Dewalt 18V XR cordless chainsaw DCM565N (30cm blade length, automatic chain lubrication, toolless chain tension, ideal for

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Power Source Battery Powered
Weight 3.6 Kilograms
Product dimensions 80L x 30W x 25H centimetres

  • Brushless motor – higher performance, more compact dimensions and longer life
  • 30cm sword and saw chain, chain brake – stops the chain reliably
  • Automatic chain lubrication – reduces maintenance work, tool-free chain tension – easy chain/blade changes and quick re-tensioning without long breaks
  • Tool-free oil tank cap and semi-transparent oil tank – for quick and easy monitoring of the oil level
  • Box contents 1x battery chainsaw, 1x chain guard, delivery without battery and charger (ideal as a basic type for existing 18 volt XR or 54 volt XR FlexVolt batteries or for the DEWALT “Battery Plus” system)
  • NOTE For a proper chain, use high-quality track and chain oil and rod lubrication. As a temporary replacement, a non-detergent grade SAE30 motor oil can be used. The use of a vegetable rod and chain oil based on rod and chain oil is recommended when pruning trees. Mineral oil is not recommended as it can harm trees. Never use waste oil or very thick oil. These can damage your chainsaw.
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From the manufacturer

Dewalt DCM565N Cordless XR Brushless Chain Saw

  • Chain Speed – 7.68 m/s
  • Extensive over-mold, for extra grip and comfort in prolonged use
  • No Battery/Charger Included

  • 30cm Oregon Bar and Chain
  • High Efficiency Brushless Motor – Delivers up to (70) 4×4” cuts per charge (18V, 5Ah)
  • Automatic Oiling – Reduced Maintenance
  • Tool Free Bar fitment & Chain Tensioning – Fast Chain Adjustments
  • Variable Speed Trigger – No pull starting and improved control during cutting

Additional information

Weight 3.6 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 cm
Part Number


Product Dimensions

‎80 x 30 x 25 cm; 3.6 Kilograms


‎Lithium Ion batteries required.

Item model number



‎30 cm




‎Chain saw

Power Source



‎18 Volts


‎2200 watts

Item Package Quantity


Number Of Pieces


Sound level

‎96.5 dB

Measurement System


Included Components

‎Dewalt DCM565N (Body Only), DT20665 30cm chainsaw chain and bar

Batteries included?


Batteries Required?


Item Weight

‎3.6 kg



Date First Available

29 Sept. 2017



10 reviews for Dewalt 18V XR cordless chainsaw DCM565N (30cm blade length, automatic chain lubrication, toolless chain tension, ideal for

  1. Amazon Customer

    Great little chainsawHaving got rid of my old much used petrol chainsaw and already having several Dewalt XR18V tools this seemed like a no brainer, but was initially put off by many reviews complaining of excessive oil use and leaking. I decided I would buy it anyway as it would only be for occasional garden use. First job was cutting down 2 established trees, having up to 5 – 6 inch trunk, and I was very pleasantly surprised at how well the saw performed, cutting them both down and into smaller sections with ease. I was using it with a fully charged 5 AH battery and it was still showing a full 3 bar charge afterwards! It was also very nice no longer having the noisy 2 stroke petrol annoying the neighbours either! Afterwards I removed the bar side cover, bar and chain and cleaned everything up ready to put away. I was going to empty out the chain oil reservoir (as per instructions) but decided I would leave it in to see how bad the oil leaking issue was going to be. Well so far, 4 days after use, there is not a single drop of oil from it. Maybe I’m just lucky? … or maybe it was down to the thorough cleanup afterwards … I don’t know, but I would certainly recommend this saw to anyone for light to medium use.

  2. Mk3

    Packs a punchI’ve used petrol chainsaws for 30yrs so I was a bit optimistic about buying a battery powered chainsaw but after reading the reviews and watching many YouTube videos I took the plunge and bought this without batteries as I have several 18v 5ah and 18v 4ah batteries spare from my drill and torch and impact driver.On arrival it’s well packaged in the manufactures box with a good instruction book too.Filled it up with oil and plopped a fully charged 18v 5ah battery in, ran it for 15 seconds to let the oil go through onto the chain then started cutting logs.I cut 64 logs before the battery went flat. These logs were a mix of Pine and some Cherry and Holly, they ranged in size between 3 inches and 7.5 inches in diameter, with the average around 5 inches.The oil level dropped to the low line.I thought that was pretty good going!The battery was very warm when I removed it.I put the battery on the charger but it indicated that it was hot so it wouldn’t charge until it had cooled.Meanwhile I put another 18v 5ah battery (used in a torch for a few days but still showing 3 bars) in the chainsaw plus more oil. I did another 40 cuts on Pine, mostly around 5 inches, plus two huge rounds about 15 inches in diameter just to see how it went through them, it handled them quite well, obviously I had to have two goes at it from either side but it did it.The battery dropped to one bar and was still cutting fine but then the rain started so it was time to pack up.Pros -It’s lighter than my petrol chainsaws.Easily cuts through logs of the size that I can freely get so it’s ideal for me.I have spare batteries.Easy to wipe clean.Visible oil level.It’s quiet.It’s compact.Easy to adjust chain (although I didn’t need to but I did have a play with it after packing up)It’s really good at cutting logs, just take your time and let it do the work.Cons -As mentioned in many reviews, the oil leaks, even after you have finished and tipped the oil back in the bottle it still comes out the pipe under gravity, plus it leaks out the filler cap (I’ll try the O-ring trick on the filler cap when the garage opens after the weekend, see how to fit the O-ring on YouTube). The instructions do say to empty the oil after use so I imagine this is the reason why.Other than that oil leak it’s brilliant.Build yourself a folding saw-horse from 2×4 timber to make life easier when cutting logs. Keep a couple of spare batteries nearby and keep an eye on the oil level and you’re good to go.Would I buy it again?Definitely, yes.

  3. G

    good little toolHave bigger chainsaws however wanted something small and lightweight for cutting the odd bit of firewood, this does the job but christ it eats through the batterys.Only thing I would say is that it feels far more “toy” than a proper chainsaw, this makes you respect it far less and have found myself using it without gloves of goggles a few times, not good when it could still do serious damage in a heartbeat! But as a tool its spot on

  4. Silver

    Really good.I bought this to cut down and prune trees at my allotment and to maintain some at home. I was a bit doubtful as to whether it would be much use being both small and battery powered. But, as I’ve got other Dewalt tools and batteries, I took the risk. Firstly let me say that you won’t be cutting down large oak trees with this, but if you’ve got moderately sized trees that need cutting down or pruning then this is for you. My wife and I had tried pruning a willow hedge at our allotment with a bow saw and gave up before we had heart attacks. This little thing did the whole hedge in under an hour with ease. We then cut down a small Ash tree that was shading one of our vegetable beds and then cut it into manageable bits, and again it was easy. Altogether we must have used the saw almost continuously for two hours and we still had life in the battery. So I don’t regret getting this at all and consider it well worth the money. Just don’t forget to order some chainsaw oil at the same time.

  5. Mark

    Nice…As chain saws go.. safe option for general light use..

  6. Cj

    Outstanding!Bought this to replace my small Stanley petrol powered saw and this is infinitely better!Has no problem cutting fallen trees with a trunk diameter of near 12″ (which is the bar length), has been a fab purchase for free firewood on the estate.Don’t underestimate how powerful this can be even though it’s battery powered.Few reviews mention they leak oil, actually the oil is from the chain, comes out of the bottom where it ejects wood chips, easy way to avoid as much, once you have finished cutting, just run the chain for a second or two before putting it away, a lot of the surplus oil is ejected out the front off the top of the chain.Highly recommend this item!

  7. Clive M.

    Handy saw for small to medium cutsI managed to saw about 20 6″ dia cuts through soft wood with a 5AH battery.Perfect for occasional use and a lot lighter than an equivalent sized petrol saw.

  8. Brían

    For small jobs, it’s perfectEasy to use light weight

  9. Nick Charles

    Leaks oil all over the place.Can only give this two stars. Worst thing is the amount of oil the saw uses. Compared to a petrol chainsaw this saw uses a huge amount. Then when your not using it the oil just pisses out anyway. I now store it with a rag stuffed in under the chain cover.The next poor part is that its unsuitable for some green wood, the spaces for clearing sawdust under the covers are too small so they get blocked. Not a problem with dry construction timber.Edit> Amazon have agreed to replace this so I will update and rerate if the replacement is better.Update on replacement: Wow! Drips oil just like the first one. I’ve worked with chainsaws all my life and never had a chainsaw that leaked oil like this one does. Occasionally an old saw will leak a bit but not like these and it doesn’t matter which way up you store it.One of the Amazon CS reps said I could empty the oil out between uses? Hmmm someone that has never used a chainsaw. This is chain oil that with an additive to make it stick to the bar and chain so its difficult to empty it out and it gets all over the front handle in the process. Then it still leaks the bit that won’t come out. Tried this just in case but as the idea of having a battery saw is to keep it quick and simple for small jobs and save me getting out a much bigger heavier chain saw and putting fuel in it then it defeats the object anyway.

  10. Robert

    Was siriously impressed.Honestly didn’t expect the thing to be this good. So far it’s had absolutely no problem with anything! The 4ah batteries last longer than I expected aswell, slight loss of power Wen the batteries low but it really rips.I see some people complaining about how much oil it uses but honestly I’m happy that it uses alot of oil. (Protects teeth and reduceses kickback)It does leak however, that is the only con for me but I just keep it on top of a bucket and let it drip away.I used 2 4ah batteries to cut this amount of wood.

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