Einhell GE-EM 1233 Electric Lawnmower — 33cm Cutting Width, 30L Grass Box, 5 Cutting Height Levels — Lightweight, Walk-Behind

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Brand Einhell
Power Source Corded Electric
Material Plastic
Colour Black, Red,black,grey
Style 1250 W Electric Lawn Mower
Weight 11.1 Kilograms
Cutting width 33 Centimetres
Number of positions 5
Operation mode Manual
Product dimensions 67.5D x 38.2W x 29H centimetres

  • Powerful 1250 W carbon powered motor
  • 5 x central cutting height settings (20-60 mm)
  • Wide wheel system for increased handling and protecting the lawn
  • Edge cutting system for effective grass cutting against walls
  • Integrated carry-handle for easy transport
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From the manufacturer

electric lawnmower

Einhell GE-EM 1233 electric lawn mower

The agile high-performance electric lawn mower GE-EM 1233 helps the ambitious hobby gardener keep his lawn in perfect condition in spring, summer and also in autumn. Its powerful 1,250 Watt carbon power motor provides high torque for strong traction through high growth and wet grass and clean and thorough cutting. This model can handle all types of terrain without difficulty. Equipped with a 330 mm cutting width, the GE-EM 1233 is recommended for cutting lawns up to 300 m² is a valuable assistant for every gardening enthusiast in search of a favourable electric mower. This mower´s housing is made of high-quality, impact-resistant plastic for a particularly easy operation and a long service life.

  • Mains 230 V ~ 50 Hz
  • Power 1,250 W
  • Cutting height adjustment 5-steps 20 – 60 mm
  • Capacity collecton box 30 litres
  • Cutting width 330 mm
  • Product weight 11.1 kg

electric lawnmower

electric lawnmower

electric lawnmower

5-level central cutting height adjustment

The desired grass height from 20 to 60 mm can be adjusted quickly and easily with a single lever on the five-level central height adjustment.

Thorough mowing close to edges

The mowing deck especially developed for mowing close to edges is wider than the robust plastic wheels. Therefore, the lawn can be mowed at patches, fences and around stones precisely and thoroughly.

Space-saving fold-away guidance bar with integrated carrying handle

With its fold-away guidance bar and integrated carrying handle this mower can be transported and stored easily after lawn care. Simply loosen the quick fasteners and the guidance bar can be folded.

Additional information

Weight 11.1 kg
Dimensions 38.2 × 29.01 cm
Part Number


Product Dimensions

‎67.49 x 38.2 x 29.01 cm; 11.1 Kilograms

Item model number



‎33cm Cutting Width


‎Black, Red,black,grey


‎1250 W Electric Lawn Mower





Power Source

‎Corded electric


‎230 Volts


‎1250 watts

Item Package Quantity


Special Features


Included Components

‎1 x 3400192

Batteries included?


Batteries Required?


Item Weight

‎11.1 kg



Date First Available

5 Mar. 2014


‎Einhell UK

10 reviews for Einhell GE-EM 1233 Electric Lawnmower — 33cm Cutting Width, 30L Grass Box, 5 Cutting Height Levels — Lightweight, Walk-Behind

  1. Andy

    Einhell GE-EM 1233Got this yesterday after ordering the day before, paid for fast delivery My old hover mower had called it a day halfway through mowing the lawn . It had done 12 years service so probably due to retire.I saw the reviews for this one and decided to try a wheeled model with grass collection capabilities.I have a small to medium back and front garden.Back garden is justt too long for the 10 metre cable this machine comes with bur reaches the front one ok. I had to use an extension with my old mower anyway, so that wasn’t an issue.It was well packaged with the manufacturers box inside a plain brown Amazon box.On opening it looked a little intimidating to assemble on first glance but once you started getting the pieces out, it wasn’t too difficult.The instructions aren’t all that clear and are picture based. As they are black and white, I couldn’t see easily, which side of the handle the washers should go (inside or outside) on looking closer, the bolt fits in the square hole on the inside of the handle, so the washer goes on the outside, with the folding handle release lever.Also wasn’t sure, how much to tighten the release lever. If you tighten them up too much the levers will not release and allow the handle to fold. (This is not explained in the instructions).I had to back them off a turn to get this to work properly.Assembling the grass box and handle was quite easy, you just have to make sure all the sides are clipped in properly.There is a plastic tongue shaped part, that fits on the base of the grassbox. That caused a little confusion, as we weren’t sure which of the openings on the base it should clip into (This again wasn’t clearly explained in the manual)It turns out you have to push it down a little farther than you think until it locks into place.(I have added some pictures showing this part in place.Fitting the grass box make sure you lift the flap up high enough, before slotting the grass box in from slightly above. It goes on easily then. (I was a bit concerned about breaking the flap by lifting it to high but if you don’t lift it high enough, you can’t fit the box on properly).Height adjustment is done by pulling the lever on the left hand side of the machine outwards away from the machine and sliding it along to the next height adjustment hole and making sure it is slotted correctly in place.Sliding towards the front of the machine lowers the cutting height.Sliding the lever towards the rear of the machine makes the cutting height higher.The holes are marked with the cutting height. 20 mm lowest to 60 mm highest. (2 cm – 6cm.)It has 5 cutting heights, going up in 10 mm steps. 20-30-40-50-60IN USEIt is quite easy to push along and easy to turn.It is not too heavy though heavier than my flymo was.This is offset by the fact I had to carry my flymo from the shed to the garden and with this one, I can roll it along the path and only have to lift it up over the step.The handle placed at the centre of balance makes this quite easy and I am in my late 60’s so not as strong as I once was.The cut is pretty good but then again it is a brand new machine with a brand new blade. It is quite easy to steer, though I am getting used to it, as I have used a flymo for 30 years and keep forgetting it cannot move sideways.. 🤣I set the cutting height it on the 40 mm mark and that seems to be a tad lower, than my hover mower was set at. I never used to change that, as with the flymo, you had to unbolt the blade and insert spacers under it, a bit of a palaver.With this one I will adjust it depending on the grass length, it only takes a second.Mulching. This machine doesn’t come with a mulching plug. BUT the flap that shuts down over the opening when you remove the grass box, is quite strong, so I think if the grass was quite short and relatively dry when you cut it, you could probably leave the grass box off and just mow.The flap prevents any grass spraying back towards you. It would probably prevent any twigs or small stones flying towards you too.I cleaned the mower with a soft bristled brush after use.It does mention in the manual lubrication various parts of the mower but again not very detailed instructions on how to do so.I’m guessing wheel axles bolts and the spring that hold the flap are what they are talking about.It seems to be a very well made and sturdy machine. Time will tell if it lives up to it promise, so far so good.

  2. Richard Scott Jones

    Does the Job!Needed a small lawnmower for a small area of new lawn that only covers approx. 20sq meters, so I didn’t need anything fancy or expensive, just a lawnmower that does the job and will last a number of years if not a decade or so, maybe more, we will see.Anyway, I have bought Einhell power tools before and have always been happy with the build quality, on par with Bosch I would say, but just red plastic and nor green……. And there it is, plastic, yes, plastic. Manufactures in power tools and everything it seems these days are still obsessed with plastic even when we know that plastic is destroying the planet, but still they carry on making the stuff. This Einhell lawnmower, is very good and for the price it is very decent, but where it falls down is it use of plastic, so much so that the push bar is held to the engine casing plastic body with self tapping screws just cutting through plastic, not reassuring for robustness and durability over time.My other reservation is the fact that whilst assembling it I couldn’t help but think I was putting together a kids toy and once I got to mounting the wheels I was very shocked by the poor quality of them, each wheel is made from solid hard plastic? In fact I have seen better wheels on a toddlers sit-on fire engine, they are that poor and yes, embarrassing. If the mower didn’t have a 1000w spinning motor mounted within its plastic casing I could have easily thought that the mower was a toddlers toy, no joke. In fact I was even worried that my neighbour might come over whilst I was using it and laugh ( he has a Mountfield, a man’s mower)…… However, once plugged in and the start button pressed I was impressed by the cut and ease of use…….My other issue I have is the advertised 3 point adjustable cut…..sounds great doesn’t it……..However, this isn’t as straight forward as it sounds, oh no, there’s no little adjusting lever, but instead you have to, get this, remove each of the screw on kiddie plastic wheels and then re screw them on again in one of the three height adjustment mounting holes. You have to do this for each wheel! How cheap and slapdash is that? They just couldnt be bothered to make an adjustment lever that raised the blade up and down….obviously a cost cutting exercise.Anyway, if you forget all my criticism over plastic and design etc, then as I say for the price you get what you pay for, but it does the job and it does it well……and I have to admit, I would probably buy it again if I needed to because it is all I need, but Einhell, please sort out those toy wheels, they are just a step too far in cost cutting and very very embarrassing!

  3. Stuart H.

    Bought as a present for my daughterBought as a present for my daughter in her first house. Looks ideal for what garden they have.

  4. Lisa

    Great but..The lawnmower itself is fantastic for the price. I took down bushes of nettles over 3ft tall with it but one wheel keeps falling off. It’s very inconvenient having to stop to screw it back on. It isn’t that it’s too loose as all the other wheels are fine. However it’s a minor inconvenience for a pretty good lawnmower for the price.

  5. Martin Denny

    Solid looking machine.Was used to Flymo hover mower for many years so this new purchase was a learning experience for me. I’m coming 69 so find this machine a bit more difficult to manoeuvre but hey you have to start somewhere. It gives a great cut after testing depth control. Easy to assemble. Found it a bit difficult to register for warranty purposes, not even sure if it is registered should something go wrong as no confirmation email received to confirm procedure carried out correctly. Have only used once since purchase.

  6. oxgang17

    zwas very impressed to begin withI was very pleased with this mower. Received it on 19th May 2022 and until today had used it twice – very successfully. I like the various heights of the blade which it has – and the cut was very good. Today, for my third cut it managed one strip of the lawn – it then sputtered and died. Einhell told me it is faulty and I should return it to Amazon. I have instigated the return process and have – hopefully not stupidly – asked for a replacement. It was good enough to give them a second chance. Watch this space.

  7. Elynot

    Seems to be a good mower.I gave my old Bosch to my son when he moved and then purchased this Einhell as it had better reviews than the latest Bosch, it is very good but I also find like others that the control lever is difficult to hold in when using the mower, not the end of the world but annoying.

  8. Mary Hunter

    GreatGreat grass cutter that works very well

  9. V8RST

    Lightweight, compact, cuts well.I previously had a Einhell petrol mower, but then that had reliability issues. The main one was it would not start.So after spending money on parts, I had to let it go. As it was not worth keeping it, or spending anymore money on it.So I bought this, & now it’s easier, as I don’t have to lift a heavy machine. This is a lot lighter, & smaller.You get what you pay for, & this is not a robust item. So take that into account please. It is noticeably weaker, & fragile in its construction compared to the petrol one.It has a height adjuster, & will do a good job of cutting the lawn. When pushing it there is a lack of torsional rigidity in the handles, & they do move more than the old petrol one.I think this item is OK, & do recommend it.Also now I don’t have to pull hard on a starting pull cord. So my right shoulder will now not suffer like it did. Therefore from the start that’s one major benefit.

  10. paul thacker

    greatIt works well.

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