Cyclone Separator dust Separator Filter with Accessories Set



  • With less dust on the filter, less cleaning is required, which leads to a longer lifespan of your vacuum.
  • Strong suction power: Another advantage of cyclone vacuum cleaners is their constant suction power, because while vacuum cleaners with dust bags usually lose their suction power as the amount of the bags increases, dust separators offer the same, constant suction power at all times.
  • Highly efficient dust collector: separates 99% of the material before it hits your vacuum and keeps the filters clean longer.It is a highly efficient dust collector that collects a lot of waste in your area, the light things like wood chips, wood chips, sawdust, dust; the heavy things like iron, stone, sand; and the hair-like things like flour, cement, coal.
  • Simple structure, low cost, low consumption, it does not need a dust bag, electrostatic cleaning device or mechanical vibration cleaning device
  • Outside diameter of the lines: 55mm / 2.17 “. Inside diameter of the lines: 50mm / 1.97″. Size: Approx. 306 x 109 mm / 12.05 ” x 4.29 ” with accessories SET, perfect for hobby craftsmen and home workshops

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