Geelink Portable Power Station500Wh 300W Outdoor Solar Generator Lithium Battery Pack with 230V/300W AC Outlet


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  • 【135200mAh Back-up Power Supply】Geelink F500 is equipped with a 500 watt-hour lithium-ion battery pack, which features 1* AC outlets(230V Rated 300W – Peak 600W) , 1* PD 60W port, 1* QC 3.0 port, 2* USB-A Ports, 2* DC ports and 1* DC car socket. It provides 8 power output ports to charge multiple devices at the same time, such as laptop, phone, drone, car fridge and cameras, etc
  • 【AC Fast Charge& Easy to Carry】You can recharge your power station with an AC adapator when at home, driving the car outlet during a road trip or simply use a Geelink power station. Portable handle makes it easy to carry around for outdoor activities,particularly convenient to carry
  • 【Excellent Safety BMS】Geelink power station is equipped with the Excellent Battery Management System (BMS), protect devices through temperature control, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, and short circuit protection functions. And detects short circuits and overloads when performing incorrect operations
  • 【Outdoor Backup Power】Designed lightweight-just 6.6 lbs and has a solid handle for easy to carry. Equipped with an 15W bright emergency flashlight on the back. It is perfect for outdoor camping and disaster prevention. There are 4 lighting modes you can easily switch (weak→medium→strong→SOS)
  • 【What You Get】You will receive 1* Geelink Portable Power Station, 1*AC Adapter & Cable,1*USB-C to USB-C Cable,  1* DC-MC4 Solar Charging Cable, 1*Car Cigarette Lighter Socket & Cable, 1* User Manual and 12 months of customer service. Any questions, please feel free to contact us

Product Description

About Geelink

Geelink was founded in 2011, is a professional manufacturer that has its own professional factory, engineers, and team. We are specialized in manufacturing portable power station / power tool batteries / vacuum cleaner batteries / laptop batteries / mobile phone battery packs, customized industrial and consumer battery packs etc.

Geelink focuses on providing high quality power products and excellent support. Geelink’s business idea is Based on advanced technologies, satisfactory deal and constant efforts for improvement as well as our absolute integrity.

Geelink F500 Portable Power Station, large capacity 140000mAh / 500Wh 300W pure sine wave AC output


You can enjoy outdoor activities without worrying about power failure even during drive trips Outdoor camping Emergency Backup etc.

Compact design and highly practical portable power Station, 140000mAh/500Wh large capacity battery. The body weight is light about 5KG, easy to carry. You can turn on a fan in summer, use an electric blanket in the tent in winter, use a small refrigerator in the car, and use a projector to watch movies at night.

Charging/power supply scene

Outdoor: used to charge smart phones and other gadgets

In the car: Used for heat stroke measures such as electric fans

At home: for charging in places where there is no outlet nearby

Remote work: used to charge laptops and work equipment

Outdoor shooting: charging cameras and drones

Used for outdoor cold protection: used for heating appliances such as electric blankets

Get ready for exploring the whole world


Anytime, anywhere, anyone feels at ease

• Suitable for camping, camping and adventure

The compact and lightweight power supply is perfect for those who want to enjoy camping comfortably or stay in the car. For adventurers, carrying such a lightweight power supply is also a wise choice.

• Household generator suitable for home use

Since Jilin portable battery adopts sine wave, it can provide safe and stable power like ordinary AC household power supply. It can also be used as an auxiliary power source for household ventilators and treatment equipment, and is very useful as a secondary battery when power is off.

• Large-capacity portable charger for disaster prevention measures

It is an ideal disaster prevention product for your home in the event of natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis and in response to sudden power outages. With the large capacity of 500WH, you can rest assured even if there is a long-term power failure. It is recommended to prepare in an environment with unstable power supply.

• Suitable for outdoor activities such as flower viewing and picnic

Geelink portable battery is no noise, smoke, pollution, no gasoline (or other fuel), and no maintenance. It provides a quiet, clean and safe power supply, so you can use it with confidence no matter where you go.

Charge 8 Devices Simultaneously,AC/DC/USB multi-function output,With emergency inflation function for car tires



Q1: Which devices can this Geelink F500 portable power station support?

A: Geelink F500 portable power station can support devices rating less than 300W. Like phones, laptop, camera, drone, LED lights, little fans, etc. (Please confirm the open circuit current/ voltage of your devices)

Q2: Does Geelink F500 power station support pass through charging? Can I use other outlets while charging?

A: Yes, Geelink F500 portable power station support pass through charging, you can use all other outputs while charging (Except PD 60W port).

Q3: What is the maximum input from solar?

A: The voltage is 10.8-23.5V (3A), the maximum input power can reach 60W(depends on sunlight). We recommend 80W to 100W solar panels.

Q4: Does your product have a power saving function?

A: Yes, our Geelink power station have a power saving function:

For AC DC USB output, when the output power is less than 15W, the power station will shut down automatically after 4 hours.

Q5: How to know the working times for my device?

A: Working time = 500Wh* 0.85 / the power of your device.The duration of our equipment is based on laboratory data, and the duration of specific equipment usage may vary


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