GARDENA Comfort reel mower 400 C: Hand lawn mower with 40 cm working width of up to 250 m² lawn blade roll made of quality

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Brand Gardena
Power source Mechanisch
Material Plastic
Colour Estándar
Style Width: 40 cm (max. 250 m²)
Item weight 9.4 Pounds
Cutting width 40 Centimetres
Number of positions 4
Operation mode Manual

  • Mowing as with shears: The blade roll and the lower blade made of hardened quality steel allow a precise mowing as with shears, ideal for small and medium-sized gardens to 250m² mowing area
  • Space-saving storage: The boom can be folded so that space-saving cleared the cylinder mower can be
  • Convenient cleaning: The knife roller is non-stick coating and thus prevents the hassle of drying of wet grass
  • Scope of delivery: 1x GARDENA Classic reel mower 400 C
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From the manufacturer



GARDENA Comfort Cylinder Mower 400 C

The principle of the GARDENA Cylinder Mower 400 C is a simple one: when the mower is pushed, a bladed roller moves past a fixed counter blade. Its function is much like that of scissors: it grips and cuts the blade of grass. What is special about it is that the blade cylinder does not touch the lower blade; this allows pleasant, quiet work and makes it easy to push. The hardened, non-stick-coated blade cylinder of high-quality steel and the ground lower blade guarantee a clean precision cut for a pristine lawn.

Innovative features

The GARDENA Cylinder Mower 400 C is equipped with many comfort elements that make work easier and more convenient. Large wheels with special treads and soft plastic components make guiding the mower noticeably easier and ensure an even better grip on the lawn. The ergonomically shaped handle bar make the cylinder mower easy to push.

Quick Release

Practical: the frame with its quick-release fastener can be quickly and easily collapsed for space-saving storage and compact transport. The desired cutting height can be adjusted with a convenient control unit and easily read from a scale.

Technical data:

  • Working width: 40 cm
  • Recommended lawn area: up to around 250 m²
  • Cutting height (min-max): 12-42 mm (four-stage)
  • Weight: 9.4 kg
  • Ergonomically shaped handle bar
  • Additional deflector for controlled grass ejection
  • Recommended accessories: Grass catcher box (Art. No. 4029)


Pleasant work

The cylinder mower’s touchless cutting technology – blade cylinder and lower blade make no contact – makes lawn mowing especially quiet.

This also makes it easy and comfortable to push.






Easy guiding and secure grip

Large wheels with special treads make guiding the mower easier and ensure a good grip on the lawn.


The cylinder mower’s frame is separable, ensuring space-saving storage and easy transport.

Easy transport

The mower’s ergonomic handle shape makes it easy to carry.

Simple cutting height adjustment

Cutting height can be set in four increments and read from a control scale on both sides.

Additional information

Weight 4.26 kg
Dimensions 39 × 31 cm
Product Dimensions

‎57 x 39 x 31 cm; 4.26 Kilograms

Part Number


Item display height

‎47 centimetres

Item display length

‎22 centimetres

Item display width

‎14 centimetres

Item display weight

‎0.8 Kilograms

Material Type


Power source type


Item model number




Date First Available

25 Dec. 2014


‎Gardena Deutschland GmbH – DE Parent

10 reviews for GARDENA Comfort reel mower 400 C: Hand lawn mower with 40 cm working width of up to 250 m² lawn blade roll made of quality

  1. sj

    Lovely to useLove this mower, it’s a joy to use. For my little lawn it’s a million times quicker and easier and more enjoyable to use than the ancient flymo that it replaced.Really easy to push – my 80 year old mum had a go and was very impressed and my 12 year old son ran around with it making grass fly out sideways as he ran in a big curve. The grass looks happier after only a few weeks. The slowest part is cleaning the blades after use but I keep a rag and a can of machine oil nearby to do that. I ordered the catcher but sent it back unopened as I’ve been mowing so frequently that there are never enough clippings to make it worth collecting them. It’s nice and light too so getting it out of the shed is dead easy. I did have to adjust it at first as it was very noisy on first trying it because the blades were too close to the bit they cut against. But that was very easy to fix. Very happy and have now given my old mower away.

  2. hjr

    Cuts wellI enjoy using this mower as it is so much less faff than the electric one. As a result I do get out there far more frequently than before, which is of benefit to the grass and the exercise isn’t bad for me either! It is sharp, easy to adjust the cutting height and is light to push. However there are a couple of down points. Firstly there is no bag or box to collect the mown grass and the reviews for the one that can be purchased as an extra are very poor. Secondly it is impossible to get right up to the edge of the lawn where it is next to a fence or wall. Overall I would recommend it for small lawns but you may need an additional machine if the grass gets very long.

  3. Mehr

    Very easy to use plus a workoutThe assembly was a bit longer than I expected. But the uniformity of the grass afterward is excellent.

  4. yuanchao sun

    Surprised by the good design and well made quality, very easy to use and does the job welli was skeptical when amazon recommended this lawn mower, but it was the cheapest and has good ratings so i took the plunge.item arrived and straight away i can tell it is well made, it is sturdy and has some weight to it but not too heavy to lift or to handle, very simple and straight forward to assemble. the blades are not sharp at all. cutting height can be effortlessly adjusted. the design and how the thing functions speaks the well thought out process it went gets the job done so easily, it felt like a pleasure to do it. there is no need to fiddle with electric extension and minding the cable which add to the enjoyment. you dont need to use full force, but a moderate amount of force is required to mow through.the pro:simplistic design but accomplish the job so wellsturdy and well made qualityno cable and extension outlet neededeasy to clean and storei do not see any cons at this point after first time using it just works and it works very well.i rarely leave amazon reviews, but after using it, i felt compelled to leave a review and let anyone else who is also skeptical and has a wildly out of control lawn to know this product is so worth it.

  5. UbiquitousUK

    Bad screw design, but excellent mower.Like others, I had the problem that the pastic screw piece used to secure the handle in place broke almost immediately. Terrible design for which I deduct one star. But I only deduct one star because (i) the broken piece is easily replaced with a standard metal nut, and (ii) once it’s set up this is a great mower that produces a beautiful cut while making no noise, using no energy (other than what you put in), and providing a nice workout. Now my lawn looks like a bowling green. So, despite the initial frustration, I am very happy with the mower.

  6. Slavi

    Made for smooth and even landscape and shot grass.It is a good hand push mover for more or less short grass and even landscape. Mine is on incline with grass bumps and other obstacles. It was also up to half meter long. I tried to cut shorter using makita rope trimmer, but it didn’t help – wheel jumping on such surface and cutting disks stoop spinning. Also jamming with long grass on the side of the shaft. This is a decent solution for a decent landscape/grass, but my garden deserves Jeremy Clarkson treatment on his Lambo tractor. Will try to buy electric mower.

  7. Colin

    A decent lawnmower if your lawn is flatIt’s easy to assemble, it takes up less room in the shed and you don’t have to Fanny about plugging it in.It cuts reasonably well but it works best on perfectly flat ground. If it’s a bit bumpy, it struggles and doesn’t flow, it also scalps the ground.I’m happy with it though, I’m getting rid of electrical tools and I reckon if I look after this, I will have it for the remainder of my days.

  8. evie

    This Lawn mower does not weigh 0.800 KgTo be fair , I did not get a chance to use this mower , so I can’t comment on how good or bad it is when lawn mowing . I bought this lawnmower because from the description it seemed light weight – ” 0.800 Kg ” , So I decided to buy it as I have a problem lawn – very uneven surface , and a light weight lawn mower that was easy to push , especially as it was only 0.800 kg, would be great . I received the mower today , as I took it out from the box , I found it really heavy and the rubber tubing on the top part of the mower’s handlebar was coming apart. I have requested a refund as I will send it back .I don’t like giving bad reviews but I was really disappointed that the description was not entirely correct. The Amazon staff helped me a great deal with this issue though.

  9. J. Mao

    The first push reel mower for meIt’s surprising easy to use. I have bought this to supplement my petrol rotary mower to manage a front lawn in 180 m² and back lawn in 400 m². Even though the product description says for up to 250 m² lawn but I have found it is reasoble to use on larger lawns if mowing regularly. I have used this mower and patrol mower in a 3 weeks rotation in which I use push mower for 2 weeks and petrol one for 1 week. I did not buy the grass catcher given poor reviews so the cuttings from push mower are left on the lawn mulching. On the petrol mower round some of the dried clippings are picked up by the mower. The mower is less effective on wet grass so most likely I will only use it during the drier seasons.

  10. Davie 66

    Good quality mower, cuts well.Sturdy, cuts well, easy to assemble and store. Unlike others, I found the collection bag to work fine (though a bit fiddly to put together). Over all very pleased – feels like it will last. If I have any criticism it’s that the blade is recesses quite far from the wheel so if you have lawn up to the edge of a wall, you’ll need a strimmer as well.

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