Einhell Power X-Change 36V Cordless Garden Rotavator – Powerful Soil Cultivator, 30cm Working Width, 20cm Working Depth – GE-CR

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Brand Einhell
Colour Red
Item dimensions L x W x H 133 x 34.8 x 47.8 centimetres
Power Source Battery Powered
Weight 8.2 Kilograms

  • The Einhell GE-CR 30 Li – Solo cordless tiller is a handy helper for loosening up the soil in small- to medium-sized front and back yards. Four high-quality cultivator blades offer a working width of 30 cm and a working depth of up to 20 cm.
  • For plenty of power the hoe uses two high-performance 18 V system batteries from the Power X-Change series. This product comes without batteries and without a charger. These are available separately.
  • As a member of the completely flexible Power X-Change family, all the batteries and chargers from the high-performance lithium-ion series of systems can be used for the hoe. Every system device can be combined with every PXC rechargeable battery.
  • It is therefore ideal for digging up and loosening the soil in vegetable patches and flower beds comfortably and without a cable in preparation for further work. For comfortable operation there is also an ergonomic, folding long handle.
  • The hoe has height-adjustable transport wheels to make it comfortable to navigate with. Extra safety is provided by the two-point safety switch.
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From the brand

From the manufacturer


One battery system for all Power X-Change devices

With the Power X-Change battery system from Einhell, you can run all of the compatible equipment with the same battery. Whether for a power tool or gardening equipment – one battery is all it takes.


Active battery management system for best quality

Our top of the range Lithium-Ion cells don’t just deliver maximum power, thanks to the automatic ABS-battery monitoring they are also durable and sturdy.

Enjoy cordless freedom today!

Limitless range thanks to Einhell Power X-Change

No more tripping over cables, no more searching for sockets, no more cutting annoying extension cables: The powerful lithium-ion battery from the Power X-Change battery system from Einhell provides cordless freedom and can also be combined with any other Power X-Change device.


Ideal for small & medium-sized gardens!

Whether planting vegetables or flower beds, get your garden ready for spring!

With the Einhell cordless ground tiller GE-CR 30 Li – Solo you can conveniently and cordlessly dig up and loosen vegetable and flower beds and prepare them for further cultivation (but not suitable for breaking up turf seams!). Delivery does not include a battery or charger but does a retractable brake spur (helps to determine the working depth + controls the tractive force) and a blade guard (protects against flying stones).


Masters all terrains

With a working depth of 20 cm, the four robust, high-quality blades loosen even clay-rich and heavy soil without much effort.


Doesn’t take up extra space

Thanks to the foldable guide bar, the ground tiller can be stored in a space-saving way. The softgrip handle provide safe & comfortable working.


A positive for safety

The two-point safety switch prevents unintentional starting of the cordless ground tiller or unauthorised use by children, for example.


Maximum comfort

The height-adjustable transport wheels enables energy-saving transport, comfortable guidance & relief during work and effortless storage.

Additional information

Weight 8.2 kg
Dimensions 34.8 × 47.8 cm
Part Number


Product Dimensions

‎133 x 34.8 x 47.8 cm; 8.2 Kilograms


‎1 AA batteries required.

Item model number



‎30cm Working Width




‎Tiller Only

Power Source



‎36 Volts

Item Package Quantity


Number Of Pieces


Included Components


Batteries included?


Batteries Required?


Battery Cell Type

‎Lithium Ion

Item Weight

‎8.2 kg



Delivery information:
Date First Available

9 Jan. 2017



10 reviews for Einhell Power X-Change 36V Cordless Garden Rotavator – Powerful Soil Cultivator, 30cm Working Width, 20cm Working Depth – GE-CR

  1. Mr. P. Boocock

    I am a pxc fanboy, so the review may be a little biased.For the price it is well placed as a cordless tiller. I could have bought a cheaper cable one, but I am inherently clumsy and nearly cut through many cables in my life, that and I have a largish garden with 6 annual beds that take an age to hoe by hand. It took me 3 days to properly hand hoe the beds as the start of this season, after I bought this, I did the beds in 30 minutes. I have a growing collection of pxc tools that I’ve had for nearly a year, and so far I have been wholly impressed with the functionality of them (excepting a faulty ozito lawnmower). So it was a natural choice for me to go for this too.It’s probably lighter than most ones, and it’s not massively wide, but my beds are only 1m wide, which means I only have to sweep through them in three rows. I find the best way is to let it pull you forward to the end of the bed, dig it in and slowly walk backwards with it. The ground is churned up with ease.If you get long spnlindly plants, like grasses or bolted roots, they will tangle in the mechanism, eventually clogging it to the point it won’t go, but that’s probably something you shouldn’t do anyway, i had tried to mulch in the stems but which I should have probably cut into smaller chunks first.Overall, I have been impressed and I hope I get many growing seasons from this. Now to sow some green manure seeds.


    Great for breaking up soilI have clay & stoney soil. Machine went a bit all over the place until I realised u pulled it backwards. Broke soil up easily, soil was damp & stoney with lots of weeds & sections of grass. I ended up digging up turf manually u can see in before & after picture as machine wrapped grass with clay soil round blades it still worked but saved me time unclogging. Other than that it chopped threw soil easily, my soil is stony & stonrd didn’t hit blades & shoot off anywhere so that was good. I added top layer of manure & used machine again & it mixed it in so easily. This would have taken hours of manual digging, did this bed in under an hour. Arms ached a bit after but really pleased with this machine. Very quiet machine, I didn’t wear ear protectors as manual suggested as machine is not loud, in fact my electriclawn mower is louder. Definitely reccomend it.

  3. Vikki

    Powerful little thingI have quite a big garden so was worried about what this could do but it’s brilliant!! It doesn’t like turning a hard grass area into a soil patch but it has a blinking good go! It’s just made absolute light work of my beds and I can’t believe I haven’t bought it sooner. I’ve been using the size 4 batteries and it goes for ages. I then use those in the scarifier which is also fab. Bit of a faff to put together but once it’s done it’s done!

  4. Ms. L. Hicks

    Awesome product!You push forward and it breaks up the soil. Then you pull it back and it furrows it very nicely. Easy to use too! Love it!

  5. Mrs Claire Parfitt

    wow!I was sceptical about an electric tiller being able to do the job. I had a petrol one previously, very heavy and a challenge to get started at the beginning of each season. This little baby is amazing, easy to use, I’m a five foot weakling and don’t struggle. Went together easy and chomped its way through very hard and dry mud following the long hot spell we had. Absolutely love it! Only annoying thing was that you couldn’t buy the thing as a whole, you had to buy the battery and charger separately , which I found strange, tiller won’t work without the battery and battery won’t charge without a charger so having to source all three items individually was a challenge. Then different delivery dates for all, so tiller would have been sat here for several days before the battery arrived and then another wait for the charger. However luckily the battery and charger both arrived well before the given date and were actually here before the tiller! Also I bought two batteries so one would be on charge and one ready but turned out you need two anyway. The batteries last well, I got three reasonable sized beds done with one charge. Would highly recommend this product.

  6. tad

    Simple machineSimple machine…keep going. Quick dry battery.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Good – but you will need to fix the wheels first!Have a few EinHell products so was attracted to this tiller as I already have batteries.On assembly I thought the security of the two wheels was not up to the usual German standards of design and finish – there’s just a small Phillips screw and a washer for each. The axle doesn’t stand proud of the wheels – so the screw and washer effectively tighten the wheel onto the axle. Too tight and they won’t turn, too loose…..and they fall off.So you will end up having to fashion a fix – I used washers the same diameter as the axle, with a finishing larger washer to get the wheels to be secure, roll and stay on.Apart from that, good product for a battery tiller, it is versatile, light enough and narrow enough to run through boarders fine. Turns over the top soil well enough, will a few passes (backwards & forwards) you can get the soil broken up. SO it’s on balance a 3* from me due to the wheel design, 4-5* operationally though.Be warned then – wheels are fixable, but you will have to do that before you start work!

  8. Barry G

    Second tryWe struggled to get The first one going and When it did it stopped after 15 minutes. We have received the replacement and fingers crossed we we have better luck this time.

  9. Anthony

    FABULOUS TOOL FOR THE ALLOTMENT OR GARDENGot this to till the soil and mix in compost down the allotment, I DONT KNOW HOW I MANAGED WITHOUT ONE BEFORE. Get the 4ah or 5.2ah batteries and this will run for hours, ive used it for mixing compost into raised beds, and even trenching out areas for paths etc as if you drag it backwards it digs a hole and piles the soil up behind itself making it then very easy to shovel it up into a wheelbarrow, only gave a 4 on assy as it could do with quick release bolts on the handles when folding up and down for transport.

  10. P. J. Jenks

    It Does EXACTLY What it says on the box!A light weight electric soil tiller that is far more capable than I expected.I used it to prepare my vegetable beds, each about 25 sq m. and untouched since last autumn.Normally digging takes me a morning or afternoon each. This machine did one in 30 mins and the battery was only a third used, so battery life is remarkable and the motor far more powerful than I expected.A nice change not to have a petrol motor chugging away as well.

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