Festool 577038 TS 55 F Mt EDT 21 110V Plunge-Cut Saw




  • Precise circular in materials up to 55 mm thick. Cutting interior doors to length using guide rail and circular saw. Manufacturing expansion joints in parquet flooring and false joints. Cutting chipboard to size. Cutting and processing plasterboard
  • Drive type Mains; Power consumption 1200 W; Idle engine speed 2000 – 5800 min⁻¹; Saw blade diameter 160 mm; Angular range -1 – 47 °; Cutting depth 0 – 55 mm; Cutting depth 45° 43 mm; Dust extraction connection dia. 27/36 mm; Weight 4.5 kg
  • In Systainer SYS3 M 337
  • Concentrated torque and up to twice as fast work progress with an increased saw blade service life. Virtually splinter-free on both sides thanks to attachable splinter guard. The cutting edge from 90° to 47° remains unchanged even when the saw swivels. Top-class sawing system thanks to a variety of accessories. Guide wedge for safer work and simple positioning in existing joint. Angle adjustment with undercut function from -1° to 47°
  • Drive type mains; power consumption 1200 W; idle engine speed 2000 – 5800 min⁻¹; saw blade diameter 160 mm; angular range -1 – 47°; cutting depth 0 – 55 mm; cutting depth 45° 43 mm; dust extraction connection dia. 27/36 mm; weight 4.5 kg

Technical Details

Product description

Millions of saws do not lie: The TS has always stood out with its absolute precision cuts, maximum power and extreme durability. The usual reliability remains – but the working speed is unprecedented: The TS 55 now saws at up to twice the speed. In addition, the new generation of cutting blades guarantees perfect cutting quality with maximum cutting performance. With accessories, such as guide rails and the angle stop, or sophisticated and tried-and-test details, such as the splinter guard and extraction system perfectly matched to the machine, the TS 55 provides excellent work results and a top-class sawing system – for every challenge.


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