Einhell GC-RT 7530 Electric Garden Rotavator — 30cm Working Width, 20cm Working Depth, 750W Power Digger, Soil Cultivator —

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Brand Einhell
Colour Red
Item dimensions L x W x H 49.8 x 31.5 x 12.9 centimetres
Power Source Corded Electric
Weight 7.4 Kilograms

  • Powerful soil tilling performance
  • Working width: 30 cm
  • Tilling depth: 20 cm
  • Twin handle safety switch
  • Cable strain relief
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From the manufacturer

Product Features

Powerful electric motor

The powerful electric motor with 750 W works through almost any soil and enables the quick digging of vegetable and flower patches, and medium-sized lawn surfaces thanks to its working width of 300 mm.

Robust choppers

Thanks to the robust choppers and a working depth of up to 200 mm, the digging of even solid soils is much easier.

2-point safety switch

This tool is equipped with a 2-point safety switch which shuts down the robust cultivator blades as soon as you let go of the switch.

Additional information

Weight 7.4 kg
Dimensions 31.5 × 12.9 cm
Part Number


Product Dimensions

‎49.8 x 31.5 x 12.9 cm; 7.4 Kilograms

Item model number




Power Source

‎Corded electric


‎230 Volts


‎750 watts

Item Package Quantity


Number Of Pieces


Measurement System


Included Components

‎1 x electric tiller; manual

Batteries included?


Batteries Required?


Item Weight

‎7.4 kg



Date First Available

4 Oct. 2015



10 reviews for Einhell GC-RT 7530 Electric Garden Rotavator — 30cm Working Width, 20cm Working Depth, 750W Power Digger, Soil Cultivator —

  1. Amazon buyer

    The Einhell and heavy clay soilEllWe did lots of research before buying and I have to say we are very happy with our purchase. We live in an area of very heavy clay soil and wanted to level an area that was on a slight slope before laying turf. This meant in parts going down to the subsoil and trying to break it up so the area could be raked level. Something of a task for a machine of this price and size, but we found it was up to the job if we first used a fork to very roughly turn over the subsoil and then used the machine on the lumps of very heavy clay soil . Using it directly on the very compacted ground it tended to bounce around and not make much of an impression but I am sure using it on a lighter soil would be a breeze. We really could not have completed the task without the machine and ended up achieving what we wanted. It feels powerful to use but as a size 10 soon to be 60 year old lady I was able to manage it without much difficulty. A great machine for the price and with this newer model they appear to have sorted out the problem of it cutting out through overheating which was an issue highlighted in a number of Amazon customer reviews on the previous version.

  2. Michael Allen

    Great for raised beds and lighter soils. Not powerful enough for heavy clay or tough sod.I do like this one, but found it to be really quite light in our harder soil. I gave it a 4 because it is a good price and works well in raised beds that are already soft. It is very good for digging in new top soil or compost that you’ve laid over the top of the existing soil and for aerating what is there. I’ve tried it on soil under sod and it took a good bit of time to chop it up and it was’t chopping very deeply. I think if you used it several times and it was very dry you could do more. It definitely does not dig sod as the grass just twines into it, but it’s not sold to do that either. In general, a very good tool for the price if you’re talking about lighter work or lighter soils. Again, very handy for the raised beds.

  3. Amazon Customer

    An excellent addition to my garden shed.I found this easy to assemble from the box – all the bits were present and it took hardly any time to assemble. Once I had positioned my hands properly I could start it quite easily. I find it best to use moving backwards as any bounce is then easily controlled. Yes, the lead could be bit longer but that doesn’t really detract from its usefulness in my eyes. So far I have used it to break up two large areas of old flower border and have already saved myself hours of effort (and backache). Untangling long stalks is always a bit of a chore but no worse than on other (larger) rotavators I have used. I like the fact that the tines can be removed if necessary. So far I am really pleased that I bought this bit of kit. Time will tell about reliability bit it seems to be solidly made so I have no concerns about this.

  4. dr. anil kumar vakkalanka

    Beauty which does a beast of job. Love itIt is a very well built machineI am extremely pleased with it and have tilled my flower and plant patches to loosen the soil and get rid of the weeds as well. It pulverised the soil and it is so very easy to rake the soil following its use. Brilliant machine but make sure you wear adequate protective gear for your feet and protect the long wire which can easily be damaged if you don’t pay attention.I would recommend this beauty to do a beast of a job!!!!

  5. Big Dave

    Very powerful. Great little digger.Very easy to set up and very powerful. So much easier than forking, and you end up with a lovely fine rakable bed.My only gripe is that at a foot wide, it won’t go between my shrubs.Not the machines fault though. I need wider spacing for my fuschias.It is brilliant on my bigger beds. Also brilliant for churning up a lumpy lawn ready to turf or reseed.It does give you a bit of a workout when it bounces, but can turn over a flower bed in just a few minutes and did my area of lawn (4mx3m) in 20 minutes.I find it best to start at the far end, push right hand down then left hand down to swipe over the ground in an arc. Then once it has got to desired depth, step back, swaying left and right.That way you aren’t tramping the ground back in with your boots and it is more controllable.Talking about boots. Definitely wear them.It’s a brute so don’t wear flip flops.

  6. Desbroom

    Good sturdy machine for the small garden or alotment.Not having used one before I was a bit apprehensive especially as I have arthritis which restricts what I can physically do now. I have used the tiller once (hence 4*) and managed fine. It worked well on cultivated loam soil which had white mustard growing for green manure. As expected some of the vegetation got wound round the drive shaft and was a pain to clean off. As usual the assembly instructions could be clearer so I would advise following the illustration on the box – make sure the cable restrainer is positioned on the horizontal bar before bolting on the handle.

  7. n whone

    Fantastic piece of kit. Well worth the money.Absolutely fantastic, had a garden full of brambles, weeds, nettles etc. Ripped the lot out with considerable ease.Something that would have taken weeks to clear by hand was done in a matter of hours, strimmed beforehand.Before and after photos show the difference.

  8. Peter Copper

    i am 84 years old and live alone and in poor health and i have two plots in my garden …This product far exceeded my expectations and then some, i am 84 years old and live alone and in poor health and i have two plots in my garden that had not been dug for years and was like concrete and i looked at this tiller and the wattage hmm cant expect much given the price and spec, i decided to give it a try and if it breaks then tough i could pay that much to be dug and broken up, It was unknown what was below the surface, here goes anyway and what a surprise i coped and the tiller cope and in a very short while together we had a dug plot and a fine tilth and it dug up some large stones and exposed shrub roots amazed and satisfied and it did Not break and i have found a couple more projects for it, A Very Good Buy.

  9. Ericr

    Saves a lot of backbreaking workI always dread the spring when I have to use a hoe for a few hours and am still left with quite large clumps of soil. Using the Einhell 7350 reduced the large areas of soil to just a few minutes work and the resulting soil was almost powder. The initial use is quite scary as the machine jumps around like a bucking bronco but it only takes a couple of goes to tame the beast. I did find, however, that there is a lot of soil spat out at the back and after a session a bit of brushing soil back is required. I was also surprised how quiet it is. This will now save my usually aching back and the only manual howing will be the narrow borders. Well worth the money.

  10. Sian Harrison

    Great tool.lightweight and easy to manoeuvre….. for a fit 50 year old with a dodgy hip. This does a great job of tilling the earth to a fine tilth…..I use it much more often than planned as the area it cultivates when in the ground is only about half a meter square; although there is some soil spray in front of the machine. My garden is well ahead of previous years as I haven’t had to spend hours knocking my heavy clay soil into shape with a spade. My original rotovator was a beast that I could barely hold on to….this is my new best mate!

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