Gunpla 11 Pieces VDE Insulated Screwdriver Set, 1000V with Black Tip Magnetic, TPR Handle Electrician Soft-Grip Slotted Phillips

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Brand Gunpla
Number of items 11
Head style Phillips and Slotted
Material Chrome Vanadium Steel, Plastic

  • HEAVY DUTY VDE SCREWDRIVER SET: Gunpla versatile screwdrivers are made of high quality hardened tempered chrome vanadium steel for unlimited time use and enhanced durability. Our screwdriver tools are perfect for most projects requiring screw driving tasks
  • VDE INSULATED WITH MAGNETIC TIPS: Well constructed high standard VDE screwdriver insulated to ensure they are safe to use when working with electricity, up to 1000 volts. The screwdriver enforced tips of these precision screwdrivers are made magnetic to ensure your tasks are done with no worries. The tips naturally hold on screws when needed and make them easy to lift at any time or moment
  • TPR HANDLE GRIPS: These repairing screwdrivers feature TPR handle grips that are engineered for comfortable prolonged and ergonomic time use without feeling any fatigue or pain. These are nonslip and highly convenient tools
  • MOST USED SIZES WITH SAFETY TESTER: These screwdriver repair tool kit is multipurpose and includes 10 different sizes for our convenience; SL3 x 75mm, SL4 x 100mm, SL5.5 x 125mm, SL6.5 x 150mm, PH0 x 60mm, PH1 x 80mm, PH2 x 100mm, PZ0 x 60mm, PZ1 x 80mm, PZ2 x 100mm and 1 Tester measuring 139mm for your electrical projects. Our durable screwdrivers are the ideal tools for electronics, computer, or RC car, drone repairs and other small or big size projects
  • WIDE APPLICATION: The set of screwdrivers is perfect for all tasks, as precision equipment, PC repair, assembly and disassembly of hard drives from or other electronic equipment, video game consoles, cleaning and decomposition SSD and even laptops
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Product Description

Gunpla is an established world manufacturer and supplier of hand tools and home improvement products. Our engineers always strive to provide the most complete, durable and high quality tools to help in your daily projects. Our target is to provide well-designed and cost-effective tools to customers all over the world. Make Gunpla Tools be part of your life.


Up to 1000v VDE Tested and Approved

Wishing to make provide you the perfect working tools, our research and development team has had sleepless nights to propose these up to 1006v insulated screwdrivers for your day to day projects. Use Gunpla insulated screwdrivers in all situations




Magnetic Black Tip

Gunpla electrician’s VDE insulated screwdrivers are magnetized. The magnetic feature eases the process of lining up the screwdriver tip with the head of the screw. It also helps in preventing the electrician from dropping a screw should the driver lose contact with the screw. Rather than simply falling, the screw will easily be secured to the tip of the screwdriver, whether the pressure is being placed upon it or not.

Insulated and Ergonomic Handle Grip

Engineered with a well mounted insulated and ergonomic. These screwdrivers ensures you work without fear.

These screwdrivers are made with very comfortable TPR handles that conveniently stick to your hands, and can be employed for hours without feeling any pain or fatigue

Securing Tester

Use the accompanying safety tester to examine any cable or electrical equipment before engaging into any activity on it. Gunpla has ensured the set is complete before providing it so as to always be with any worker, on any set or project




Pozidriv Magnetic Head

Our Pozidriv VDE screwdrivers are built to support high voltage, with parallel flanks and a blunt tip to ensure there is no cam-out during use

Phillips Magnetic Head

The Phillips insulated screwdrivers are made with slightly tapered flanks, pointed tips and rounded corners. They also support high electricity voltage. These screwdrivers are self-centering, as such, they can take more torque without slipping

Slotted Magnetic Head

Perfectly designed to fit into screws with flat or slot impression. Gunpla flat magnetic 1000v screwdrivers does not let slip any screw


1000 Volts Magnetic VDE Insulated Screwdrivers

To protect technicians who work on all kinds of electrical equipment, Gunpla engineers designed these high quality VDE screwdriver insulated hand tools to serve as the perfect standard precaution. Using screwdrivers that are insulated will not only protect you, but will also protect the machine, since an electrical discharge could potentially destroy the equipment. Even the discharge of static electricity can ruin sensitive equipment, so an insulated screwdriver is an essential tool when engaging in these kind of tasks. Crafted with an insulated dielectric substance separating the handle from the tip of the screwdriver, this resistant material does not conduct electricity to the worker’s hand. Anyone working with electricity should use Gunpla insulated VDE 1000 volt screwdriver tool, as a standard security measure.

Additional information

Weight 630 kg
Dimensions 24.6 × 3.9 cm
Package Dimensions

‎27.4 x 24.6 x 3.9 cm; 630 Grams


‎Chrome Vanadium Steel, Plastic

Head Style

‎Phillips and Slotted

Special Features


Batteries included?


Batteries Required?


Item Weight

‎630 g



Date First Available

15 Nov. 2019



10 reviews for Gunpla 11 Pieces VDE Insulated Screwdriver Set, 1000V with Black Tip Magnetic, TPR Handle Electrician Soft-Grip Slotted Phillips

  1. geo vale

    Good productUse thes a lot in the the house

  2. carl barker

    Fast deliveryThey ware cheapest I found and look good quantity

  3. C Carine

    Very satisfied!Perfectly working and Safe VDE screwdriversAs a young professional engineer and being accustomed to using mainly VDE insulated and certified screwdrivers, I will first be short and just say these ones are among my top five brands used. I have done the 1000v testing myself as a friend works where they have the machine to do so and it is exactly as said in the description, it reaches 1006v and based on that you are sure you have a huge gap for any mistake and you are perfectly safe. You can use it for any electrical equipment and they work fine.As a long time online buyer, I have always ordered my screwdrivers and other equipment online are there are some brands I can say trust already and I am always sure they will ship the perfect item to me. Need to say it is my first experience with a product from this brand and I have gone through some of their products to make sure they have good returns from customers globally. The first thing that impressed me when searching for the product was the price, I first thought it was too low for quality product. I was agreeably surprised when I received this set. They are solid vde screwdrivers and the set was intact. I really like the feel of the handles, they are very comfortable and can be used for long hours during the day. I talk with experience for sure.Sometimes you buy products on Amazon and you ask yourself if these sellers really make profit from their business. I have been using the safe tester and it is very reactive, telling you just at the moment and confirming the information needed. I also need to showcase the magnetic effect as it is really effective. You can hold a screw with it and move around without it falling off from the tips. The adherence is just perfect, but not sure you can actually run while holding one of them, which would be too much for a magnetic screwdriver. By the way the handles are insulated and nothing can pass through to reach your hand. I always feel safe when I use them and I have been using all of them for a while now without any problem. I think I will buy these as Christmas gift for my colleague and hope he might drop the old ones he has been using so far.

  4. Woody

    Great piecesGood to hold, durable, well worth the purchase

  5. V. Nolan

    Good productGood product

  6. Amazon Customer

    Good set regarding size and optionsLost its magnetism after15 mins of use – not very impressed

  7. Bharat Devji

    Nice to seeI have

  8. Dave Steer

    Disappointed and concernedThese screwdrivers are advertised as VDE screwdriversI am a professional electrician and only ever use VDE certified insulated screwdrivers. VDE means each screwdriver has been individualy been tested up to a voltage of 1000v. To be VDE certified it must carry the VDE stamp on each screwdriver. None of these screwdrivers carry such a stamp. I very much doubt these screwdrivers have had such a test and so are not certified and safe to use on live electrical equipment. The upshot is if during manufacture some metal got impregnated into the handle or a sub standard plastic has been used, these screwdrivers could give you a shock.The smallest screwdriver has already broken and the set does not give you a good range of sizes. It comes with 2 large pozidrive screwdrivers and 2 small pozidrive. Both these driver’s are identical. It would have been far better to give a better range of sizes and screw types. The flatheads only comprises of a largish medium and small. The medium screwdriver is too large to use on small terminals and the small screwdriver is too weak to be able to tighten a terminal to a suitable torque.It also does not include the test screwdriver shown in the photo. The fact that it’s not included is good as these screwdrivers are lethal and should be banned, but this still means the photo is deceptive.If you want to do a bit of DIY these are probably okay, but personally I would never use these on live electrics and speaking professionally these are poor quality.

  9. Paul travis

    Good for diy userOk set of screwdrivers but more for the diy enthusiast that a professional user. I found that the heads just weren’t up to the quality to use on a regular basis

  10. Daniel

    bad purchasenot magnetic, not insulated. depending on the shock, can be dangerous

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