Einhell CE-CP 18/180 Li E Power X-Change 18V Cordless Polisher


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  • The Einhell CE-CP 18/180 Li E-Solo cordless polishing/sanding machine is a member of the PXC series. It offers cordless freedom for jobs in the home,workshed & garage. PXC rechargeable batteries can be combined with all other devices from the series.
  • The Einhell cordless polishing/sanding machine is powered by a brushless motor – the long-lasting brushless electric motor which defies mechanical wear and delivers better performance than a conventional carbon brush motor.
  • The 2-in-1 product makes it possible: Polishing and sanding with a single tool. A large polishing disk with a diameter of 180 millimeters enables speedy work. The hook-and-loop micro fastener enables attachments to be changed quickly.
  • For unproblematic fastening of the polishing disk there is a spindle locking system. If the finish is dull or covered in small scratches, you can achieve a real “wow” effect by using the right polish and tools.
  • Thanks to the electronic speed control via LCD display, DIY enthusiasts can adjust the speed to each specific application easily and with just a glance.

Technical Details

From the manufacturer


One battery system for all Power X-Change devices

With the Power X-Change battery system from Einhell, you can run all of the compatible equipment with the same battery. Whether for a power tool or gardening equipment – one battery is all it takes.


Active battery management system for best quality

Our top of the range Lithium-Ion cells don’t just deliver maximum power, thanks to the automatic ABS-battery monitoring they are also durable and sturdy.

Einhell CE-CP 18/180 Li E

2 in 1: Sanding and polishing with a single device

The cordless polisher and sander CE-CP 18/180 Li E offers freedom from cables and combines two functions. Power X-Change makes it possible! The powerful lithium-ion battery from the Einhell battery system provides top performance and can be combined with any other Power X-Change device. Delivery includes a foam attachment, a synthetic polishing bonnet and three sanding discs in different grain sizes, but the battery and charger are not included. These are available separately.

Efficient, powerful and durable!

Einhell brushless motor technology

The cordless polisher and sander is powered by a brushless electric motor: Brushless electric motors are much more efficient and powerful than conventional electric motors. This maximises the working time with one battery charge and provides the necessary power for demanding tasks. Unlike brush motors, the life cycle of brushless motors is much longer. What’s more, no maintenance whatsoever is required.


Simple attachment changing

Want to make your car gleam? Or finely sand wood? Thanks to interchangeable attachments with micro Velcro, the machine is quickly ready for either.


More sensitivity required

The speed can be controlled electronically via the LCD display – suitable for every application and even sensitive materials.


Practical spindle lock

Thanks to the built-in spindle lock, the attachment can be easily fixed and changed.


Battery recommendation

The polisher can be operated with any Power X-Change battery, but optimum results are achieved with 2.5 Ah or more.



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