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CoolPack Technology

A CoolPack battery from Bosch constantly dissipates any heat outwards due to its special housing geometry with cooling fins. As a result, it remains considerably cooler inside than conventional batteries and remains operational over the entire runtime.

CoolPack Technology

Electronic Cell Protection

Bosch 18V Battery Compatibilit

Lithium Ion Technology

  • Compact size and lightweight – 285 mm, 58 mm, 132.5 mm and 1.2 kg (incl. battery) for ideal light handling
  • Long stroke length – 14.5 mm for faster cutting and longer lifetime of blade
  • Reversible blade holder – for easy cutting in different situations
  • Professional 12 V system; compact performance; maximum freedom; all of our batteries are compatible with new and existing Bosch Professional tools in the same voltage class

Technical Details