Einhell Table Saw TC-TS 2225 U Table Saw Max 2200 W





  • The Einhell TC-TS 2225 U bench-type circular saw is a high-performance tool for performing precise and flexible work. The bench-type circular saw with a max. 2,200W rating has a max. cutting height of 55 mm at 45° or 80 mm when the angle is set to 90°
  • The extremely sturdy parallel stop with clamps on both sides enables longitudinal cuts to be performed, and for effortless angle cuts the angle stop or the tilting saw blade can be used. The cross stop can also be used as an angle stop for +/- 45°
  • The sturdy base frame is set up for a comfortable working height of 870 mm. The height is infinitely adjustable up to 80 mm. A connection for a sawdust extractor is provided on the housing and on the saw blade guard
  • If a larger support surface is needed for wide and long workpieces, there are pull-out side tables and a length extension at the back
  • The powerful motor is designed for heavy and prolonged assignments, and it has an integrated soft start function for protecting both it and the fuses
  • Various holders on the housing are practical features for holding all the supplied stops and tools, the push stick and the power cable

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