Einhell Dual Drag Crosscut and Mitre Saw TC-SM 2131/1





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Compact & handy design – powerful & flexible when working

The Einhell pull-cut mitre saw TC-SM 2131/1 Dual is equipped with a high-quality carbide saw blade and a 1500-watt motor: Precise and demanding cutting work is therefore no problem! Extendable workpiece supports on the left and right provide support when working with wider workpieces. The saw blade can be changed easily thanks to the easily accessible spindle lock. The mitre saw can be transported safely with the help of the transport lock.


Planning extensive sawing work? We have just the thing!

The TC-SM 2131/1 Dual is a pull-cut mitre saw for working with wood, coated panels and plastics. Thanks to the integrated pull function, even particularly wide workpieces can be cut effortlessly. A clamping device fixes the workpiece for your safety.


Flexible in any position

The saw head can be tilted left & right: Heavy workpieces do not have to be rotated and can be flexibly machined from any position.


Just do it yourself!

The sturdy, high-quality die-cast aluminium turntable has locking positions for the most common angles for DIY work.


Precise in every situation

The mains-powered laser marks the cutting line: This means that the workpiece can be positioned where the cut is to be made.


Free of dust and chips

The chip collection sack ensures a dust- and chip-free workplace, while the dust collection funnel also significantly improves sawdust removal.

  • The Einhell TC-SM 2131/1 Dual drag, crosscut and mitre saw is suitable for cutting wood, laminated panels and plastic. The drag, crosscut and mitre saw allows clean mitre cuts and precise crosscutting to length.
  • The saw head can be tilted continuously to the left and right for high flexibility in setting mitres on two sides. The integrated drag function enables you to cut particularly wide workpieces.
  • Workpiece supports on two sides, a clamping device for reliable securing of the workpiece and a workpiece stop with rails that adjust to the left and right enable safe, precise operation.
  • The high-quality turntable of the drag, crosscut and mitre saw comes with an exact angle adjustment facility for angular cuts which can be latched single handedly in various positions.
  • The table insert is equipped with a practical scale for reading off the workpiece width. An integrated, mains-powered laser marks the cutting line, enabling the workpiece to be positioned quickly and exactly.

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