Einhell Plunge Saw TE-PS 165 1200 W





From the manufacturer

  • The Einhell TE-PS 165 plunge saw is a 1200 W allrounder when it comes to precise cutting in a wide variety of materials: For wood, panels and plastics.
  • The high-grade carbide blade powerfully cuts through materials with a cutting depth of up to 56 mm (at 90° without rail). For angle cuts of up to 45°, depths of up to 42 mm (without rail) are also possible.
  • Clean cuts are also guaranteed even when working close to the edges as well. For straight results there is a parallel stop. The cutting depth and tilt angle are easy to adjust without the need for any additional tools.
  • The blade lock makes it easy to change the saw blade. The vision panel provides a better view of the cutting area. Thanks to the vacuum extractor adapter, the workplace stays clean.
  • For extra precision a guide rail system is available separately. There are special plastic holders for the precision adjustment of the guide rail.
  • The cable length is long enough to provide an extra large radius of operation of up to four meters. The large handle is designed to help work with the Einhell plunge saw to be performed without tiring.

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