GOLD-TEC SDS Plus Drill 1500W Hammer/Chisel/Rotary/Tile Remover/Concrete Breaker



  • Great DIYer 1500w SDS Power Tool!
  • 3 functions: Drill /Hammer drill/Hammer chisel Action
  • Free starter bits included greased and ready to go!
  • Spare carbon bushes included!
  • Comfortable grip with safe variable speed on start up!
  • Concrete: 32mm; metal 13mm

Technical Details

Product description

Great DIYer tool to do those harder jobs the professionals to. With the SDS Plus hammer action you can do jobs like remove stubborn tiles without breaking sweat. The hammer action without rotation can remove tiles or dig out a chase for running cables and pipes or installing sockets. The SDS hammer action with rotation gives you the extra oomph you need for drilling concrete for inserting plugs. The variable speed means you won’t be taken by surprise and get a nasty kick when you start the drill


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