Greenworks G40PSHK2 Cordless 2-in-1 Pole Saw and Pole Hedge Trimmer with Shoulder Strap, Pole Saw 20cm Bar, Trimmer 51cm Dual

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Brand Greenworks
Power Source Battery Powered
Colour Green
Item dimensions L x W x H 27.5 x 129 x 15.5 centimetres
Weight 16.54 Pounds

  • POLE SAW AND POLE HEDGE TRIMMER FOR LARGE GARDENS – 2-in-1 pole saw lets you easily switch between tools so you can cut, trim and prune hedges and trees with a long reach pole that gives you up to 2.4m reach
  • NEW GENERATION LITHIUM 40V 2Ah BATTERY – powered by an advanced battery that you can use in any Greenworks 40V tool
  • SPLIT SHAFT POLE SAW WITH AUTOMATIC OILER – with a 20cm long blade and 8m/s speed, this pole saw is perfect for cutting high branches, plus it has a convenient automatic oiler so you always have the right amount of oil for the job
  • SUPERIOR CUTTING WITH DUAL ACTION BLADES – both blades move together at the same time for cleaner, faster cuts than a single cutting blade
  • 3 YEAR GUARANTEE WITH 2 YEAR BATTERY WARRANTY – by Greenworks, a world leader in electric tools and battery technology, with a global reputation for smart design, high performance and outstanding customer service​


From the brand

From the manufacturer

Greenworks 40V Cordless Polesaw/Hedger Trimmer 2-in-1 - Battery and charger not included

Greenworks 40V Cordless Polesaw/Hedger Trimmer 2-in-1 - Battery and charger not included

G40PSHK2 Cordless 2-in-1 Pole Saw and Pole Hedge Trimmer with Shoulder Strap

Pole Saw 20cm Bar, Trimmer 51cm Dual Action Blades, 40V 2Ah Battery & Charger

POLE SAW AND POLE HEDGE TRIMMER FOR LARGE GARDENS – 2-in-1 pole saw lets you easily switch between tools so you can cut, trim and prune low hedges and high trees with a long pole that gives you up to 2.4m reach


  • Powerful 2-in-1 pole saw and hedge trimmer (includes 40V battery)
  • 51cm dual action trimmer blades cut branches up to 18mm thick
  • 20cm pole saw with fast 8m/s cutting speed
  • 3-piece split shaft extends up to 2.4m
  • Automatic oiler keeps chain well-lubricated for smooth cutting
  • Shoulder strap for comfortable handling
  • Compact and light with maximum weight of 3.64kg

Greenworks 40V Cordless Polesaw/Hedger Trimmer 2-in-1 - Battery and charger not included

Greenworks 40V Cordless Polesaw/Hedger Trimmer 2-in-1 - Battery and charger not included

Greenworks 40V Cordless Polesaw/Hedger Trimmer 2-in-1 - Battery and charger not included


Advanced battery technology gives the same results as a mains corded hedgetrimmer


Both blades perform at the same time for quick and efficient results


Trimmer head pivot lets you get to hard-to-reach places without strain

greenworks power your vision

Additional information

Weight 7.5 kg
Dimensions 129 × 15.5 cm
Part Number


Product Dimensions

‎27.5 x 129 x 15.5 cm; 7.5 Kilograms


‎1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Item model number



‎40 V




‎Incl.Battery 2Ah





Power Source



‎40 Volts

Item Package Quantity


Number Of Pieces


Blade length

‎18 Millimetres

Measurement System


Included Components

‎1 Pole saw, 1 Hedger, 1 Battery, 1 Charger

Batteries included?


Batteries Required?


Battery Cell Type

‎Lithium Ion

Item Weight

‎7.5 kg



Delivery information:
Date First Available

3 April 2017



10 reviews for Greenworks G40PSHK2 Cordless 2-in-1 Pole Saw and Pole Hedge Trimmer with Shoulder Strap, Pole Saw 20cm Bar, Trimmer 51cm Dual

  1. Georgie

    Its very powerful and the battery lasts ages!…OH and it SO MUCH FUN!I read other peoples reviews before buying and can make the following comments.Regarding the weight, it is quite heavy, BUT, given what it does and the extremely long pole option and the strap, the fact is that it needs to be a certain weight and also when actually using it, its not that apparent as it is very well balanced. It DOES give the old shoulders a bit of a work out, but bear in mind I have back hip and knee issues, yet I still managed. So yes its a bit weightier than you might like, but a fit strong healthy person should have no problem at all and an older, less able one can still manage it. I’m a 55yr old damaged (but determined!) female.As for the battery life. Well it seems pretty excellent to me. We don’t have a huge garden, but I trimmed and entire hedge that must have been 9-10ft high and 14-15ft deep in no time at all and across the top, then trimmed all the clematis and wisteria that was getting out of order over our house, looked around for something else to attack, because let us not forget this is excellent FUN! Sorted out a bush that had become a hedge and was itching for more.It was the clearing up that took the most time and then the fact I had to find bin space for all of this that stopped me before I was finished amusing myself, oh yes and a pennywort that had gone crazy in the back garden was used for initial practice, it is no more, but was earmarked for removal.After all that, the battery indicated 75% still left, it was hardly used at all!I had to wait to test the chainsaw, as indicated by other purchasers, it does NOT come with oil and it was advised by those of you in the know that this was NECESSARY and that it had to be a proper high grade CHAINSAW OIL. I took the advice and ordered some and it took a bit longer to come than expected, so I was delayed on that.So yes, the POLE SAW or CHAIN SAW, it needs its oil, the machine is very good at keeping the chain oiled and after a relatively short time, I noticed, as also advised by other reviewers that the chain had become a bit slack as it stretched out from new. As I had checked in the manual knowing this was going to happen I knew what to do, there was a small screw that you turned to tighten it and that worked as promised and the chain was tight again.Well its great fun to use, it goes through most things like a hot knife through butter. Sure you need its big brothers to take down a tree, but for branches and offcuts on trees and thick hedges it makes easy work of things I have previously spent much time and physical effort doing by hand and suffered for afterwards by using hand saws or croppers.Its not ideal with lots of small springy branches, it will go through them but it helps if they are firm and still, if they spring about, well its more challenging, needless to say I did it anyway, but its really best on a good firm branch, it bites into it and chews its way through quickly and cleanly, you don’t have to push or use force it does that by itself.Again the pole cutter used very little battery, I cut down a small dead tree trunk and cut it onto manageable pieces, I took the umpteen huge seed heads off my very large cordyline tree, a bit of machinery overkill perhaps but the stems are too thick for ordinary cutters and too high for me to reach with any other tool, this was doddle over in the blink of an eye and comes crashing to earth and nearly hit me in the face… and oh yes WEAR EYE PROTECTION, its necessary!I have further offered to and have removed the dying parts of neighbours trees, and half an overgrown hedge by another neighbours garage, and all the hedge for another older resident, deal was I cut (FUN BIT!!) and they cleared up or got family members to help (BORING BIT!) So everyone was happy, I got to use my new toy and they all got their hedges trimmed and our little lane is starting to look very tidy!The tools never lost power, never dimmed in use, and were powerful and consistent, so I am thrilled.I am a tidy kinda gal, so I did take the tools inside and clean them down afterwards, the hedge trimmer you can only do so much, the pole cutter, well that does get a bit full of debris, so I took the blade out and cleared all the dirt away and cleared it up completely. It all went back together easily and I put it away.I did notice on one occasion when I put the pole saw away the remaining oil leaked out, I was aware of this complaint from another reviewer, so the second time I laid it out flat and was careful to check the cap and it seems OK, I think its coming out where the chain is oiled. Not a major issue, I suggest you put the oil in when you want it and be mindful it may dribble out, its not a huge amount, but annoying of you do not put down something in case it happens.Overall I am very impressed, nothing is better than CORDLESS, half of the work could not have been done with the average householders electric cables trailing up the lane and across the garden, and the more powerful ( if they are more powerful?) petrol is not everyone cup of tea. I additionally like the idea that if I want any more tools there is a huge selection to choose from at at reasonable cost as I only need the battery I have, which is the expensive part anyway!Well I hope that helps, I’m still picking the twigs and bits of leaf out of my Bra…but that’s a girl issue ( I assume?), I can thoroughly recommend one of these toys and can honestly say that’s the most fun I’ve had in ages…oops Hubby is raising an eyebrow about that, gotta go! 🙂

  2. D. Martin

    The trimmer head stopped working after a minute of useI have returned this item as faulty. The battery was charged. The trimmer head was attached and it worked fine under no load. As soon as it touched a few laurel branches it simply stopped trimming. I investigated as much as I could – pressing the trigger results in a single “knock” followed by a “click” but no movement of the trimmer blade.I changed to the chainsaw head and that worked fine. I didn’t use it to cut anything, just under no load. So it wasn’t a battery or connection issue. Just the trimmer head failed. Amazon said they could offer me a small goodwill gesture but it was the trimmer head I really wanted to use.The pole is suitably long. The strap harness works fine to balance it. The product appears quite lightweight compared to expectations. It being cordless is a big bonus over corded options. It just doesn’t work.I don’t think it is coincidence that the product description talks about – “customer misuse of the item can lead to customers asking for an upgraded trimmer blade replacement which will solve the issue” – this must be a known issue. Greenworks must be aware if they are putting that in the description. I wish I had paid more attention before purchase.Please be aware Amazon wanted me to take it to the Post Office to return and I had to fight to get them to send a Courier to collect. I’ve had enough hassle with this faulty product, I don’t want even more effort.This is not a 1 star review because the product has promise – I think I probably just got unlucky, but it has dented my confidence in the brand so much I didn’t want to take advantage of the 3 year warranty or a direct replacement like-for-like. I’ll try something else.

  3. John Wilson

    Heavy, but well built?Look, I feel you need to be the winner of the Worlds Strongest to be able to use this out the box! It’s heavy, but there again it doesn’t appear flimsy!With the 3 ‘poles’ connected I found it a struggle to control, even with the strap. However, you can move the strap mounting. I’m doing that to try and find the best point for the strap mounting to keep control , for me. I would recommend finding the best position for you, for the strap, its worth the little extra effort!If you don’t need the extension ‘poles’, my advice would be don’t use them.I bought a ‘shorter’ trimmer to trim a shorter hedge. (Wise move?)My trimming a taller hedge won’t pass the muster of the neatly trimmed hedge police! Heavy ‘poles’ and factory fitted strap position made the job difficult, although a lot quicker than a ladder and hand tools and I’ve finally reached bits I couldn’t before. Who really cares about the neatly trimmed hedge police anyway?Yep. You need chain saw oil! Saw the reviews and ordered at the same time. Unfortunately, I tried to fill the chain oil reservoir too quickly and it didn’t put any chain oil in the reservoir, just filled the top of the tank and overflowed. Had to ‘drain’ and then dribble the oil in. Had to put my reading glasses on to see the level on the chain saw reservoir change as the reservoir is almost as translucent as the chain saw oil. Have yet to find a way to turn the chain saw to trim the ‘stumps’ at the top of the hedge that the trimmer can’t deal with.I got the whole thing working pretty soon after getting it all out the box and charging the battery. (The fully charged battery allowed me to trim the smaller front hedge, about 25 x 3 x 8 ft, and the top of the larger back hedge, about 40 x 8 ft, on one battery charge and quickly. Nothing is too difficult to do and it does what it says it will do, both the trimmer and the chain saw, so far!Would I buy again? Why would I when I’ve already got one?

  4. mary tallett

    FaultyWe bought this as a warehouse deal thinking that it was only damaged packaging but it was actually faulty. A terminal was bent backwards nearthe battery. My husband was really needing this for his work and is fortunately very handy and was able to fix it. Quite disappointing that this was sold as new condition.

  5. Leslie Uttley

    Lightweight – for light domestic use only!I finally got my new toy out of the box today. First impressions were mixed. The plastic mouldings are thin and bendy. The chainsaw attachment is TINY. t is also not that light. However it all looked OK so I fired up the Hedge trimmer and set to work. 30 second later it was all over for the hedge trimmer. I bought this as a replacement for my mains trimmer and assumed it would be of similar quality. It quickly became clear this is NOT the case. If the hedge trimmer is asked to tackle anything other than hedge leaves and VERY thin twigs it will immediately jam. My hedge is hazel and some of the wood is relatively thick. Not a problem for my mains trimmer but well beyond the capabilities of this product. One of the blades deformed and jammed the trimmer attachment – I can already hear the manufacturer saying I did not use the trimmer as per the instructions so I guess I have to see if I can get it repaired. I turned to the tiny chainsaw. Forget any hopes of slashing gaily through your hedge with this – even moderately thin hazel requires each piece to be individually cut. In summary, if you have lightweight hedges and don’t want to cut too much wood this is probably just about OK. If you live in the real world this item is strictly limited and NOT to be confused with industrial-quality products.

  6. carl52

    Great bit of kitI don’t often write reviews but this bit of kit is worth it, it’s very good, it’s cut through big limbs on my old apple tree like butter and It cut off all the long 1nch thick shoots off those limbs and still going strong when I put the battery on charge.It’s cut through our very overgrown tree in the front garden this morning and as you can see, lots of limbs cut off and then paired down to more manageable lengths for when the wood chipping guy comes to munch it up and still life left in the battery.The only down side was I found it a bit awkward when I first got it but work with it you will find the best way to balance it for you, I personally found it best used without the neck harness and I’m nearly 70,The only down side was when using the hedge trimmer attachment after only the second time of using it, it jammed and I couldn’t get it free and the motor on that attachment started to smoke.Phoned the greenwoorks guys and, they apologised for the problem and said they would replace it and that they had, had design issues that they have addressed so it would be the new model, but it might take a couple of months due to supply issues because of covid this was in Oct, then just before Christmas I got a lovely Christmas present, a shiny new replacement.Haven’t used it yet but will be soon, so will let you know!But overall, great service, great bit of kit, saved me several hundreds in hiring a tree surgeon but I’m very aware that some would say I haven’t been safe working on a ladder, hey ho, I worked down the pits when we had them and all I can say is ‘ I took my time assessed the job in hand took all necessary precautionsfor falling debris and for my safty and any passing pedestrians just like when I had old mother Warwichshire hanging over my head,lol!Buy it, I don’t think you will be disappointed!

  7. C. J. Haworth

    Not that robustFor occasional use it’s probably good enough however after after some weeks of use the hedge trimmer blades started to jam fairly frequently. The tip of the trimmer has more flexibility between the blades and can twist allowing it to jam. The steel on the blades is already showing signs of wear even though it is cleaned and lubricated regularly. Probably the steel is not of a quality for lots of use.The fact that you can have it at two different lengths is helpful but can be a bit of a handful to alter unless you have a bench to rest it on. All the weight is on the cutting end and the imbalance can make it difficult to slot it together. It’s not overly expensive but I would not recommend it for heavy use.

  8. smileym

    Ideal for medium size garden jobsArrived next day and packed ok .Seems of sturdy construction and also comes with a harness so when using the extension you have the machine supported, as with other reviews is quite unbalanced and heavy when at its maximum extension.Both hedge trimmer and chainsaw attachments work as they should ,there design is not for massive branches but normal garden requirements when trimming and lopping trees hedges and the like.And for this they should do well ,battery life on a 2.0 40v is ok but you could buy other or bigger ah to extend use before charging is needed ,quick charger so about a hour from low ,battery has a button by the power indicator,so you can see what charge is left.Battery drains more when using chainsaw compared to hedge trimmer,but that of course because you are cutting into thicker branches.Would find gets quite heavy after fair use,but shoulder strap offers some assistance in weight bearing.Ergonomics a little out but this doesn’t detract from its abilities ,also more trailing electrical lead to trip over or cut through .Will be looking to getting another battery as just need that extra to complete all tasks when getting garden ready for winter cutting back etc.

  9. Martin

    Great until it failedWell, this set worked great for just over a year, we were very pleased with it. Unfortunately the hedge trimmer seemed to jam up but was completely stuck. I took the cover off hoping it was a simple fix, maybe needed some grease or unclogging if bits of twigs had got in. However, one of the two blades had actually snapped.I contacted Greenworks directly and was open and honest, I had opened the cover, and asked for support. Totally understand warranties tend to have clauses about opening things up, but was kinda hoping they would see that the problem was not of my making etc. But I just got a short and fairly blunt email that I had voided the warranty by opening the case and just forwarded to their spare parts department. The spare part for this is the best part of £50.Amazon customer support however have been brilliant, I cannot fault Amazon in any way – just wanted to share my experience of the product and the warranty.

  10. Flanks

    Should be great, but isn’tFirst of all this is not the first green works product I have bought so I have no issue with them as a company or the principles.The 40 v battery definitely delivers more power which you would want for this type of tool as opposed to the 20 volt battery lawn mower and handheld hedge trimmer which we already have in the house.The cutting power on a reasonably mature hedge with branches more than a centimetre thick was perfectly adequate. If you’re a home gardener like me with a tiny bit of patience this will definitely get the job done. As we have other green works items already it means that perching this gave us a second battery and two batteries is more than enough for any job which I want to get on with.Now to the negatives. As with previous green works items the ergonomics give a lot to be desired which makes prolonged use of their items quite physically demanding much more so than for other non-battery related gardening tools. In the case of this item, the strap which is provided to help support carrying the extended length is horribly misplaced. It means that there is no comfortable way to both hold the trigger and balance the pole. This means you’re using a lot more upper body strength than you would expect because normally we would hope that the strap would bear a great deal of the weight onto the shoulder making it a much more straightforward operation however this is not the case.I’m not returning it because it does do the job and as we use other greenworks products the changeover of the extra batteries between items also add some value. But I would not recommend that other people purchase this particular model because the ergonomics of it make it much more difficult to use than it should be.

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