Greenworks GD40BVK2X Cordless Leaf Blow Vac with Brushless Motor, 280km/h, 9.63m³/min, 45L Mulching Bag , Two of 40V 2Ah

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Brand Greenworks
Colour Green
Power Source Battery Powered
Voltage 40 Volts
Included Components 1 x Green Works GD40BV Blower/ Vacuum, Two Times(2x) G40B2 2.0ah Batteries & 1x G24C Charger. Instructions.
Weight 6.47 Kilograms
Material Plastic
Model name GD40BVK2X
Style Incl.Battery 2x2Ah+Charger

  • POWERFUL BLOWER & VACUUM WITH SHREDDER FAN – a strong fan, with a quiet low-vibration brushlress motor, blows a forceful jet of air to clear wet or dry garden waste or vacuum up leaves and shred them down so they’re a tenth of the size
  • COMES WITH TWO NEW GENERATION LITHIUM 40V 2Ah BATTERY – gives you one to run and one on charge and you can use these advanced lithium batteries in any Greenworks 40V tool to save money, cut waste and reduce storage space
  • SMOOTH, QUIET, BRUSHLESS MOTOR – engineered to reduce friction for more power, better results, quieter operation and longer life, with 6 speed settings for shifting stubborn debris and sweeping away leaves around delicate plants
  • EASY TO CHANGE FROM BLOW TO VACUUM – when you want to switch from blowing leaves to sucking them up, simply unclip the blower tube then lock the mulcher tube into place, for the finely mulched leaves to be collected in the bag ready for the compost heap
  • 3 YEAR GUARANTEE WITH 2 YEAR BATTERY WARRANTY – by Greenworks, a world leader in electric tools and battery technology, with a global reputation for smart design, high performance and outstanding customer service​
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Powerful blower & vacuum with shredder fan – A strong fan, with a quiet low-vibration brushless motor, blows a forceful jet of air to clear wet or dry garden waste or vacuum up leaves and shred them down so they’re a tenth of the size.


  • Powerful leaf blower and vacuum (includes 40V battery)
  • Brushless motor for longer run time
  • Blower fan easily blows away wet and dry garden waste
  • Vacuum with shredder fan mulches leaves to 1/10 of their size
  • Large 45l collection bag attachment
  • Tool-less change between blower and vacuum attachments
  • 6 speed settings for gentle sweeping or clearing dense and stubborn debris
  • Compact and lightweight at 4kg

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Advanced battery technology gives the same results as a mains corded leaf blower


Change from vacuum to blow without needing any tools


Designed to be used one-handed, it naturally sits at the right angle for maximum force

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Additional information

Weight 6.47 kg
Dimensions 35 × 50 cm
Part Number


Product Dimensions

‎30 x 35 x 50 cm; 6.47 Kilograms


‎2 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Item model number







‎Incl.Battery 2x2Ah+Charger





Power Source



‎40 Volts

Item Package Quantity


Number Of Pieces



‎114.95 mph

Measurement System


Included Components

‎1 x Green Works GD40BV Blower/ Vacuum, Two Times(2x) G40B2 2.0ah Batteries & 1x G24C Charger. Instructions.

Batteries included?


Batteries Required?


Battery Cell Type

‎Lithium Ion

Item Weight

‎6.47 kg



Delivery information:
Date First Available

22 Jan. 2016



10 reviews for Greenworks GD40BVK2X Cordless Leaf Blow Vac with Brushless Motor, 280km/h, 9.63m³/min, 45L Mulching Bag , Two of 40V 2Ah

  1. Brandon M.

    Good garden accessoryGood all round garden tool, the leaves are not shredded enough for my liking but overall very good.The battery drains quite quickly so may need to buy an additional battery.

  2. Ian from Blackwater

    Easy to use leaf sucker/blowerI purchased this to replace my plug in electric leaf sucker and blower, as i already had 3 green works batteries that i use in other tools, so i did not need to purchase one with this item, which made it cheaper to buy. Therefore i am fortunate enough to have another one to use when the battery runs down. The battery on nearly full suction power will last approximately 20 mins and then just dies without warning. An early warning beep or something would have been useful. Overall i am very impressed with this battery operated leaf blower, but this is mainly because i have extra batteries. If you were to only have the one, then it could be quite frustrating waiting for it to re-charge.

  3. RV

    Quite a few concerns, but great value with battery and chargerAfter purchasing a cordless lawnmower 2 years ago, I couldn’t wait to upgrade all the garden kit to cordless. It’s just way quicker, safer and convenient!I bought this on a black Friday offer, and considering it includes two batteries, it’s great value.Unpacking it, it is of fairly good quality plastic and was quite easy to assemble. There are masses of documents and an encyclopedia of a manual, if that’s your kind of thing.Unfortunately, both batteries were fully discharged so had to be charged. Both took approximately 50mins which is actually faster than the hour quoted.The batteries included were gen2 batteries. I was quite surprised to find they don’t have any holes for ventilation. Cells need to be kept cool for longevity, but who knows what greenworks are up to with this set? They didn’t feel hot after charging, so again, I was quite surprised by this.I took a gamble with this unit after reading other reviews about poor battery life, and I can report back that this is definetely the case. I was using the blower on setting 4, and after 5 minutes I was already down to 2 bars out of 4! By 7 minutes it was dead! If you want to experience range anxiety this is the tool to do it with!Surprisingly, the battery with no ventilation holes felt cool; must be witchcraft!? I put it on charge, and I got a solid red light (battery too hot to charge). I left it plugged in and proceeded to finish blowing the leaves with the second battery.Second battery was a little better than the first, lasting around 10mins, but this was probably due to me being more frugal with the speed and having mastered controls.Poor battery life aside, this blower is really impressive. At full pelt it is very powerful. It was able to blow wet leaves off the grass with no trouble. Even at setting 2, it was blowing leaves on a patio area. I’ve noticed that at higher speeds it tends to blow leaves in all directions, instead of in the direction you want. I found that setting 4 was OK for most activities.If you’ve ever used a blower or vac before, you will know how noisey these things are. This unit is completely different. It’s probably the brushless motor, but it is very quiet. Yes it does get loud at full pelt, but it has a pleasant tone.I didn’t try it as a vacuum, but instead used the mains one to suck up all the leaves, so can’t comment on its performance here. Going by the shockingly poor battery life, I will probably avoid using it for this activity anyway, because I doubt you would be able to get a decent run out of it.I can only image, but I think it would be a little tedious having to swap tubes over for either activity. Someone did mention leaving both tubes attached, so quite a good idea, but ultimately there are better mains units that do this at the flick of a switch.Speaking of other cons, the ergonomics of this unit is quite poor. You have to use a soft on/off button to turn it on and off. You can then adjust the speed by rotating the thumb wheel. The thumb wheel is actually easy to use, but I think a trigger would have been a better idea to conserve power. I’ve had a few instances where the soft button hasn’t worked, so will keep an eye of this and update. There is a second soft button for turbo mode, and annoyingly, this turns on everytime you switch the unit on. How stupid!Note that these buttons are upside down when using in vacuum mode. What a terrible compromise.All in all, cons aside, I’m relatively happy to keep this as a blower. Considering what was included for the price, two batteries, a charger and a blower/vac, its not too bad if you treat the blower as a freebie! I think 3 stars is fair score for the blower.I bought this to supplement the pole hedge trimmer and saw, and that thing is fantastic.Overall, if you can get this for the same price as two batts and a charger, go for it.

  4. Steve Nash

    OK, so here is an honest reviewHave to admit I already have two batteries so after reading reviews I felt confident.Suction can be set from OK to powerful.I only use this for sucking up leaf’s as I have a professional petrol blower and rather than change nozzles I find it easier to just use this for sucking.So batteries…yes this this drain batteries fast, I have a large garden and only just about get around before two batteries are drained.I found the suction is better than anything I have previously used so if set to half power the batteries last much longer and if needed I just press the power button to whack it up full for a bit.So batteries are the weak area unless you have a small garden but there are a few really good areas not mentioned by many.Leaf bag – In the past I ended up covered in dust but the bag that is supplied easily come off, but the clever thing is the air only comes out of one side so you can sling the bag over your shoulder without the worry of being covered in dust…its just nice not have to change cloths every time I use it.Should strap, I used to find these things heavy but this fits well and its much easier to use than others I have had as your shoulders take the weight.Access point – Previous leaf suckers I have had block up and trying to get a coat hanger or similar into the engine area to unblock it was hell. Well good news, this has never blocked up and even if it did its designed for easy access and if it ever blocked up then unblocking it would be no 10/10 for design, 6/10 for battery life (even if it does come with the power of a small nuclear power station)

  5. Herbie Green

    Leaf blows well, but pretty poor vacuum!Leaf blows well, but pretty poor vacuum! Started using this in anger, and after using the leaf blowing feature, which was good, tried the vacuum feature – pretty poor, and this was the main feature I bought this for, to vacuum leaves off gravel, long grass, flower beds and bound gravel surfaces rather than as a blower!

  6. Amazon Customer

    Good but battery life is limitedWe have a 100 foot garden. I used to have a blower / vac that was mains powered – heavy, the lead was a pain and the vacuum tube constantly blocked if you tried to pick up more than a few leaves at a time.The biggest plus with this is the lack of a cord. I can go anywhere with having to use an extension. The vacuum is great and can be controlled and the leaves shredded easily into the bag. The vacuum tube has not blocked once. Reasonably light to use as well but the bag gets heavy when approaching a third full. The downside is the battery life – on full vacuum, you’ve probably got 20 minutes of life in it. The recharge time isn’t long at less than an hour but I would recommend getting a second battery despite the expense.This is a good product and despite the battery issue, pleased I bought it and would recommend for smaller gardens.

  7. nikki

    Don’t bother with this blower/ VacumReceived this item.It was to heavy The charge only lasted for 5 minutes on first go on turbo .Blower power was week on normal ,had to use turbo power .I was very disappointed with this not worth the money.

  8. Mark Smith

    Dissapointed with battery life. Tiny buttons operateBought it for ease of use .no cable. But batt life short. 2 very small buttons to operate it . Why. Also found holding it in use rubbing speed control. Because handle odley placed .

  9. James Leslie Dufty

    Good but battery very expensiveOK if u have other products and batteries

  10. Amazon Customer

    Disappointed with the batteryOverall, not a bad product, but battery life pretty poor

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