Gunpla Tap and Die Set 40 Pieces Tungsten Alloy Steel Metric Tap and Die Kit Combination for Cutting External and Internal

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  • DURABLE TUNGSTEN ALLOY STEEL: Gunpla tap and die set is made of hardened tungsten alloy steel tools. These heat treated taps and dies with accessories are manufactured to be very hard, with high strength and enhanced durability to be used for several years without replacement
  • CLEAN THREAD AND TAP CUTS: With these metric tap and dies set, easily use the taps to cut a thread inside a hole or form female portions of the mating tools like nuts. The heavy duty dies will cut or form male portion like bolts. Our tap and dies metric set is designed to help perfectly cut new or repair damaged internal and external threads
  • WIDE APPLICATION TAPS AND DIES: These high quality taps and dies can thread any metal with efficient results. Strong metals which can be tapped or thread include as aluminium, brass, carbon alloy steel, cast iron, and bronze. These hardened threading set are relatively easy to use, providing less fatigue and has a high resistance to corrosion and wear
  • SET INCLUDES: This threading and taps set includes 16 metric taps; M3x0.5, 3×0.6, 4×0.7, 4×0.75, 5×0.8, 5×0.9, 6×0.75 6×1.0, 7×0.75, 7×1.0, 8×1.0, 8×1.25, 10×1.25, 10×1.5, 12×1.5, 12×1.75 and 16 metric dies; M3x0.5, 3×0.6, 4×0.7, 4×0.75, 5×0.8, 5×0.9, 6×0.75 6×1.0, 7×0.75, 7×1.0, 8×1.0, 8×1.25, 10×1.25, 10×1.5, 12×1.5, 12×1.75. A slotted screwdriver, a screw pitch gauge, a T-handle, a die holder and a tap wrench were added to complete the set and help make your tasks more convenient
  • STORAGE AND ACCESSORIES: Our 40 pieces tungsten steel taps and dies set comes in a perfectly designed sturdy storage case that has its inner part molded to fit each piece and keep safely
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Product Description

Gunpla is an established world manufacturer and supplier of hand tools and home improvement products. Our engineers always strive to provide the most complete, durable and high quality tools to help in your daily projects. Our target is to provide well-designed and cost-effective tools to customers all over the world. Make Gunpla Tools be part of your life.


Ultimate Tap and Die Set

Easily thread virgin material or repair any damaged thread with Gunpla tap and die full set. We offer a complete set to ensure you have the opportunity to produce maximum quality work with less effort. Our taps and dies can be used on new threads, with a highly reduced rate of wear and tear or breakage occurrence. These tools are perfectly finished to increase their cutting efficiency, life and they are widely applicable.


16 Sizes Metric Taps

  • M3x0.5, 3×0.6, 4×0.7, 4×0.75, 5×0.8, 5×0.9, 6×0.75 6×1.0, 7×0.75, 7×1.0, 8×1.0, 8×1.25, 10×1.25, 10×1.5, 12×1.5, 12×1.75
  • Designed with high quality, strong and hard tungsten alloy steel for utmost performance during all the projects or jobs engaged in.
  • Use these taps to start the thread in a blind hole, to be finished by another tap or used to cut threads through a hole. When you only need to cut threads to the bottom, they can always serve perfectly as well.


16 Metric Threading Dies

  • M3x0.5, 3×0.6, 4×0.7, 4×0.75, 5×0.8, 5×0.9, 6×0.75 6×1.0, 7×0.75, 7×1.0, 8×1.0, 8×1.25, 10×1.25, 10×1.5, 12×1.5, 12×1.75
  • Gunpla round dies are made to easily fit in a T-handle and applied efficiently on the chosen material. Dies are most often employed for the cutting of threads and sometimes also used as a chaser to repair existing threads.
  • Our hand threading dies are round, the most common and convenient thread dies that help in performing quality work.


Multipurpose Accompanying Tools

  • The tap wrench is ideal to use in conjunction with a tap, generally as a drill to create internal or female threads in blocks or metal sheets.
  • Gunpla die holder or stock is used in conjunction with a die to create external or male threads, often used on plain rods.
  • Our durable screw pitch gauge that will help in quickly and accurately determining the pitch or lead of a screw thread.
  • This slotted screwdriver, a long standard hand-tool with flat bladed tip used to turn, fasten and/or loosen screws and bolts.
  • We added a T-handle tap wrench to the set to work with taps, reamers and extractors.


Molded Blow Case

The tool set comes in a strongly and beautifully molded blow case that accomodates each tool, having a perfectly molded space for storage. Carry it with the handle to any work place or project.

Additional information

Weight 1.34 kg
Dimensions 20 × 4.2 cm
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Package Dimensions

‎32.5 x 20 x 4.2 cm; 1.34 Kilograms

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‎40 Pcs

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Item Weight

‎1.34 kg



Date First Available

29 Nov. 2016



10 reviews for Gunpla Tap and Die Set 40 Pieces Tungsten Alloy Steel Metric Tap and Die Kit Combination for Cutting External and Internal

  1. Peter

    Good to have a complete set in a box. Just minor niggles.I probably didn’t need a set as full as this with options for coarse and fine threads as well but the smaller partial sets often don’t come in a case which can be a pit of pain. Have only used one of the taps so far with no problems.Just a couple of minor niggles – the size markings on a couple of the smaller taps are very faint and difficult to read. Also, the housing cutouts in the box are oversized and don’t have a ‘click in’ action that you might find in a screwdriver set case. Because of this the smaller taps tend to fall out of their slots and if you carry the box around the contents will need a bit of sorting out when you open it. To combat this I glued a bit of plastic foam into the inside of the lid to hold everything in place.

  2. Handy

    Handy setHandy set at a good price do the job that’s all you want at the end of the day

  3. Ade

    THREADERGood bit a kit, but don’t think it will thread very much in the future, so may not last for ever, but at this price I wouldn’t expect it too. Did what I needed it for, but if ya doing this alot, then maybe invest in a better built set.

  4. robhem

    Good valueI’ve re-threaded some damaged components with this tap and die set with good results. The taps and dies were sharp, precise and good quality. The tap and dies holders are fairly poor quality, but sufficient for occasional use. Overall, I’m happy with the set as it was good value for the price paid. It will be useful to have in my home workshop for occasional use. It’s not professional quality, but that’s to be expected at this price point. Having said that, it has done a good job on the two occasions I’ve needed to use it.

  5. Mr Peter Kitchingman

    Fine apart from the die and tap wrenches.The set arrived promptly and in good order.The taps and dies are as I had hoped, but the wrenches are not as good as they might be. The handles are too short when trying to cut threads greater than M4, the effort need to turn the dies in particular for an M8 thread was a lot greater than I would expect. In addition, the ends of the handles have been knurled and have quite a rough finish. After I had cut a centimetre or so of thread my hands were very sore and I ended up having to wear a pair of strong gardening gloves.So basically, good taps and dies, pity about the wrenches. Hence my 3 stars rather than the full 5 I would have awarded them otherwise.

  6. Alan Routley

    Great addition to the too boxGreat addition to the tool box

  7. N. Cartwright

    Good for the MoneyFor the money I thought it was pretty good really, obviously if you’re cutting threads for a living you’d pay a bit more.I needed to shorten a tube that held up a chandelier and wasn’t sure what size thread it was.So looked for a cheapish Tap and Die kit with all the sizes around 10mm.This kit had what I needed and saved me from having to buy new light fittings.My only criticism would be that the Tap and Die Wrenches are a bit small so you would struggle to turn them with the bigger Taps and Dies.A Chuck type Tap holder is supplied for the very small Tap sizes but it doesn’t go small enough to grip the smallest Taps in the set.For me it’s paid for itself already.

  8. Jegor v.

    not badin not dissapointed

  9. Charlie

    Ok for for occasional useNot the best quality but for the price they were ideal

  10. Dominic Griffith

    Does the job.Needed a tap to put a thread in to fix a table. Gauge for thread worked perfectly as did the tap. Worked first time and the foot screws in and out freely.Exactly as described, feels like quality kit, worked perfectly.

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