Electric Belt Grinder Machine Mini Belt Sander 330mm



  • 👍【MATERIAL】- Made of fine quality stainless steel, not easy to rust, wear-resistant, has a long service life. Built-in double bearing, non-slip and dustproof.
  • 👍【Workbench】- The workbench can adjust the angle freely, and the slave adjustment wheel adds a slot, which can slide up and down without popping up.
  • 👍【Footpad】- Uses anti-seismic, adjustable height footpad, can also take off the footpad, screw on the table or wood, easy to use.
  • 👍【PERFECT DESIGN】 The design of the eccentric adjustment wheel can adjust the verticality of the belt. The belt adjustment wheel has a spring structure to automatically adjust the tightness.
  • 👍【30 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE】- For any reason you’re not completely satisfied, you can ask for a replacement or full refund.

Technical Details

Product description

1.Belt Wheel:With built-in double bearings, anti-slip design, smooth operation.
2.Motors:Double bearings, double axles, high speed, high torque silent motor.
3.Sand Belt:The brown corundum is joined with sand belt flat, the sand grains are even, the sand is not easy to drop, and the wear resistance is even.
4.Poweka Belt Sander Grinder Ideal Speed for Every Application.This system is the ideal power tool for all coarse sanding work that demands a high material removal rate. It offers maximum sanding performance on wood, plastic or metal.

Material: stainless steel
Color: silver
Rated voltage: DC 12-24V
No-load speed: 4500-9000RPM (7 stage speed regulation)
No-load temperature: 26℃-45℃
Noise: 75-85db
Belt size: 330 * 15mm / 13.0 * 0.59in
Package size: 190 * 160 * 200mm / 7.48 * 2.3 * 7.87in
Package weight: 1600g / 3.52lb

Package include:
1 * Belt Sander (with UK plug)
1 * Speed Control Power Supply
2 * Wrench
10 * Sand Belt(60/80/120/180/240/320/400/600/1000 mesh)


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