Drill Dust Collector-Vacuum Drill Dust Extractor by MAYILON M9912



  • 【Strong Suction】2 LPM strong suction, making sure it can stay on the wall. There’s 4 indicators on the right side, more lights on means more suction power.
  • 【3 in 1 Device】Drill dust collector, detachable wall mount(up to 5kg max load), laser/physical level 3 in 1 device, make it much more convenient for you. You’re a pro, you deserve this pro device.
  • 【Make Your Work Accurate】Did you drill the spot correctly? This smart device comes with a laser level and 2 spirit bubbles(horizontal & vertical), with it you will be able to do it right every time.
  • 【Easier for You】This is a small size device, even easily fit in your pocket. USB charging, bring it to the next level of convenience.
  • 【100% Satisfaction Policy】If you’re not satisfied with the quality of the product, please get in touch with us. 100% MONEY BACK is no issue, no question asked.

Technical Details

Product Description

Drill Dust Collector

MAYILON M9912 Electric Drill Dust Collector, Laser Level Meter, Wall Suction Vacuum Drill, Dust Collecting Tools 3-in-1 Solution

Work dust-free and clean

Millions of tiny dust particles swirl in the air, especially during drilling work. Depending on the material being processed, concrete, silicocalcareal bricks or masonry powder obscure the user’s view. At the same time, microscopically small particles will easily enter your airway. M9912 offers a wide range of dust extraction systems for different drilling jobs, and it can help to ensure you work dust-free and clean.

top choice Vacuum Drill Dust Extractor

Technical Paremeters

Wall Mount Max Load 5kg
Laser Wavelength 650nm
Laser Power <1mw
Laser Color Red
Laser Level Range 2m
Waterproof Level IP54
Working Time 5H
Safe Fall Height 1.2m
Battery Capacity 1800m Ah
Charging Voltage/Current 3.7V / 0.5A
Inspiratory Flow 2LPM
Working Noise ≤60db
Working Pressure -55Kpa
Operating Temperature -20-70°C
Size 77*52*190MM
Weight 350g


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