Festool 574830 Dust Extractor CT 15 240 V



  • The specialist for cleaning work
  • x 7.5.
  • x 21 
  • The 3-fold push rod distributes the extrusion forces equal over the cartridge and prevents the cartridge from tearing up.
  • Voltage: 240.0
  • Package Weight: 13.6 kilograms
  • Package Dimensions: 33.5 L x 66.4 H x 49.2 W (centimeters)

Technical Details

From the manufacturer

CT 15

Mobile dust extractor CLEANTEC CT 15

Ideal for cleaning construction sites, workshops and offices: With a 15 l container volume, the CLEANTEC CT 15 extracts dust, dirt and water. Its design ensures that almost the entire container volume can be used – for long periods of work without having to change the filter bag.

CT 15


CT 15


CT 15


CT 15



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