Garden Gear Electric Garden Tiller, Adjustable Cultivator & Rotavator to Break Up Soil for Lawn, Vegetable Patch & Allotment,

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Brand Garden Gear
Colour Green
Power source Corded Electric
Material Metal
Item weight 7.5 Kilograms

  • Powerful; 1050W electric rotavator cultivator and tiller
  • Great features; Maximum working width of 32 centimetres and depth of 22 centimetres, 2-point safety switch and overheat protection
  • Long power cord; 10-metre power cord giving you extra freedom, comes complete with cable tidy
  • Eco-friendly; No need to refill with expensive petrol that produces harmful fumes
  • Guarantee; 24-month guarantee
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Product Description

Garden Gear 1050w Electric Tiller

Garden Gear 1050W Tiller

Prepare the soil ready for gardening this season with this powerful 1050W electric tiller and cultivator

1050w Tiller

Innovatively designed with the user in mind, this multifunctional cultivator and tiller features two separate easy grip handles making manoeuvring the machine simple with minimal effort, ensuring the exact patch of soil you want to till is reached without the risk damaging the surrounding area. The extremely powerful 1050W motor drives four robust and sturdy tines through even the toughest ground with ease, ensuring your garden or allotment soil is at its peak to encourage plant, crop and vegetable growth.

Whether you need to level an area, prepare new ground for planting or just generally break up the soil surface in your borders, the tiller and cultivator will handle most soil types and will do the job in half the time of conventional tools. The cutting width of 32cm allows for easy guidance between narrow vegetable rows. Each ‘pass’ of the tiller will cultivate to a width of 25cm to a maximum depth of 22cm. The more passes you make the finer and lighter the soil granules become.

1050w tiller
Safe to use

Working with machinery can be dangerous, to ensure safety there is a two-point safety switch to prevent accidental start up, overheat protection, a cable tidy and all external metal parts are double insulated.

User-friendly design

Thanks to the very impressive 10-metre power cord there is no need to worry about being close to a power source, allowing more freedom and enjoyment whilst working. Despite having all these amazing features the tiller and cultivator still only weighs 7.5kg, making it perfect for almost anyone to use.


  • Electric motor: 1050W
  • Voltage: 230-240V
  • Idle speed: 380 RPM
  • Weight: 7.5kg
  • Power cord length: 10m
  • Cutting width: 32cm
  • Cultivating width: 25cm
  • Cultivating depth: 22cm

Important information

Safety Information:

Self-assembly required

Additional information

Weight 7.5 kg
Dimensions 37.4 × 31.4 cm
Package Dimensions

‎52.8 x 37.4 x 31.4 cm; 7.5 Kilograms

Part Number


Material Type


Power source type

‎Corded Electric

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Date First Available

25 Feb. 2016


‎Garden Gear

10 reviews for Garden Gear Electric Garden Tiller, Adjustable Cultivator & Rotavator to Break Up Soil for Lawn, Vegetable Patch & Allotment,

  1. NP_uk

    Easier than digging by handProvides a quick and easy way to cultivate the garden saving hours of back breaking digging. It takes a while to master the technique and you also need to be quite strong to handle it. The only issue I encountered was that it didn’t go very deep.

  2. britishrose

    Good sturdy machine.This was ordered to help my elderly husband who is a keen gardener. Unfortunately we had to return the item because it was too powerful for him. There were no issues with the return, we were refunded the cost with no problems at all. I would certainly recommend this company.

  3. beecee

    A wonderful labour saving device.I bought this item just over a year ago and it sat in its box till this weekend. Assembly was easy and I plugged it in and off I went. The lawn which had been covered in weeds and ant hills, was turned over in just a few hours. This machine seems to know no,bounds. It turned over the soil to a fine tilth, leaving me to rake out those pesky weeds before raking and re-laying the new lawn. It turned over soil with large stones and bits of concrete in it and protested only by throwing itself up in the air. It’s like a bucking bronco, but it is most efficient. It is not noisy, I can still hear jets flying at 13,000 ft. into Gatwick, but after a couple of hours the neighbours might get fed up. I also had a pond to fill in which required soil to be thrown back into the cleared pit left after removal of the pond liner, and it even managed that, so I now have space for a veggie patch. If you have small plants/shrubs which you want to get rid of, this will do the job. If you have brambles, this will mince the roots down to about 12 inches. This has saved me months of hard work, at a mere cost of £60. I have had my money’s worth out of it. Very pleased with this item.

  4. Mr Christopher Clemow

    Great little itemGot this item to dig my garden was not sure how it would do and to help my back but what a great tool it did garden no problem and no more bending to dig great bit of kit

  5. D. Nicholls

    Good so farEasy to assemble. Has to deal with my very thick clay soil and does it well. Bright colouring helps me to find it in the undergrowth. I went electric to keep the noise down and stop messing with petrol. These are two great advantages for me. Only disadvantage is because I have a large garden I have to use an extension cable with it. It is much more powerful than I expected and will chew up the clumps. As electric motor not as heavy as petrol it will like to bounce around a bit when it is hitting hard stuff. A real winner for the price and to ensure no motor burn out I tend to focus on a small area to rotavate at a time.

  6. Regular Purchaser

    A great little tiller that makes light work!Very easy to put together and use. It made light work on the veggie patch.

  7. lucette

    Takes the hard work out of digging.Used to cultivate large area ready for planting. Sticky wet moderate clay soil, that digging over would have taken all day if not more. At first use it takes a while to get used to its bouncing but I had read the reviews and was prepared so I held onto it firmly started it in an area that I knew was soft and dry and I practiced the technique. I found it best to angle the handles down and pul the tiller walking backwards. I only went over the ground once this time as it was very damp but will redo in March. I can see that with the right soil conditions, dry weather and relatively dry ground I would have produced a nice crumbly tilthe. It through up some large stones and bits of brick so I would say to be very careful. I would urge users to wear protective glasses, it would be ‘short sighted ‘ not to. Do check the tines at intervals as weeds can get wrapped around them. The customer service was brilliant because I had a problem with the first machine and phones Clifford James directly, was sent out a new machine within two days and they arranged collection of the damaged one within a week. I’m very impressed.

  8. Amazon Customer

    delightedI bought this because I had a new garden and was going to get a firm in to lay a lawn, but the Covid lock-down meant that I couldn’t get any contractors to do it – so I resorted to do the work myself. I needed something that would dig the soil prior to levelling. I did a first dig by hand, but found it such hard going that I decided that money spent on a mechanical tiller would be well spent. This product seemed to be very good value – so I took a chance on it, and I must say I am delighted with it. It arrived quickly, very well packed, and was easy to assemble. And it worked a treat – it covered the whole area in a day and showed no signs of wear at the end of it. I now plan to use it each year in the vegetable beds – so much easier than manual digging.

  9. Jonathan Grosvenor

    FantasticVery impressed! I used it to rotavate a lawn area of around 70 square metres before laying new turf and it dealt with it with minimal fuss.First, assembly is a breeze. So much so that when it is done, you might think it won’t withstand the heavy work it will undertake, especially given the petite size – but I was wrong – it withstood everything.Second, usage is straightforward – just plug in and operate using the handles, much like an electric lawnmower. However, it simply does not work best by walking forward, which I found resulted in “kicks” – it works best by “pulling” it when it tries to move forward, letting it dig a hole in the ground and then pulling it backwards. The results are awesome and save an incredible amount of time. I found the best results were in areas where I had dug it up with a spade first and then rotavated it afterwards.You’ll need to check for roots every so often as they get tangled up in the blades. You may also need an extension cable (although I should flag that the cable on the machine itself is enormous).I intend to use it on compacted flower beds, the results of which I’m sure will be good.

  10. ron

    Beware the bounceProvides a good filth on dry clay soil but does Bounce upon starting it, I found pulling it backwards got it dug in quickly then push forwards reduced the bounce

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