Einhell GC-KS 2540 Electric Garden Shredder — Reversible Steel Blades, Large Funnel Opening, Safety Shut-Off — 2500W Garden

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Brand Einhell
Power Source Corded Electric
Colour Red & Black
Weight 9.8 Kilograms
Cutting width 40 Millimetres
Product dimensions 41.3L x 33W centimetres
Speed 4500 RPM
Assembly required Yes

  • For effective operation the Einhell GC-KS 2540 electric shredder has two long-lasting, robust reversible blades made of special steel which are driven by a powerful 2,500 W motor.
  • The large funnel opening means it is convenient to use and makes it easy to feed in the material you want to shred, for branches up to 40 mm in diameter.
  • The funnel has a safety interlock and can be swung down for cleaning and maintenance. There is a motor circuit breaker for protection against overloading.
  • The electric shredder can be transported quickly and easily in the garden and home grounds thanks to the wheels and robust chassis. An integrated practical transport handle makes this even easier.
  • The shredder has a shredder debris bag which is fitted quickly and easily on a hook.
  • Note Overloading branches into the chute will stop the machine from working,in this case Shredder has to be restarted
  • Also Note Please ensure the safety micro switch is fully locked into place to avoid the machine to work (for example if cleaning or clearing a blockage). Please contact Customer Service Helpline number 0151 649 1500 for any issues with the product.


From the manufacturer



Additional information

Weight 9.8 kg
Dimensions 33 × 12.7 cm
Part Number


Product Dimensions

‎41.3 x 33 x 12.7 cm; 9.8 Kilograms

Item model number

‎GC-KS 2540


‎Red, Black


‎Electric Knife Shredder



Power Source

‎Corded electric


‎2000 watts

Item Package Quantity


Sound level

‎106 dB


‎4500 RPM


‎Shredding, Mulching

Included Components

‎Prodder / Feeder, Instructions, Electric knife shredder, Debris bag

Batteries Required?


Item Weight

‎9.8 kg



Date First Available

21 April 2020



10 reviews for Einhell GC-KS 2540 Electric Garden Shredder — Reversible Steel Blades, Large Funnel Opening, Safety Shut-Off — 2500W Garden

  1. Jerry Tracey

    Very similar to, but a lot cheaper than the Bosch modelI previously had a Bosch shredder, which was very similar to this model. The main difference, apart from the fact that this model is almost half the price of the Bosch, is that instead of a big rotary control switch incorporating an emergency shut-off, this model has a couple of rocker switches protected from the weather with a transparent rubber cover. The lack of an emergency shut-off wasn’t obvious in the advert, and the Safety Shut Off referred to relates to opening the front cover, and cuts the power with a microswitch if the shredder blade cover is removed. If you need to stop it in an emergency, you have to use the normal power switches which are tucked away below the manoeuvring handle, and this is the only major negative I have to say about this model.

  2. Brian britcliffe

    Excellent if used correctlyBought this to work with my tacklife Crusher shreader as I use the chips as mulch. Shreads fantastic wet or dry it’s no problems to this well built bit of kit. Used correctly does a brilliant job highly recommended…..

  3. Martin

    Does the job far better than some of these reviews sayBought to shred garden bushes and small trees, i was a bit worried after reading some reviews that it might not be upto the job, Sorry – but they were wrong !This thing is great for the money, the blades are reversible and they do a good amount of chipping before needing replacing. (Replacements here https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00HT94HDQ/ref=ppx_od_dt_b_asin_title_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 )The left side is the mean side, it’ll chip upto advised diameter, though the branches need to be pretty straight or they get jammed.Leaves shred just fine, but you may need to clean under the cover as it’l blocks up if doing to much greenery.I ran mine for about 10 hrs over two days, worked superbly !Be warned, the guard /cover has a safety switch fitted under the cover – unless you secure the cover correctly, the chipper won’t run. I very nearly sent mine back as it was dead on arrival, it was only when i nipped up the saftey cover screw to see if there was a contact pressure switch, that the thing started working

  4. David Johnson

    It make light work of twigs making them ready for composting.It is easy to set up and use.

  5. James O’Connell

    Shredding good valueI bought this item to replace an old shredder. It was on offer and had good reviews. It came direct from the manufacturer very quickly. Assembly was simple and the machine was ready to use.It has two rotating blades and deals with typical garden waste easily, it is adequately powered for my needs as an amateur gardener, the resulting cuttings provide a good mulch.

  6. Donald MacDonald

    Six months use on an neglected hedgrow and old orchard and its done very wellI was a bit concerned about some reviews when I was researching which shredder to buy. I settled on this one for reasons of price, its specification, and it was compact and it looked easy to use. My thoughts were, I’ll use this for a year and then buy a bigger more expensive one. The good news is that after six months use on an old neglected hedgerow and orchard trees I’ll just keep using this one. It does the job. A few tips about using it are in order, really because I learned the hard way. First make sure you wear proper gloves and good safety glasses because you will be handling branches and sticks at waist to head height and above. A hat is a good idea as well. The shredder works best on reasonably straight branches or ones with a curve. It will handle a smaller branch with a ninety degree bend but a large one just gets stuck. Its best to assess what you are shredding and cut side shoots and badly bent branches at the bend. Thin branches with leaves that you can scrunch together into the feed hole will go through. I have not tried it on conifer branches but think it will be OK. A benefit is that you get well chopped mulch that can be spread on borders. It is slightly top heavy, so needs to sit on level ground, so one less star for maneuverability. The on/off switch is OK, but not well positioned and fiddly to use when wearing thick gloves, so one less safety star for that reason only. I can recommend this shredder, but don’t just expect it to handle everything and do wear the safety kit.

  7. Deans

    Suitable for small branchesThe shredder chops small branches well but soon gets clogged up needing clearing every 30 minutes or so. Also the motor only stays on for 15/20 seconds before cutting out irrespective of whether branches are being fed into it or not. Not a great product

  8. Mr. K

    Better than i thoughtWas cheap so i want expecting anything decent, but i was surprised how well it worked.

  9. Amazon Customer

    I won’t be buying Einhell again![Einhell Electric Shredder] I am deeply disappointment due to the fact that this is basically quite a good machine, when working well it does a great job, unfortunately it is TOTALLY let down by the inferior blades.The machine arrived in good time, was easy to put together and my wife was using it the next day, within 2 hours of use it was jamming up inside, after cleaning it out I found this was due to the blades loosing their edge so I turned them around to the sharp side and put it away. The next time I was using it (on nothing bigger than 15mm) and within the same 2 hours it was again blocking up due to the wood not being cut properly.I ordered a new set of blades thinking the blades may have been faulty but once again, after 2 hours or so of work the new blades were not cutting properly and needed turning around to the sharp edge (2 sided).I have a feeling this is a strategy used by Einhell, sell a cheep machine but make the blades so they need changing regularly so they make more profit over time. The blades are £15 a time so over the life of the machine you will have paid well over the cost of an expensive machine. If you don’t change the blades you end up forcing the branches through and having to clean the blockages out often, which I have noticed others complaining about.I moved recently, giving my old shredder away with the idea of buying a new one, I had had that one for over 10 years without a blade change so it can be made to last and it isn’t due to me putting anything in the machine that I shouldn’t! Oh I wish I had kept that machine!I recommend you think twice about buying this shredder from Einhell, I most certainly won’t be buying anything from them again.I now have to decide whether to cut my losses and take the shredder to the dump or find a blade that will fit and last longer, which I doubt I will be able to! But I am not giving Einhell any more of my hard earned cash .

  10. james coull

    Good systemNothing

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