Hi-Spec 27 Piece Pink 4.8V Electric Cordless Power Screwdriver Set




  • MAKES SCREWDRIVING NOT BORING: Add a splash of colour with the Hi-Spec Pink 4.8V Electric Cordless Power Screwdriver. Whether at home or in the office, its lightweight and comfy grip makes undoing screws fast and easy, assembling flat pack furniture rapid, and tightening loose fixtures and fittings a breeze. NB. Not suited for drilling usage
  • SIMPLE & USEFUL: Just swap out the different driver bits at the chuck head, securely held by a small built-in magnet, to match whatever screw needs to be turned. Press the large trigger control, with forward and reverse directions, for both quick tightening and loosening. Turn on the front LED light to brighten up dark or covered working positions
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: A handy top-button lights a row of LEDs showing the current battery level. The battery’s 600mAh NiMh capacity is charged in 3-5 hours with the included wall mains charger. This powers a single speed of 180rpm and 2Nm of turning torque matching everyday screwdriving tasks
  • HANDHELD CONVENIENCE: Control is easy with no long power leads to tangle up and a comfortable weight of 322g / 0.7lb. It’s compact size fits snugly in the palm and housed in a lightweight plastic shell with a black soft-feel grip for comfort. A useful handle strap allows convenient hanging and storage
  • BITS ACCESSORY SET: Complete with the most commonly found home and office screwdriver bit sizes and types, made from hard-wearing and rust-resistant Cr-V steel alloy: Slot/Flat, Phillips, Hex/Allen, Pozidriv, and Torx. Also included are two mild steel bits for cleaning out shallow holes in soft woods and plastics

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Hi-Spec 4.8V Electric Cordless Power Screwdriver Set. Rechargeable Battery Screwdriving with 23 Popular Driver Bit Sizes for The Home & Office

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Its lively pink colour adds a touch of fun to electric powered screw-driving and fastening in repairs, fixing and maintenance repair around the home. Its lightweight and ease of use is for easy tightening and loosening of various screws and fasteners making this a practical time saving addition to any home. Includes the most commonly found screwdriver bit sizes and types to make sure you stay prepared for any home maintenance task!

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