Darlac DP888 Telescopic Lawn Scarifier Moss Aerator Grass Scarifying

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  • The telescopic handle with a simple twist lock mechanism is extendable from 97cm to 1.5m creating a comfortable working height for all
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Scarifying greatly improves grass and soil conditions by removing thatch, moss and leaf build up thereby allowing air and light to get through . The telescopic handle has a simple twist lock mechanism and is fully extendable from 97cm to 1.5m creating a comfortable working height for all. Use as part of your spring lawn care maintenance routine. AN AWARD WINNER.

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Weight 1.86 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 cm
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‎1 x 1 x 1 cm; 1.86 Kilograms

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9 July 2009



10 reviews for Darlac DP888 Telescopic Lawn Scarifier Moss Aerator Grass Scarifying

  1. peter the ham

    It’e a scarifierIt does what it claims. but frankly, a rake will do as good a job. Expensive what it is

  2. Kindle Customer

    Dose what it’ says on the tin 😊😎Great little tool I only have a 12 x 10 lawn but clears all the crap out and it’s a work out as well, not sure how long it will last but first of impressions all good 👍😎

  3. Liga

    Great scarifierHard work required, I was sweating. I wouldn’t do it if the area was large, unless you want to work your arms and shoulders out, then go for it.Didn’t exactly move all of the moss, i noticed it was more effective where the moss was proper green and thich, the dried out moss was more stubborn to get out. Either way, the grass now will have some breathing room, I would repeat this process in couple of months again.

  4. DJP01

    Suitable in some situations – read onMy lawn has parches of moss which I need to treat. Unlike many reviewers, I’ve upgraded from a grass rake rather than previously used an electric scarifier.Assembly requires one screw to fix the handle (large cross head provided).I now find a lawn rake extremely hard work. A couple of minutes is enough at my age! This device still gives a workout but lighter, similar in effort to mowing manually. The easiest method is to push and pull with the cutting happening on the pull motion. My moss required about 10 push pulls over each section. Depending on your lawn size, this may be impractical. On the other hand, I’m only really using it on the small moss patches of a medium sized lawn and it works for that.It seems very sturdy. A number of reviews mentioned it breaking. Unless there’s a stress point somewhere I’ve not found yet, I’m surprised it could break in normal usage.There’s no collector so the moss etc needs collecting after use. My lawnmower does this very quickly and efficiently but there’s always the manual option with a rake.

  5. Phil

    Probably destined for a dark corner of your shedIf you think this might be hard work, you’re correct. I thought it would be and I wasn’t disappointed. I set out with good intentions, fitness, environment cost! I’ve decided that sometimes you can be wrong. Borrowed a neighbour’s electric job, best of all options.

  6. Amazon Customer

    assembly nuts missingAssembly nuts were missing so had to pop down to the store to get some – very disappointing – but product itself looks very sturdy

  7. Mark Lines

    Good product but hard workProduct was fine and sturdy , if you have a fair size lawn I’d get an electric scarifier, unless you want a work out, but to be expected as all gardening is hard work !

  8. Harroyd1

    Good productRelatively easy to set up. Screw at end of pole doesn’t match up with hole on rollers so needed to drill new hole.Good product and certainly does the job. Good for small patches at a time. Hard work but good workout. I use it regularly over small areas.

  9. JEL

    Cheaper than an electric rake!I had used an electric rake years before but gave it away as it left the lawn looking wrecked for weeks. I looked in the garden center and considered another one but they were expensive and heavy. I thought it would take up room in the shed and used once or twice a year, it’s more trouble than it’s worth. Then on Amazon I saw this manual rake. Light, small to store, (hung on a nail) and controllable. You decide how deep to go and how much to strip out. Lawn looks better already with a lot of the moss taken out, and the grass is growing through the dark patches. A very good buy. Yes, you put in moderate work, but should we not all try and be more active? Do a bit a day and it soon makes a difference. No plugging in or cable to annoy you, just pick it up and have a go. When you are tired, out it away again.

  10. Sarah

    A good quality product – best for small to medium gardens only though!First up – a little assembly required – the handle is in two parts and needs a screw to hold it together (supplied) I actually screwed a second in for extra sturdiness which seemed to work wellThe most important thing to note is that it’s hard work scarifying a garden! It’s hard manual work however the rake was the perfect tool. Took up all the dead grass and didn’t damage the soil or living grassI found it best to use a sort of sweeping motion rolling back and forth. I also did it twice – the second time at 90 degrees to the first and was surprised at how much more dead grass and roots came up stillWhilst my garden was probably a little too big for manual scarifying i did it in chunks and considered it a workout! This being said, the health of the grass and garden after using this is significantly better and I’m pleased with the resultA good product, sturdy, perfect for the job and recommended…..unless you have a large garden then hire a mechanised one or get a professional in!Hope you found this useful

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