Greenworks G40CS30IIK2 Cordless Chainsaw, 30cm Bar Length, 4.2m/s Chain Speed, 2.6kg, Auto-Oiler, 40V 2AH Battery & Charger, 3

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Brand Greenworks
Power Source Battery Powered
Weight 2740 Grams
Product dimensions 25L x 18W x 35H centimetres

  • POWERFUL, LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT 30cm CHAINSAW – weighing only 2.6kg with comfortable, ergonomic soft-grip handles and a 30cm blade that cuts logs and smaller trees effortlessly
  • NEW GENERATION LITHIUM 40V 2Ah BATTERY – powered by an advanced battery that you can use in any Greenworks 40V tool to save money, cut waste and reduce storage space
  • EFFICIENT, SAFER, SPEEDY CUTTING – a fast chain speed of 4.2m/s lets you make quick, clean cuts to slice through timber, and for safety a two-button safety feature prevents it from starting up accidentally
  • CHAIN IS EASY TO TENSION AND AUTOMATICALLY OILED – toolless chain adjustment means no fiddling about when you adjust the chain tension and the chain stays lubricated with an automatic oiling system that has a large 200ml translucent tank
  • 3 YEAR GUARANTEE WITH 2 YEAR BATTERY WARRANTY – by Greenworks, a world leader in electric tools and battery technology, with a global reputation for smart design, high performance and outstanding customer service​
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From the brand

From the manufacturer

GD40CS15K2X Cordless Chainsaw with Brushless Motor 35cm, 2Ah Batteries & Charger


G40CS30IIK2 Cordless Chainsaw

30cm Bar Length, 4.2m/s Chain Speed, 2.6kg, Auto-Oiler, 40V 2Ah Battery & Charger

Weighing only 2.6kg with comfortable, ergonomic soft-grip handles and a 30cm blade that cuts logs and smaller trees effortlessly


  • Powerful cordless chainsaw (includes 40V battery)
  • 30cm blade easily cuts through logs and small trees
  • Well-balanced with 4.2m/s chain speed for a quick and tidy finish
  • Automatic oiler keeps chain well-lubricated for efficient cutting
  • Convenient toolless chain adjustment
  • Two-button start-up for added safety
  • Compact and lightweight at 2.6kg





Advanced battery technology gives the same results as a mains corded chainsaw


Keeps your chain lubricated for every task


Stops the chainsaw from starting accidentally to help prevent injury

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Additional information

Weight 2.74 kg
Dimensions 18 × 35 cm
Part Number


Product Dimensions

‎25 x 18 x 35 cm; 2.74 Kilograms


‎1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Item model number



‎(New)Incl.Battery 2Ah

Power Source



‎40 Volts

Item Package Quantity


Measurement System


Included Components

‎1pc 40V Greenworks G40CS30II battery-powered chainsaw, 1pc instruction manual, 1pc 40V 2Ah battery, 1pc 40V Universal Charger

Batteries included?


Batteries Required?


Battery Cell Type

‎Lithium Ion

Item Weight

‎2.74 kg



Delivery information:
Date First Available

30 May 2022



10 reviews for Greenworks G40CS30IIK2 Cordless Chainsaw, 30cm Bar Length, 4.2m/s Chain Speed, 2.6kg, Auto-Oiler, 40V 2AH Battery & Charger, 3

  1. Kevin hawkes

    OkIt is what it is cuts OK but a bit slow

  2. Kev

    Great chainsaw.Lightweight chainsaw, and easy to use. Battery lasts about 35 minutes.

  3. Keithstopford

    Got this as a second at a very good priceGot this as a second no bar which was a shame but I had one from anther saw. Great little thing but no kick back lock. I’d only recommend to someone with strong wrists incase it did kick back

  4. Davebryn

    Surprisingly Good Battery Powered ChainsawThis is my first entry into the field of chainsaws. I wanted a chainsaw for some work around the garden including cutting up some laurel and bay tree braches and trucks that form part of a hedge. The diameter of the trucks ranged from 8 – 10 inches.I tend to do my research before purchasing items and I found the prospect of buying a petrol powered chainsaw, frankly daunting ! All that two stoke petrol mixing and sparks plugs….not for me. I thought I would give the product a go and it seemed a reasonable price. But…you have to add the 40V/2Ah Lithium Battery to the cost plus 40V Battery Charger. Oh and you need some chainsaw oil ! I was not deterred and went ahead with the purchase of all four.The chainsaw arrived and my first impression was that I had made a big mistake, this green plastic bit of kit looked like a toy ! More research on the internet showed that the chainsaw has an Oregon Chain, (like a small bicycle chain that is wrapped around something called a bar and does the cutting) and Oregon Bar. Oregon are makers of excellent cutting chains and bars and so my concerns subsided. Within a few days the battery and charger arrived and I set them up to charge.The charging time was about 3 hours which I thought was really quick. The chainsaw comes with instructions that are fairly easy to follow and in no time I found how to fill up the small sump with chainsaw oil. This is essential as it lubricates the cutting chain whilst it cuts through the wood.Please remember to use safety gloves, eye protection and make sure you have no loose clothing that can get in contact with the cutting chain. The instructions will tell you how to hold the chainsaw correctly. The power switch on the handle of the chainsaw incorporates a safety catch but the manufacturers advice is not to carry the tool with the battery locked in place until you get to the place where you are intending to work.Fitting the battery is a little fiddly but once you know how to do it it’s easy. I also used a work bench to hold the branches and trunks securely.I have to say I was very impressed with the Greenworks Chainsaw. It is very well balanced to hold and surprisingly powerful and I had no problem cutting trunks of 10 inches in diameter. My task took over two hours and throughout, the battery power was as strong when I finished as when I started. My advice is don’t get impatient with the cutting chain, don’t force it through the wood and it will perform superbly.One downside is the cutting chain. I understand that the cutting chain can wear out / break and need to be sharpened / replaced. There is some doubt in my mind as to where I can source new chains or get them sharpened. Apparently the Oregon chain used is not a standard North European version but Asian. My research continues but I am still very satisfied.The battery will fit into a range of other Greenworks garden products so maybe a telescopic hedge cutter next !

  5. Happy to be here!

    Ease of use.The media could not be loaded.

     Some reviews say about the instructions. I’ve seen better but if you can’t put it together then perhaps you shouldn’t be using it. Its definitely not a toy. It works. Would recommend it 👌.

  6. Robster

    Clean, portable chainsawNeeded a chainsaw that was portable and didn’t want to go down the petrol route.I use a mains electric chainsaw for my major log cutting but this one is great for breaking up pieces to transport home.Usual cuts are into about 25cm trunks so far. It bites well and makes steady progress on this type of thickness.No issues with kickback etc, but it’s a chainsaw though it may not feel like it…usual precautions advised.

  7. John Stedman

    A User-Friendly Chainsaw!!I have a couple of chainsaws – one is mains powered (which is of no help unless you’re within extension lead distance of a power point) and the other is the usual two stroke petrol engine variety. The latter is supposedly “quick start” but unless used regularly, quick start tends to be anything but – by the time you’ve found the petrol can, mixed the two stroke oil, and then can’t start the thing, life becomes more than frustrating. With some tree damage and a clear up needed as a result of the recent storms, I looked for an easier answer.This battery powered chainsaw caught my eye. Particularly the price – but of course you soon realise that you also have to factor in the cost of a 40v battery and charger. You will also need chain oil, but then you need that with any chain saw. By the time you have everything you need, you’ll find yourself in the upper price band of budget petrol powered chainsaws being at the thick end of £200.Construction of the tool is actually pretty solid, though it doesn’t initially inspire confidence being made in a particularly lively shade of lime green, as used in children’s toys. The battery (also green), is the size of a small brick and locks positively into both the charger (green again) and the chainsaw. With the battery inserted the chainsaw remains light and very easy to handle, and is nicely balanced in the hand. The safety and on/off switches are immediately to hand and feel right. Pour in a small amount of chain oil and you’re ready to go. The battery has state of charge lights to give you an idea of how much charge remains. Charge time is about an hour, the charger will stop automatically when fully charged, and as the battery is lithium based there is no memory effect.So, how does it perform? First job was to clear a recently fallen tree – maximum diameter about 12” (30.5cm) of very dense heavy wood. The cut was remarkably convincing and fast, particularly as the blade is only 13” long so a number of joined cuts are needed, with a dozen or so unseasoned logs resulting. I then lopped a 9” bough from an oak tree – no problem. I worked for another 20 minutes or so cleaning up the original tree and cutting small sections of around 3” diameter. By this time the initial battery charge was showing down to 25% remaining though, so although the saw was not showing signs of slowing down, the battery was put back on charge while I cleared the debris. By the time I had sorted the cut wood out, the battery was fully charged and ready for use again.The battery and charger are intended to form the hub from which to power various accessories, of which the saw is just one. The battery is the most expensive part of the concept, so there is certainly the temptation to add more accessories.However, to me the biggest advantage of this tool is its simple convenience and ease of use. With the charger screwed to my shed wall and plugged into an adjacent power point, the chainsaw itself sits on a hanging screw alongside and, with the battery charged, is ready for instant use. Rather like a cordless drill. No need to find fresh petrol, mix it with two stroke……… it is just so user friendly!My only reservation is that which I have with all cordless tools is whether the battery will be up to the job. At the price it should be, and first impressions are encouraging. Time will tell.Well that review was written three years ago and the saw is still going strong, as is the battery. Pretty pleased with that.

  8. Dr Trevor J Franklin

    EFFICIENT AND EASY TO USEAssembling this chainsaw was only possible by using a You tube video as the instruction manual is very poor. Once complete the saw works very well on logs up to 6″ thick. Easy to handle with good safety features. Be sure to check the oil frequently as it uses it rapidly

  9. notthedoctor

    Slight safety concern, but recommended.Although I’ve given 5stars for ease of use,lightweight and value (in sale) I have a bit of concern about its safety. It’s light weight and switch arrangement makes it easy/tempting to use with one hand. Something one should NOT do. Perhaps more of an issue is that the chain keeps running for a couple of seconds after powering off.The torque is less and chain speed is slower than other wired and petrol saws I’ve used so it cuts best with a light pressure – let the chain do the work. It still gets there. I recently felled three leylandii trees that were about 30cm across.With that all said it is incredibly easy to use and As long as you use it sensibly, I would not hesitate to recommend. Dropped a star due to the safety points.

  10. c a jacques

    Great toolWasn’t sure about this after reading mixed reviews but I already have the cordless lawn mower and strimmer which are the best things ones I’ve ever had! Anyway we recently had a log burner installed and this is ideal for average sized logs – I’d say up to about 6 inches?? We like to go forage in the local woods for fallen branches etc and this is perfect for the job! Battery has a good life and are all interchangable so I was able to buy saw only

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