kg
Dimensions 550 × 110 cm
Part Number


Product Dimensions

‎154 x 550 x 110 cm; 38.7 Kilograms

Item model number







‎4 Stroke Self Propelled Lawn Mower


‎Steel, Alloy , Plastic



Power Source

‎Petrol Powered


‎3.6 KW

Item Package Quantity


Number Of Pieces


Sound level

‎98 dB

Measurement System



‎Landscaping, Gardening, Outside

Included Components

‎1 x Petrol Lawnmower, 70L Hard top Polyester Grass Bag, Mulching Plug, Assembly Tools and User Manual.

Batteries included?


Batteries Required?


Item Weight

‎38.7 kg



Delivery information:
Date First Available

21 Feb. 2018



10 reviews for Hyundai 196cc Petrol Lawnmower, 20″ 51cm 4 Stroke, Self Propelled Petrol Mower, Easy Starting with Six Cutting Heights, 70L

  1. Mainia

    Excellent mowerHave used this for a couple of months now….its more maneuverable than my old smaller mower, feels smoother and quieter. Absolutely LOVE the mulching function. You literally don’t have any grass to throw away and as long as you cut every week, you don’t get any signs on the ground that the grass is all put back into the ground. And my lawn is fed weekly, automatically! Brilliant. Only 3 gripes/improvements:1. The instructions don’t make clear how much oil you need to put in at all. It has a dipstick, and I used this to check the level but as anyone knows – dipsticks are NOT accurate. Also, thankfully the second time I used the mower, I checked the level and it had gone to zero although last time it was full, I had to put more oil in, and same thing happened next time…. anyway, I have ended up putting in the whole bottle supplied. If the instructions had just stated that …I would have poured in the whole 600ml bottle supplied my life would have been better and SAFER.2. the small holder for the recoil cable can end up pointing the wrong way (this would snag/break the recoil cable). It took a lot of effort from me to ensure the hole is parallel to the bars, and for a consumer product – this ought to be simpler3. Attaching the handle cables is not that hard but also not at all straightforward. I could imagine lots of people getting it wrong which would cause major issues.None of the above mentioned are issues for mechanics, specialists or engineering brains like me, but it would be an issue for the average consumer…and an error in any of them could have major consequences – that render the mower junk. I can see one reviewer who broke the recoil chord, there are others whose only worked once – can probably be attributed to the above points. So if you are buying this mower – please do. It is excellent, but be careful with the points above.If you are the Hyundai seller of this mower, then please get a novice to set this up with the instructions, from boxed, and then you might be able to add in some information to the box to ensure there are fewer problems.

  2. Monty

    Hyundai self drive lawnmower 51cm cut, 196cc powerThe mower arrived on time and was very well packed. Really needs two to remove from carton as it is a big and heavy machine. Assembly is easy and had it on its wheels in no time. Added fuel and oil and it fired up first pull of the cord. Quieter than my old Hayter so that is a bonus. Two things worthy of mention are the assembly attachments need spring washers as the threads on the bolts/nuts are quite loose fitting. In addition I used some thread lock to make sure that the nuts don’t loosen with use. Another comment I would make is the handbook suggests that the drive cable can be adjusted via an adjustment link on the cable but there is none. I contacted Hyundai seller and received a very quick reply informing me that adjustment is now done automatically at the gearbox via a spring mechanism which was what I suspected from examination. Good quick response re this query so that itself is a bonus.I used the mower for the first time a few days ago and it starts well and the self drive is fairly slow although I suspect it will take a few times using before I fully get to grips and remember to use the drive mechanism rather than just push. it’s no more difficult ult in the awkward places in my garden than by old mower and the only thing I will probably miss is the lack of stripes which my old roller mower left. but that is not much of a complaint in real terms as the grass is still cut well.

  3. SAFC.

    Great value machine and perfect for large lawns.I needed a new mower after my old one finally gave up the ghost. I borrowed my neighbours expensive new Honda lawn mower but found it didnt have the power to go up the slope in my front garden. It was also very heavy and didnt maneuver very well. I did some research and opted for the Hyundai. I watched the you tube provided on line regarding assembly which was idiot proof and then waited for it to be delivered. I had also ordered a large bottle of four stroke oil for the mower from Amazon but found when my mower came the oil was included. The mower was straightforward to put together and the instructions self explanatory. With having a large 70lt grass box I could cut much quicker than before. The machine is very quiet for its engine size and had no trouble on the front lawns slope. I went to register the mower straightaway as there is a three year warranty and found all I had to do was record when and from whom I purchased it. I was very impressed by the machine and hopefully it will provide me with years of service. This lawnmower seems very good value for money and given I have two large lawns it made light work of them. I would definitely recommend this mower.

  4. Phoebe

    Leave wheel mark on the grassNot sure if it is a faulty product or it is just too heavy. It leaves the wheel mark wherever it goess. After cutting the grass, my garden has so many ugly wheel lines, the grass is down and the soil revealed on those lines. The lines do not go away until the grass is much taller, and that is also time to cut it again and get new marks.

  5. Stewart T

    Good but neglectful initial Main Dealer Customer Service(April 2022). Update 3 years on. 3 to 4 stars. Starts every time and with a bit of care I will get many years out of this. The supplier did get its act together and we agreed they would send a new carburettor which is not a biggie to swap out and tune (thanks Youtube). The engine is the star of the show as the rest of it is a bit on the thin metal and plastic side but at a third or less of the price of something by Honda that is a caveat I am prepared to accept.I would not buy it if other people were going to use it (say for a garden maintenance company).(Sept 2019). Great product for the price (£240). 10 years plus life in it if you take care I’d guess. My one developed a carburettor problem after maybe six hours work. Having done a few tests as requested, it has to go back to Genpower (presumably the main dealer for UK). After a prompt e-mail (“Your enquiry is very important to us and will be allocated to a dedicated team member as soon as possible.”),NOTHING else for seven days.I think that is not very good simply to organise an RTB. In fact out of frustration and the growing jungle that used to be my lawn I stripped down the unit and discovered a clogged fuel jet. YT is very good if you plug in the name of the carburettor manufacturer. Some good strip downs and advice. Will happily up the star rating if Genpower can demonstrate that they actually take customer service seriously.

  6. Rockabillyqueen

    Very heavy, great for a large gardenThe mower was very easy to assemble and started very easily on the first pull. We bought this in advance of moving house to a property with a very large garden where I’m sure it will be highly suitable. Not suitable for a smaller garden as I find it very hard to manoeuvre and turn corners.In summary- superb for a large garden but too heavy to manoeuvre around a smaller garden. Great value and very solidly built.After writing the above I went and bought a small Flymo to use until we move. After several weeks sitting idle the mower again started on the first pull when I just thought that I had better turn the engine over as it’s not been used since I got it. Even more happy with it now, looking forward to getting to use it when we move.

  7. Amazon Customer

    How to buy Hyundai lawn mower parts in the UKHad the mower for over two years. The recoil starter broke. Engaged in a non productive search that resulted in buying an inappropriate spare. Contacted Hyundai Products UK as a last resort. Got on their chat line and established that they do sell parts. Redirected to the correct people and ordered the right spare part. Now got the part and the mower is working.Hyundai now need to set up a spares web site ASAP. I expect to be able to find the appropriate product with an associated schematic that allows me to drill down to the part and part number. The part number is essential to ordering the right part. Hyundai need to sharpen up the whole process, I am yet to receive an order email confirmation. A lengthy but ultimately rewarding (knowledgeable people told me getting Hyundai spares is impossible) process.

  8. N Hinchliffe

    Great mower, great performance.First impressions – this is a very well designed mower which performs much better than my previous mower from a well known lawn-care brand.The mower arrived very well packaged with a bottle of oil included. Assembly was simple and amounted to nothing more than the handle, cables and grass box, which was completed in minutes without the need for any tools. No complaints about build quality either.The engine runs smoothly and relatively quietly for a big mower. The mower was very easy to use and cut the lawns beautifully.The best bit for me was the performance of the grass box. It collected every little blade of cut grass which is something my previous mower was poor at. The large box meant far fewer emptyings and the great little box-full indicator worked perfectly meaning I didn’t have to keep stopping to check if the box was full.I loved the hose connection to wash the underneath of the deck which took about 10 seconds.My only small gripe is that the owners manual could be better. It doesn’t read in any sort of chronological order with the assembly instructions coming half-way through and no mention of the hose-wash feature or how to use it. At the end of assembly I was left with two plastic lugs which again had not been mentioned. I think they are to put in place to hold the rear flap slightly open when using the rear-discharge option but still not sure.However I’m not going to let the owners manual detract from what is a well designed and great performing mower, hence the 5 star rating.I decided not to pay extra for the push-button start, which is no problem for me as the engine starts effortlessly first pull, making this a great mower for a bargain price. Highly recommended.

  9. Jason

    Excellent mowerLooks good as well as being sturdy and heavy duty. Does a fantastic mow and great to have the clips at the back to enable clippings to come out the back which so many mowers don’t have and then gets blocked. Excellent machine.

  10. Gary Davies


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