Dewalt DEWDT71517T Right Angle Torsion Drill Attachment





DeWalt DEWDT71517T Right Angle Torsion Drill Attachment

No run out. Excellent access in tight, difficult to reach applications.

  • CNC precisely machined bit with a torsion zone to absorb peaks in torque. Allows optimum bit flex for maximum life in Impact/High Torque applications.
  • Longer life, faster, more accurate screw driving thanks to a specially designed bit tip which optimises the fit into the fastener. Eliminates wobble and stripped screws.


Preferred by professional users for maximum hold, tight access and no run out. Bit tip holder innovation combines the 10 times magnetic screw lock system with easy to use, versatile products including an Aluminium Screw Lock Sleeve for use with 50mm+ torsion bits, an 85mm bit tip holder with removable sleeve for use with 25mm bits, and a compact rapid load for use with 25mm+ bits. Excellent hold, reach, stability and accessibility in all screw driving applications even the most awkward to reach.

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