Dirty Pro Tools™ Compact Electric Garden Shredder 40mm Cutting Width 2500w 4500rpm Blade

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  • Will shred up to 40mm thick branches
  • Large wheels for ease of manoeuvrability
  • 2500 watt motor turning out 4500 RPM, With the safety cut out switch
  • Weight approx. 10 kg
  • 50 litre chip collection bag


Garden Shredder 40mm Cutting Width Electric 2500W 4500 RPM Blade

* This powerful garden shredder is ideal for a for those keen gardeners, can shred up 40mm twigs/branches, and with its 2500 w turning out 4500 RPM, The machine is compact to store easily in the shed, Built in safety devices, sturdy a with large wheels for easy manoeuvrability and safety devices makes this a must for all gardeners.

* Will shred up to 40mm thick branches
* Large wheels for ease of manoeuvrability
* 50 litre chip collection bag
* Easy to clean
* With the safety cut out switch
* Manufactured by Dirty-Pro Tools UK

* Power: 2500 Watts
* Power supply: 230 Volt / 50 Hz
* Speed without load: 4500 R/min
* Speed blade without load: 6,500 rpm.
* Size 90 x 50 x 39 cm H/D/W
* Weight approx. 10 kg.
* Sound pressure LpA: 98 DB
* Sound power LwA: 111 DBA

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Date First Available

24 Aug. 2015


‎Dirty Pro Tools

10 reviews for Dirty Pro Tools™ Compact Electric Garden Shredder 40mm Cutting Width 2500w 4500rpm Blade

  1. MCF

    Easy to use, read the instructions.Excellent item, sturdy and capable.It’s large wheels make it easy moving around the garden and it’s sturdy and stable in use.It doesn’t seem particularly loud in use and, with the help of the plastic plunger/shover tool, a steady stream of weeds, shrubby growth and small (2 to 3 cms) get finely chopped (yes, I’ve a very overgrown garden to tackle).It does recommend wet or clumpy greenery is allowed to dry out before shredding or it can clog the machine but I met with no issues.The chopped up leaves make a great mulch or gives the compost bin a boost.The only faults (nit-picking) is there needs to be a hook for the pusher tool on the chute, otherwise you keep putting it down and picking it up as you work.The plug and cable from the machine is too short it is literally 30cms long – it doesn’t even reach the ground. I realise that this is for safety reasons but it means that the necessary extension cable (mine is a four socket drum I bought at the same time) is hanging on that plug – and that cannot be a good idea (I dropped a star from the safety rating for this).

  2. HSH I C Nolsoe

    Not worth the moneyI bought this shredder, as I thought the Wattage would cope with the work it was meant to do.Sadly, after very easy assembly, I used the shredder and it worked well and managed to get through my small branches. Then I started to put through the second load and I could smell burning wires and the motor started to slow down.Today I have tried using it again, in the hope the previous wire smell was just because it was new; but today I could see white flashes coming from the motor housing and the motor is still on a slow go. Also the burning wire smell is back.

  3. Shane ford

    Value foe moneyNothing

  4. Mr. Anthony H. Ashdown

    I suggest he makers put a longer cable on in future.I haven’t yet had an opportunity to ty it. However I was surprised and disappointed in the length of the plug lead, it won’t even reach the ground or the socket on a normal extension cable..

  5. Graham Lane

    Not bad for the priceNot bad for the price. It copes well with branches but you need to keep them long so you can push them through. Anything soft like twigs or leaves will jam it and removing the cover is quite tricky.

  6. tynymaes

    I’ve seen sharper butter knivesGood points – reasonable price and quick delivery but useless. Blades visibly blunt within an hour of use and cannot be sharpened hardened steel. I have seen sharper butter knives at the breakfast table. Total junk. I had to return within a couple of days of delivery and even then the supplier refused to pay for the return postage for what is a deficient product which is not fit for sale. Trading Standards must be run off their feet. Cannot recommend this product nor this supplier.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Superb shreder. Great valueI had a high hedge to remove and decided a shredder would be better than repeated trips to the recycling centre. This s shredder managed superbly. I now have a small hill of shredding slowly rotting to provide mulch for the reSt of the garden. Bargain. Light, easy to move, excellent shreds. Recommend use of a face mask as the dust can be quite thick. We’ll recommended.

  8. Amazon Customer

    A great machine for it’s sizeI like everything about this machine. It is well made and sturdy. It does a great job of what it is made for. If you have larger branches than what is recommended , you would need a larger machine. I used it to shred brush wood and brambles and it was brilliant for that. I am very pleased with my choice and purchase.

  9. Martin S.

    Four Starsgood buy

  10. W R Wright

    Four Starsa

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