Dirty Pro Tools™ Garden Shredder 40mm Cutting Width Electric 2500 W 4050 RPM Blade

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Capacity 50 litres
Colour Black, Green
Product dimensions 3.8D x 5.5W x 9.5H centimetres
Item weight 15 Kilograms

  • Large wheels for ease of manoeuvrability,6 meter power cable
  • Large 50 Litre integrated collection box, Easy view of bin when full
  • 2500 watt motor turning out 4050 RPM, With the safety cut out switch
  • Will shred up to 40mm thick branches


Garden Shredder 40mm Cutting Width Electric 2500 W 4050 RPM Blade

* This powerful garden shredder is ideal for a for those professional gardeners, can shred up 40mm twigs/branches, and with its 2500 w turning out 4050 RPM, large 50litre intergraded collection box at the same time the machine is compact to store easily in the shed, Built in safety devices, sturdy a with large wheels for easy manoeuvrability and safety devices makes this a must for all gardeners.

* Will shred up to 40mm thick branches
* Large wheels for ease of manoeuvrability
* 6 meter power cable
* Large 50 Litre integrated collection box
* Easy to clean
* Easy view of bin when full
* With the safety cut out switch

* Power: 2500 Watts
* Power supply: 230 Volt / 50 Hz
* Speed without load: 4,050 R/min
* Speed blade without load: 6,500 rpm.
* Size 95 x 55 x 38 cm H/D/W
* Weight approx. 15 kg.
* Sound pressure LpA: 98 DB
* Sound power LwA: 111 DBA

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Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 3.8 × 9.5 cm
Product Dimensions

‎5.5 x 3.8 x 9.5 cm; 15 Kilograms


‎50 litres



Date First Available

24 Aug. 2015


‎Dirty Pro Tools

10 reviews for Dirty Pro Tools™ Garden Shredder 40mm Cutting Width Electric 2500 W 4050 RPM Blade

  1. Gardenjeannie

    Great. Only a small ‘but’!The media could not be loaded.

     For the price, this is best shredder I’ve used. Yes, noisy( as all are) but it’s coped for 3 seasons so far. Shredded most of a huge dying rowan tree, and 2 large conifers. Along with all the pruning from my beech and privet hedge and extensive fruit garden.Also, with any bamboo that wasn’t thick enough to use for my beans, and then even that once its usefulness was over.However! You do need to remove the roller at the bottom of the outlet chute if you want to process softer leafy prunings. (This WILL invalidate the warranty, as its a safety item to prevent idiots from putting hands up there!) And it’s a good idea to keep some dry branches to pass through from time to time.I’m only just now buying new blades and it’s worked extremely hard for me.Makes lovely fine mulch. You know blades need sharpening/ changed when too many fine twigs get through. 2nd pic is example of when blades need changed.The quality of mulch depends what you put through machine. Size, type etc. 2nd pic is from a self seeded prunus of some description legt to dry for a day or 2 till I got time to shred. This will go into leafmould pile. The long bits are great for kindling if you don’t get newspapers any more!Just make sure any longer bits are not clogging outlet chute. Unplug, pull drawer out and pull them free.The video is a small example of just how much this machine has coped with each use. (Excuse the mess, there is a large job in progress!)Overall, I love this machine. Be sensible with and it should give years of use! Like anything of this price, don’t overface it!And no, it won’t do yucca leaves! Not even with dry woody stuff. Unless you only have a few. You prob need an Archimedes screw type shredder for lots of green stuff. I use an old lawnmower!

  2. Steve Euden

    Powerful enoughLooks good and ready to eat the bushes I’m going to feed it

  3. lostinglass

    So far, so good.Ok, it’s early days yet, so here are my initial impressions of this machine. This is the first shredder that I’ve owned, so was a little sceptical at first. I read all the other reviews and took on some useful hints. Firstly, if you can, you will need to remove the “roller” in the opening below the cutting blades, as this simply causes the thing to back up constantly, especially if you are shredding green stuff(not recommended). The rubber “skirt” which guards the inlet to the shredder is as pain in the backside especially if the stuff you’re putting in is soft, long straight sticks are fine. curly soft ivy twigs are not. The “paddle” supplied to push the stuff through is ok, except that it is straight and the slot is curved, a curved paddle would work better, somewhere to store the paddle in use would be welcome. the machine vibrates too much to just leave it on top, it falls off and you find yourself continually bending down to pick it up, unless you have three hands that is! Most reviewers complain the that leafy stuff just clogs the thing up and I concur, I found it simpler to remove the leaves and bag them separately, I was doing ivy, holly and roses so none of this was destined for the compost heap. If you allow the very nice collecting box to get more than half full ,it builds up under the exit from the cutters and blocks it, so you must keep levelling it out. After 2 hours of use the blades had become dull and anything that was soft tended to be squashed rather than cut. Clearly the blades will need to be dressed/sharpened regularly to keep this thing useable. Lastly, the noise, this is NOISY, great for annoying the neighbours but awful on the ear, ear plugs/defenders really are a must. So the verdict, I like it it does a good enough job at the price however if you think you can just keep using it without regular maintenance, like a mower for instance, you’re gonna be disappointed. I’m going to look into the subject of finding a way to harden these mild steel blades, maybe a bit of heat treatment will work, look out for further updates!

  4. Mrs G.

    It does the job, but not quickly. Edit….Today it died …..not yet 3 years old.Edit….Sadly for no apparent reason this machine died today, it has not lasted long and has not received excessive use. 3 or 4 times a year at most…….. This machine does the job, having owned a Bosch for many years we purchased one again, the Rapid 2200, sadly it did not last more than 15 mins, so we had to search for another model. Having hunted high and low to find a really good review we ended up going for this one, which had the least bad reviews. It happily chomps through anything up to an inch in diameter, I would not feel confident in anything larger. Until you get used to the machine it does block, but I found that having the box open slightly at the bottom and watching to ensure the shreddings are coming through soon teaches you how much to put in at a time. It does not like having soft greenery shoved in with the plunger but will do it happily if filled steadily. The shreddings come through finely enough for composting, but some leaves and twigs miss this process and come through whole, but not enough to be frustrating.The plunger has nowhere to sit on the machine but this was solved by tying it to the handle with string. It is not a quick machine, but if your purpose is to create mulch or compost for your own garden then that is not to much of a problem. If you are wanting to shred large quantities quickly to then dispose of (ie garden clearance) it is probably not the machine for you. Blockages are easy to clear, the machine is lightweight and easy to move around, even on slopes and uneven ground.It is a noisy machine, so timing its use so as not to annoy people may be a consideration.

  5. Customer

    well worth the moneyArrived a day earlier than expected, which was nice, well packaged – secure but not OTT. Instructions clear and not as telegraphic as those for some other power tools I have brought. Assembly was simple (although there is not much to go wrong!). The machine feels sturdy, and the motor sounds as if it means business. First time out, quite impressed. The Shredder made easy work of some tree prunings – sticks and twigs, nothing too thick – a whole pile disappearing with satisfying speed. The machine struggled with the remains of an old Christmas tree, the needles clogging up the outflow. Similar, but not so bad’ with hedge trimmings and leaves – relatively frequent blockages. Its just a pity that the outflow isn’t a little larger to stop waste like this from clogging it up. Having said that, clearing any obstruction is simplicity itself, and the machine was soon back in operation. When I was checking these devices out, I wanted something that was not too expensive, but equally not so cheap that it wouldn’t do the work. I think that I’ve found it – but I will amend this post in the future if anything goes wrong.

  6. TonyT

    Good as long as you’re aware of its limitations.I had a 10 metre stretch of ancient hedge to demolish with some of the stems up to 2 inches thick. This seemed a reasonable price (as opposed to the £300 Bosch one) so I gave it a try.Works fairly well on nice straight pieces but twisty ones are a bit of a pain. I does jam-up occasionally when worked very hard but it copes with most jobs.The machine has had a real hammering during the hedge removal and has managed the job to its capacity. It had been worked so hard that I had to rest it from to time to time.It’s surprising how quickly the large capacity hopper fills up.I reckon this performs as well as shredders twice or three times the price, so as long as you’re aware of the machines limitations it’s a good buy

  7. Paul

    Pretty uselessGood points: sturdy, compact and easy to move around.Bad points: it just doesn’t work effectively. I blocks up too easily and is not easy to clear. Tried it with various materials from prunings of shrubs to hedge clippings and it just can’t cope. It has just taken 2 hours to shred two 50litre bags of escallonia hedge cuttings! I could have spent less time cutting the up with secateurs. Probably the least effective device I have ever bought.

  8. David

    Pretty with some good features but feed hopper need a re-design.On the good side the motor is powerfull (and noisey, but that can be said of most of them) and the collecting box is wonderfull and it chops stuff down fo a good small size, excellent for composting. I have been using it for leylandii hedging which is green and wet, so it is quite a difficult material to handle. At first I found that it would block up very easily, far too easily. Inspection revealed that the slot at the base of the cutter chute has a rotating bar across to stop idiots from shoving their hands up into the cutting chamber and paring their fingers. Removing the bar made an immediate improvement. The other snag is that the slot through which you ram the matarial to be cut is too narrow and the anti-put-your-hand-into-the-cutting-chamber-device is too stiff, I hope it gets floppier with use. It is quite hard work to use compared with the Bosch machine that it replaces. Finally the Dirty Pro Tools machine was designed by someone who has never seen a real tree. It works fine with straight branches (like Hazel) but anything that has a bend or a slight branch coming out of it is hopelessly trapped in the overstiff feed slot. The Bosch was better in this respect being a lot less fussy. Next week I start on the Laurel!

  9. David L.

    Blocks up very easily.Reduced a large pile of tree and bush trimmings, to very small chippings which took up less space in our garden waste bin than hand cutting to an acceptable size. Besides the noise level which is expected with this type of product, the unit blocked up quite easily during use. The gap feeding into the collection hopper is quite tight being only just over an inch deep, which does not seem to clear the chippings quick enough. This requires the unit to be checked for blockages on a regular basis, but other than this small annoyance the unit performs very well.

  10. Brody’s mum

    Have mine for free!Having bought this in 2016 and thought it would be helpful in the garden i can honestly say it has been the most useless piece of garden equipment EVER! I have used it now 4 times. Each time I have said I will never use it again. Today the day has come to try get rid of it. If anyone wants it it yours, if not it’s going to the tip for recycling. It blocks, it won’t cut a branch more than 1cm in diameter. What is the point of a shredder for mulch if you have to cut the branches ( more like twigs with this machine) and then wait until they are completely dried out! They almost have to be as dry as tinder for this useless thing to not block.I am now looking to buy a petrol chipper/shredder. I would actually be too embarrassed to give this away for free. Don’t buy. It’s a waste of money

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