Chutoral Mini Heat Gun Handheld Portable Soft Clay Heat Gun 300W


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  • 300W 230V heat gun, size: 225x42x25mm/8.9×1.7×0.98inch, UK plug, with 95mm power cord. Cooling holes are designed on both sides of the tail to reduce the internal temperature and extend the use time of the product
  • Keep a distance of 3-5cm from the work, and heat it at a 45 degree angle until it is completed. It can not only increase the hardness, but also increase the brightness
  • The temperature rises quickly and the temperature cannot be adjusted. It can reach about 200°C/390°F in a few seconds.
  • The outer ABS material and the inner stainless steel are simple and durable. The handle part is made of high-quality ABS with a diamond-shaped design, which is safe to hold and small in electricity.
  • Mini heat gun is the perfect tool for DIY crafts. It can be used for embossing powder, heat shrinkable film, clay, bumps, rubber stamps, quick-drying paint, glue, catalytic bonding, quick thawing, shrinking PVC packaging, sealing wax patterns, DIY handmade soap or candles.

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Portable Heat Gun, 300W Multifunction Hot Air Gun, Handheld Heat Guns for Crafts, Fabric, Shrink Wrapping PVC, Drying Paint, Clay, DIY Tools

DIY soft ceramic hot air gun specifications:
Voltage: 230V
Power: 300W
Temperature range: ≤200°C
Outlet diameter: 12mm
Power cord length: about 95mm
Size: 225x42x25mm/8.9×1.7×0.98inch

1. Plug in the power supply and turn on the switch.
2. Keep a distance of 3-5cm from the work and heat it at an angle of about 45 degrees until the work is completed.
3. Turn off the power and wait for it to cool down.

You can directly blow hard with a hot air gun to make small soft pottery works.
The temperature of this hot air gun cannot be adjusted, and the muzzle can reach about 200° within a few seconds.
When blowing soft pottery, do not stay in one place for more than 3 minutes at an angle of about 45 degrees to prevent heat from sucking back.
The heat gun has a high temperature, so be careful of burns when using it.

DIY Essentials Part : If you like DIY, this is a good accessory for you. You can replace toaster or oven and the polymer clay will become hard and bright after using the gun

Suitable for embossing powder, heat-shrinkable film, clay, rubber stamp, fast-drying paint, rapid thawing, shrink PVC for packaging, seal wax patterning, DIY handmade soap or candle.


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