Ginour Mini Circular Saw 750W 3600RPM with 6 Blades





Ginour, one of the emerging development tool brands in international market, We are a professional tool team focused on Research and Development, Design, Production and Sales. Our product involves, Home Decoration, DIY Design, Industrialization, Professional Tools etc. With a commitment to provide All-aspect and High-quality service for the general customer. Ginour offers you a DIY experience of safety and freedom, allows you to take pleasure of creation !

circular saw

Powerful: 750W motor offers efficient performance at 3,600 RPM

The depth and angle are adjustable: La profondeur de coupe de 125 mm est 90° 48mm, 45° 32mm, lame de 115MM est 90° 42.8mm, 45° 28mm

6 blades: 6 Lames de Scie 125&115mm(2 * 40T, 2 * 60T, 2 Lames de Scie diamant )

Hex wrench makes saw blade replacement easy(The screw may be a bit tight when you replace the saw blade for the first time, but there will be no similar problems after using it once.)

Note: When installing the saw blade, pay attention to the direction of the saw.

mini saw
saw blades
  • Powerful and Compact 】Ginour Mini Circular Saw with power of 750 W and a speed 3600 RPM, ideal for cutting wood, metal, tiles, plywood and plastic. Soft rubber handle, perfect for one-handed operation and reduce fatigue
  • 【Adjustable cutting depth and angle】 The cutting depth of the mini circular saw is arbitrarily set from 0~48mm; the cutting slope can be adjusted at will from 0~45°; different depths and angles can be adjusted according to needs, and materials with different thicknesses can be adjusted
  • 【Laser guide ruler and scale ruler】 Equipped with a scale guide ruler and an integrated laser guide ruler, making the cutting path straight and not curved, which is more professional; equipped with unloading tools, making it easy to replace the saw blade. The electric mini circular saw is equipped with a 3M long power cord to ensure a sufficient cutting radius when working
  • 【Double protective cover & double switch】 Equipped with double trigger switch and metal protective cover to enhance the safety and intuitiveness of work. The vacuum hose suction adapter makes the sawing line clean and significantly reduces dust. The slender saw handle has a soft rubber coating for easy operation with one hand. Comes with 6 x saw blades and guide fences, which can meet different work requirements and achieve accurate and professional cutting
  • 【What you get】 1 x Ginour mini circular saw; 6 x blades,you can also find replacement blades in dimension 125MM*9.5MM or 115MM*9.5MM;1 x ladder guide; 1 x Wrench for removing saw blade; 1X Dust hose;1X Hose to connect the vacuum cleaner 1 x User manual; 1 x Warranty Card. 24 months warranty and best 24-hours customer service

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