Goldsea Cordless Electric Screwdriver Rechargeable




  • SIMPLE & PRACTICAL: Goldsea electric screwdrivers simply replace the different screwdriver bits on the collet, securely held by small built-in magnets to match any screw that needs to be turned. Press the big trigger to control, forward and reverse, fast tightening and loosening. The LED lights automatically illuminate when the screwdriver is activated to illuminate dark or covered work locations.
  • WHAT YOU GET: If you have any questions about the Electric Screwdriver, please feel free to contact us. Practical and simple, the Goldsea Electric Screwdriver is the perfect gift for family and friends who love DIY.
  • 1300mAh RECHARGEABLE LITHIUM BATTERY: The portable electric screwdriver has a built-in rechargeable 1300mAh Lithium battery for long battery life. USB charging, convenient and portable, the red light is on when charging, and the green light is on after charging. When charged, the electric screwdriver provides long-lasting power wirelessly.
  • ROTATING 90 DEGREES: The Goldsea electric screwdriver can be modified with one button, rotate 90 degrees, and move from the pistol position to the straight position, which can easily work in tight corners.
  • WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS: Our electric screwdrivers can be widely used for loading and unloading household appliances, loading and unloading toys, loading and unloading doors and windows, loading and unloading locks, drilling wooden boards, etc.

Technical Details

Product Description

electric screwdriver

Electric Screwdriver

Are you still confused about Home Improvement Jobs?

Choose the Goldsea 3.6V Folding Electric Screwdriver Set to give you a professional toolbox for home maintenance tasks!

A practical electric screwdriver for everyday life!

Goldsea screwdrivers are especially handy and designed for routine maintenance items. This screwdriver is the perfect auxiliary tool for various screwing operations at home, and it is highly maneuverable and flexible. Two modes make the electric screwdriver great for assembly work in corners or other spaces.

cordless screwdriver

Electric Screwdriver 3.6V, Goldsea Cordless Screwdriver Rechargeable and Rotatable 90 Degrees Cordless Electric Screwdriver Set with Rechargeable Battery Built-in LED for Home DIY


Goldsea TOOL

Model: TY002

Voltage: 3.6V

Battery Capacity: 1300mAh

No-Load Speed: 200-220rpm

Electric Torque: 3Nm

Collet Size: 1/4″(6.35mm)

LED Light

LR Exchange

90° Rota-Tion Handle

USB Charging Cable

45 Tool Fittngs

electric screwdriver

They are perfect for your home renovation work. It can be used in many ways on wood, tile, glass and many other types of materials.

The design of the wireless switch and controller makes it easy to use and allows the user to quickly attach or remove the screws.

Product Usage: Loading/Unloading Home Appliances, Loading/Unloading Toys, Loading/Unloading Doors and Windows, Loading/Unloading Locks, Drilling Holes for Wooden Boards.

electric screwdrivers cordless

The electric screwdriver is multi-purpose and can be modified with one key.

It can be rotated 90 degrees and has two modes, straight and gun, and has a wide range of applications to meet the needs of your daily home maintenance tasks.

electric screwdriver

Built-in LED light

When using an electric screwdriver, the indicator light will automatically turn on. You can also work in dimly lit environments.


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