Bosch Home and Garden PEX 300 AE Random Orbit Sander




  • Variable speed control with ergonomic positioning
  • User comfort due to small size with optimal low weight and ideal shape
  • Smooth operating tool due to low vibrations
  • Easy fitting of the sanding paper (1 x DIA 125 K 80) thanks to the Paper Assistant
  • Integrated dust extraction due to the dust box. Speed preselection

Technical Details

Product description

Product Description

The PEX 300 AE has a number of useful features. Click here for a larger image.

Bosch PEX 300 AE Universal Random Orbit Sander: Endless Possibilities, One Machine

Do your complex renovation projects demand the highest standards with regard to precision, power and comfort? Then the expert random orbit sander from Bosch is the right tool for you: compact design, low weight, outstanding handling and optimal user comfort for controlled sanding and polishing. The secret of the Bosch random orbit sander is its unique combination of rotary and orbital actions, which ensures perfect and scratch-free quality sanding with high-quality polishing performance.

These surprisingly versatile sanders differ in two basic ways from the usual orbital sander. First, the base is round and not rectangular (hence the confusion with a polisher) and second, the sanding action is very different. The sanding grit on the Velcro-type sanding discs follows a wild spiral route around the surface you are sanding. The random orbital sander is up to five times faster in removing material than an orbital sander. This is especially noticeable towards the edge of the pad, where the pattern is more energetic. It is also a much more versatile sander, working well on both flat and curved surfaces due to its flexible round backing pad. The finish that can be achieved is very impressive; with its random orbit action it tends to eliminate any tell-tale signs that a power sander was ever used on the project.

The Bosch PEX 300 AE comes up with better guidance and manageability than its predecessor, the PEX 270 A/AE, with lower vibration, a more ergonomic design and switch positioning. Bosch has also improved the usability of the PEX 300 AE by moving the handle nearer to the centre of gravity. Even more user comfort is achieved with a more compact size of the tool, being 12% smaller in volume than its predecessor (PEX 300 AE 1850 mm square vs. PEX 270 A/AE 2100 mm square).

The Universal Random Orbit Sander from Bosch stands out because it delivers reliable performance with its 270 watt motor while also having a particularly compact design and a machine weight of only 1.5 kg, and it provides a universal range of applications. The tool is made for a perfect ergonomic grip and is usable with just one hand if desired. Users are able to work in every position they need.

Microfilter System

The integrated Microfilter System conveys the dust at high speed directly through the sanding sheet and sanding pad, trapping it in the microfilter box. The box can be emptied quickly and easily by removing the lid, so it can be used repeatedly. The user is able to use an external dust extraction, but the vacuum cleaner must be suitable for the material to be worked. When vacuuming dry dust that is especially detrimental to health or carcinogenic, use a special vacuum cleaner.


The gripping surfaces on the top of the machine reduce the risk of the user losing his or her grip and therefore control of the machine.

Suggested Sanding Papers for Different Uses. Click here for a larger image.

Bosch Electronic–Speed Selection

The Bosch electronic speed control enables the user to set the sanding rate by using the setting wheel to choose speeds from 4,000 to 24,000 sanding movements per minute. The sanding rate pre-selection is set prior to sanding to match the sanding speed to the material being worked. The user can also adjust the speed while the machine is running if necessary. The required sanding speed is dependent on the material and can be optimised through experimentation.

Sanding Sheet Clamping System with Velcro-type Backing

The Bosch Paper Assistant and the Velcro-type fastening system make it easier than ever to change the sanding paper. The Bosch Paper Assistant makes it very easy to accurately attach the sanding paper to the sanding pad. The Velcro-type fastening system ensures a secure hold. The sanding pad diameter is 125 mm and the orbit diameter of is 2 mm. The sanding sheets are fitted directly to the sanding plate. The hole pattern in the sanding plate and sanding sheet must match. Before fitting the sanding sheet, dust off Velcro-type backing of the sanding plate by lightly tapping it.

Always the Right Choice: The Bosch Compact Generation

The Compact Generation of Bosch random orbit sanders is handier and lighter, while still providing the accustomed high level of performance. For proficient DIYers and experts, the tools in the Compact Generation are always the right choice, and they are tailored to precisely meet your personal needs. Make your choice.

  • Sanding down windows, doors and furniture
  • Sanding down wall/ceiling panels
  • Flexible for curved surfaces
  • Powerful for sanding of paint
  • Delicate for preparing and finishing
  • Powerful for polishing surfaces
  • Sanding down windows, doors and furniture
  • Sanding down wall/ceiling panels
  • Flexible for curved surfaces
  • Powerful for sanding of paint
  • Delicate for preparing and finishing
  • Powerful for polishing surfaces
  • Sanding/ Polishing small boats
  • Outdoor sanding projects

Click here for a larger image.The Compact Generation of random orbit sanders come with a special carrying case. The case is easier to store and stack (square-shaped), and offers the possibility to store additional accessory sets. It is made out of a high quality material for improved robustness. It also includes a user guide to accessories providing information about sanding sheets, sanding pads and polishing accessories. The Bosch PSB Impact Drills and PST Jigsaws are already available as Compact Generation.


Box Contains


  • 1 x Bosch PEX 300 AE eccentric disc sander
  • 1 x sanding sheet DIA 125 K 80
  • 1 x paper assistant
  • 1 x micro-filter dust container
  • 1 x instruction manual
  • 1 x plastic carrying case


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